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A Soldier's Plight
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16 May 2011

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A Soldier's Plight is a story of a Fire Nation who died at hands of his own countrymen. It also shows the savagery of the Fire Nation Military.


" Remember, student, anger and hatred fuels your power. But learn to control your emotions like weapons, and do not let this emotions control you instead."

" Lads. Listen up! I am Captain Uko Shiko and I will be your commanding officer. Fire Lord Sozin has given us the order to occupy the beachheads of the village of Omafu. I expect you to accomplish this mission. For the glory of the Fire Nation!" his speech was met by shouts approval.

I am Lin Shu, a Firebender of the 45th Army Division. I am excited by the prospect of defeating soldiers from the Earth Kingdom and save the ordinary people from their ineffective rulers. We were told that the Earth Kingdom is actually made of a loose alliance of local kingdoms, provinces, individual tribes, and the titanic city of Ba Sing Se. These loose government, we were told, was not effective enough to meet the needs of their people. We are here to destroy that government and replace that with our strong and effective way of government. I'm really excited!

The fleet has arrived near the Earth Kingdom coastline. And we were immediately shelled with rocks. The enemy, without doubt, is well prepared. "Incoming!!!!!", somebody shouted, which send me and my comrades to our knees. Unfortunately, one of them was hit by a rock in his head, causing the head to detach from him. It was a gruesome sight.

"Ready the catapults and fire, you stupid men!" shouted our captain. Our ship is getting closer to the shore. It only means one thing. We are ATTACKING. I'm not scared, but I feel that my heart is going out of my chest because of my anticipation.

"This is it Lin Shu, we're finally gonna show the Earthbending brutes that we're the boss!" said Fu Min, my best friend.

"No, we're not gonna show them anything 'cause they'll be dead!" I answered.

"Good one Lin, good one."

We are really close to the shore, because I can see the enemy benders digging holes and fortifications into the earth. They're really prepared to meet us head on, this is more easy than I thought! I was deep in my thoughts that I almost fell down when the ship bump the coast. As the ship open its bow, the Earthbenders immediately opened fire. Their rocks hit something alive......something with scales......something that is angry. A dragon immediately flew from the ship, and with a competent rider, laid waste to the foolish Earthbenders. Without air power, the Earthbenders were helpless. I saw countless of them burn to death.

"Alright, lads. Time to clean up the beach," said Captain Uko Shiko.

We all laughed at his remark. But he was right, with the beachhead surrounded by fire breathing dragons, there isn't enough Earthbenders to hold their defensive line. We immediately marched down the ship, marching more like we were parading in front of the Fire Lord than being combatants in a battlefield. It was a good feeling, I won in my first without lifting a single finger. The feeling did not last. Out from the earth, Earthbenders pop out and began attacking us. I saw one of my friend lose one of his legs. One Earthbender popped out in front of me. Before he could do damage., I thrust my hand in his face, burning it and killing the enemy. I saw another Earthbender pop out near Fu Min, I unleashed another fireball towards the Earthbender but he blocked it with a rock shield. Fu Min, seeing the Earthbender, unleashed his own barrage of fireballs. Still, the Earthbender stood his ground, creating another rock shield and also bending some rocks in front of us. It was two vs. one but the Earthbender was good. Suddenly, the Earthbender stamped the ground, creating a rock column underneath Fu Min. My friend was knocked out and unconscious. In my anger, I unleashed a long stream of fire, melting the Earthbender's rock shield and also burning the enemy, killing him.

I ran towards my friend. "Fu Min, wake up!"

My friend slowly opened his eyes and said," What happened?"

" No time to talk." I picked up my friend and ran towards the ship. Along the way Earthbenders pop out in my way. I dodged them using jet propulsion, causing me to travel faster and at the same time, incinerating unlucky Earthbenders caught in its wake. When I reached the deck of the ship, I immediately put down my friend and asked for help, "Medic! Medic! MEDIC!" But instead of a medic, it was Captain Uko Shiko who responded to my shouts.

"Stop shouting soldier!" he said as he thrust his hand towards Fu Min, killing him, "Soldier, healing him would be more costly than replacing him. We had more reserves back home. Don't worry."

I was stunned. I don't know how to react. Then my reaction turned to hatred. Hatred towards this stupid war, anger towards the Earthbenders and especially, anger towards Captain Uko Shiko. I shouted a war cry and send a fireball towards him. He flicks his hands towards the incoming fireball, causing it to disintegrate. "What's the matter with you soldier? Is your friend more important than your nation, is he more important than Fire Lord Sozin?" My answer was another fireball, "Then you leave me no choice."

He unleashed a barrage of fireballs at me, which I manage to block. I sent a barrage of fireballs at him and he did a peculiar thing. He caught them all. He then compressed all of them and thrust both of his hands forward, causing the fire in his hands to shoot towards me. I tried to block his attack but it was very powerful. It sent me flying towards the edge. "For treason against the Fire Nation, I will execute On THE SPOT!" as Captain Uko Shiko was about to deliver the final blow, I quickly unholstered a blade from my hidden pocket an throw it at the captain. It hit his head, right between the eyes.

All of my friends were jubilant. They've won the battle. Despite loses, the Fire Nation held its ground against the Earth Kingdom. I was the only one that's sad. I knew that the punishment for defying, let alone killing, someone who has a higher rank is death. I only hope that my death will be quick, painless.

I was wrong.

I was bought outside and was tied to a pole, standing in the bow of the ship. "Lin Shu, Firebender of the 45th Army Division, is to be publicly executed for his crimes against the Fire Nation." All of my comrades were watching but none were sad.

"You deserve it Lin Shu!"

"That's what you get for being a know-it-all!"


A big man stood in front. He was carrying a big sword. "What shall I cut first, hmm?" He sliced my right arm.

"Ahhhhh! It hurts, SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

Then, the big man burned what was left of my right arm. I shouted louder. "You're noisy man; let's close your mouth." My comrades laugh at the big man's suggestion. "Wait here," the big man said. When he returned, he was carrying a needle and a thread. I know what was coming. HE SEWED MY MOUTH... I couldn't shout anymore because I feared that my lips would be destroyed and cause me more pain. So I just gritted my teeth and endured it. The big man contemplated on his next move and as if a light bulb lit in his brain, he hacked my left arm. Then he hacked both of my feet. Next were my legs. He also cut my ears. And then he left. I expected him to be back with another torture device but he did not come back.

Another man walked in front of me, a man with importance, a man with power. "I am Crown Prince Azulon, and this is what happens to those who disobey me!" He brought a blade in my mouth and cut the threads that had been sewn. Then he brought up his other hand into my mouth. And he Firebent in my mouth.

This is my life, this my plight.

This is a soldier's plight.

Fire Nation soldier

Private Lin Shu, the unlucky soldier.


This is not for the faint-hearted.

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