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The Spiritual Beginning
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The Rise and Fall of Republic City





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Boflin the Terror

Chapter 1: A Spiritual Beginning

Earth. Fire. Water. Air. It has been just 5 years since the end of the Hundred Year War. Since then, the issue of the Fire Nation colonies have been solved, the world has been very peaceful. Avatar Aang has worked with Toph to create a powerful police force of metalbenders to patrol the world and rid the world of crime. Although the world feels too peaceful. My senses feel a great power brewing, more powerful than the Fire Nation. I hope we will be ready for this new threat, but just like Aang took down Fire Lord Ozai, this new power will fall too, because I believe Aang will save the world again.


"Here, remove as much sand as you can. Dig until you find something.", said the cloaked man.

"But sir, this is in the middle of nowhere, what are you hoping to find.", said the sandbender leader.

The cloaked man grabbed the leader and threw him against the ground,

"HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME... do you not remember that I crushed your entire village. You and your crew couldn't take me on even if I was sleeping! So do what I say, or face the consequences.", said the cloaked man.

"I apologize, for my father's ignorance, oh great one, we shall dig until we find whatever you are looking for.", said the sandbender's son.

"At least stupidity doesn't run in the family, you are good boy, I will give a very good position in my government when Republic City and the Avatar fall.", said the cloaked man.

The young boy looked scared but turned to the crew of sandbenders and told them to dig, for days the sandbenders dug and found nothing. They were beginning to feel unmotivated, and their supplies were running down, but they wouldn't dare challenge the cloaked man. Three days passed until finally they found something, the top of what looked to be a building.

"Finally the day I have been waiting for, continue digging until you have found an entrance", said the cloaked man.

The sandbenders continued to bend the sand away, until finally an open window was found, they all climbed into the library.

"I have waited for this day for a long time men, you all have no idea where you are, inside this building is all the knowledge you would ever need, you can achieve anything you desire using this knowledge, including the power to take over the world. The Fire Nation used this knowledge, but they didn't have one thing that I have, the ability to defeat the Avatar." said the cloaked man.

"Not to insult you oh great one, but the Avatar is very powerful, what if he enters the Avatar state. I don't thing even you can challenge him then. He is just too powerful he destroyed an entire sandbender fleet in that state.", said a sandbender.

"You are correct, but I can take out an army.", said the cloaked man.

The cloaked man walked away but he didn't get far, a large owl landed and attacked the cloaked man, he avoided the attack.

"HUMANS, how dare you enter this great library, you have proven unable to be able to handle this knowledge, you must leave now or else I will destroy you.", said the owl.

"You think I came this far to give up, a weak spirit like you can't take me.", said the cloaked man.

The cloaked man's eyes began to glow and the owl began to collapse and slowly fade away until it disappeared.

"Wh-wh-what did you do to it?", asked the sandbender leader.

"I killed it.", replied the cloaked man.

He walked away until he disappeared, he continued to walk until he reached a chamber. Inside was a calendar that would show a celestial body's movement. He adjusted the dates until a large blazing rock came into the sky, it was very small compared to the sun and moon. He smiled as he thought of how the Fire Nation used this comet to destroy the Air Nomads and almost win the war. He adjusted the calendar again and this time a new blazing rock was in the sky, but this one was different, it was as big as the moon and sun. The cloaked man sat down seeming pleased with himself.

"I have waited many years hoping, and hoping this would be true, and it is. The ticket to ending Avatar Aang, and the cycle of the Avatars, for good.", said the cloaked man.

He got up and exited the building, the sandbenders had used this time to escape and leave him with nothing, but it did not matter, he got the information he needed and he didn't need sandbenders to survive in a desert. He rose his hand aiming at the library and an extremely large shot of fire exploded from him hand, it was as large as the entire library. If this was a show it would be incredible to see such power from a firebender, but with one look at this fire and power, you can tell this is no firebender, he is something more powerful.


"Aang, someone is here to see you.", said Katara.

"Thank you sweetie, who is it?", replied Aang.

"I don't know.", replied Katara.

An old woman entered the room, she did not look happy.

"It is my honor to meet the great Avatar who brought peace back to this world.", said the woman, she bowed to Aang.

"Thank you, but who are you?", replied Aang.

"My same is Aywe, I am a spirit watcher, I have gained the ability to enter the Spirit World and talk to spirits. I have some disturbing news that may break the peace we currently have in this world. I have known of this problem for a while but thought it would not happened, but a major occurrence in the Spirit World has force be to come and see you Avatar Aang.", she said.

"What type of occurrence?", he replied.

"An owl spirit from the Spirit Library has been ... killed.", she said.

"I am sorry but spirits can't die, they are spirits. There is nothing to worry about ma'am, everything is under control you can go back to your daily life.", said Aang.

"I am not crazy Avatar Aang, I know spirits can't die but they can be put to sleep for long periods of time by a person of great power, there are only two possible people who have the power to do such a thing" she said.

"Are you implying that I killed this spirit, ma'am I am the Avatar I would never" he said.

"I didn't say anything about you doing it Avatar Aang, you are a great person. But, how much do you know about ... Anti-Avatars?", she asked.

"Anti-Avatars?", he replied.

"Wow, you don't know anything, well you see just like the cycle of Avatars there is a cycle of Anti-Avatars, but unlike the Avatar they are not born immediately after the previous dies. It can take many years, usually a millennium until a new Anti-Avatar is born, but when they are the Spirit World trembles. This trembling happened 14 years before the hundred year war ended. The Anti-Avatar cannot master all four elements like you Aang, but he is very powerful in one element, just like you are strong with air the Anti-Avatar is powerful in one element as well. But when I say powerful, I mean very powerful, more powerful than the Avatar state in most cases. The current Anti-Avatar is a firebender with the strength of the sun. You must be careful Avatar Aang, he will be alone but more of a challenge to defeat than the Fire Nation. I would recommend talking to an Avatar who was alive when the last Anti-Avatar was alive, Avatar Yoseng would be good, talk to Avatar Yoseng and all your questions will be answered." she explained.

Just as quickly as the woman came she vanished.

"Who was that sweetie?" asked Katara.

"I-I don't know." replied Aang.


Chapter 2: Boflin the Terror is now out check out the infobox above for a link to chapter 2.

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