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A Short Scrawl of Words
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February 7, 2014


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This was done as part of the WLS staff's Anonymous Valentines activity. However, instead of directing it at another user or canon character, I wrote it as part of my fanon's canon. It is a letter to Anurna, written by another character.

To my dearest Anurna,

Firstly, I beg you not to burn this in anger. I know I haven't written in a while – a long while, in fact – but the days have been busy, and all that my pen's been allowed to write is signatures and notes in margins. They're still hounding me to join them, pressuring me with compliments about my leadership, but I'll stay strong. I know we have a plan of our own.

You do know what day it is, right? How could you not; the constant adverts for merchandise; the terrible chalk-for-sweets? I know you hate this day, but I couldn't help but write something.

So, again, don't send this note up in flames.

'Why not?' you're probably asking, in that dry way you always do, 'Why shouldn't I burn this scrap of a note (sorry, it was all the paper I could find!) to ashes?'

Well, because I love you, Anurna.

And I think you should read on!

I wish you were here in Haven. You'd know how to shut those military dogs up. You'd probably snap and throw a flame at them. Completely out of protocol, but just what they'd need. You'd calm me down better than a cup of Haven's famous tea or a stroll through the park. But most of all, you'd love me back.

They say the medal on my shoulder is a symbol of Haven's gratitude, and how the whole city loves me. Crowds cheer when I wave to them from a balcony – posters publicising their love for me. But all I want is you here. All I want is your love.

I love you, Anurna.

Just because I don't write enough, does not for a moment mean I don't love you enough.

You are everything to me. And when I come home (oh, how I miss it), I'll show you just how much that means.

I love you.

Now, as you can see, I'm running out of space. I could go on forever but this bugger's been knocking at my door for a good ten minutes now and I'm afraid I'll have to answer soon.

So, one last time, I love you.

I do hope I can write again sooner.

Love, eternally,
Your adoring fiancé.

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