A Spirit's Glimpse
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March 5, 2014


Avatar Writer


Avatar: The Last Airbender

This one shot is made by Avatar Writer (me). I didn't even plan on publishing this but some friends said I should so I did.

An aged waterbender walked home to her small village in the Southern Water Tribe. The Southern Water Tribe has been booming since Avatar Aang saved the world and the tribes were inhabited again. She quietly walked into the village, only to be bombarded by hello's and Good'ay's from friendly Tribesmen and women. She opened her door to her house. (Home to 3 families) She was then yet again greeted by multiple children and adults. She then found herself laying down on her bed.

She felt weak, not an old people weak, but as if some kind of connection was weak. She then realized why she felt that. She got up and walked outside and looked toward the oddly shining moon. She concentrated very hard and focused on the Spirit World and found her other half. Her other half's name was Julios, she was the spirit of the Southern Water Tribe that she lived in.

Flashback to her childhood

She was once a young girl and her village was raided many times by evil spirits and savages of the world. So she found herself trying to find protection from many good, caring spirits. She ran into the spirit of Eternity: Ethos. She pleaded with Ethos to help her get her village to safety. Ethos spoke (with a voice of valor), "I will grant you the power to watch over your tribe, but in return half of your body will be transferred into a spirit leaving your human body weak and old. She knew this might happen and she accepted it. So on that day her energy was split into 2 bodies. One was her human body, and the other was her spirit body, made to watch over her village.

Back to modern day

As she saw her spirit half she knew something was wrong. Even as a spirit she still had human traits so as a human her spirit form wasn't immortal. She realized what was happening, her spirit form was dying. She knew the only way to give her spirit form life again was to sacrifice her own life for it and her tribe. She accepted it and disappeared.

A week later

The tribe went on living their life just as they were before, no one asked where the old aged waterbender had went. No one knew the sacrifices she made to keep the village safe.

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