Eastern Air Temple
A Seed in the Air....
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March 24, 2012

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An Ashes in the Air is the seventh chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Yue Bay, 03:00

While the citizen was still asleep, through the sky, the clouds cover the moon. The ship sails at Yue Bay, while the horizon starts indigo. The family was very asleep, waiting for met their beloved girl--Phoa. When the stars shone white, almost blue, the little girl sat down in the ship' dock.

"Where is the island, Mam?"

"We still waiting, because the mist can't revealed the island, so we must sail through the mist, while your father now can't see clearly."

"I can't wait to see her!" Nyiha said to her mother.

"Now, you can sleep there while I with your father search the island. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Eastern Air Temple, 05:08

The mist though the mountain slowly disappeared. Beyond the horizon, while the cloud covers the mountain, freshen the air, while the Avatar barely escaping from the temple.

"Pretty morning for escaping, huh?" Fansha said.

"What're you doing here?" Phoa said.

"You can't handle the hard work of airbending training, right?"

"I just want to save the world." Phoa replied.

"So, why you wanna to try for escaping, while the world needs you?"

"Sorry. I-I just.... wanna to get the freedom. I...."


"Avatar Xiethou ordered us to protect the Avatar before she can mastered all four elements. Now, you must continue your training, Phoa." Monk Kiki said. "Just like my grandfather does to Korra, you must defended from any dangerous before you can save the world." Monk

"But-but I still don't mastered airbending.."

"Yeah, that's why you protected from Oblivia yesterday. She still doesn't know about here because she now sat down in the jail." Fansha continued.

"The key of airbending is spiral movements. You must feel the breeze, let them come onto your heart, while the air spirals at you. Just like dandelion' seed, flows follow the breeze, just like that you must do." Monk Kiki advised Phoa.

"Heard easy, huh?" Fansha said.

"Let me try!"

Avatar Phoa, tried to get up, get her own way to mastered the basic of airbending. She taught by Monk Kiki all about the secret of airbending, the movements, and all about airbending. Not like Monk Lobsang who can't let Phoa gets her freedom, Kiki is so flow and relax.

Jenju Mountain, 09:04

The whining sun heat the cloud, who covers the mountain, while the mist spreads over the mountain. The flying bison fly over the mountain, while the waterfall wets the tropical forest. The birds chirping, echoing onto the covered mountain while Avatar Phoa meditating at the Veranda along with Fansha, Joy, and Ratih.

"I think am doing wrong." Phoa said.

"Just like ashes in the air, Phoa." Fansha replied.

Above the mountain, while the dipping water flows onto the river, when the bushes are moving, the rock is eroded, the wind came through the mountain. The wind flows the dandelion seeds, while the Avatar still meditating at the Veranda.

While the others are meditating, suddenly Avatar Xiethou shows herself to the current Avatar. While the horizon suddenly darker, more dark than the cave, Avatar Xiethou bring her successor to Spirit World.

"Wh-where are we, Avatar Xiethou?" Phoa asked curiously.

"We're in Spirit World. You must know this world for being full-realized Avatar." Avatar Xiethou explained.

"So, where's this place located? Near United Republic? Or.... Presumably Northern Water Tribe?" Phoa asked.

"No, dear. We're in Spirit World. Not in Real World. This is the place that if you passed away from the Real World, and succeed your duty as Avatar, you will come to here." Avatar Xiethou said.

"Kya...! What're those creatures?!" Phoa screamed.

"Those creatures are the Spirit, and they lived in their own places. Like Moon and Ocean Spirit, lived in Northern Water Tribe. And this is Maluu, Plant Spirit. It lived in Hutan Jungle." Avatar Xiethou replied.

"So, why you let me get on this place?"

"You must learn all-about Avatar. You don't yet mastered airbending, don't you?" Avatar Xiethou asked.

"Yes. You're interrupting my training!" Phoa yelled at her predecessor.

"No. I just start your training about Avatar. If you walked in wrong way, you can be...."

"I know. But, mmm.... Okay. Let's start!" Phoa said.

The Avatar and her predecessor start walk through the realm. The young girl discovered an unbelievable experience. While the panda big spirit joined them, suddenly another appall creature revealed itself.

"Woey... Another Kuruk!" the mysterious figure said.

"Who-who are you?" Phoa screamed.

"I'm Ummi, Kuruk!" the mysterious figure said with a beautiful girl face.

"Move back, Phoa!" Xiethou suddenly said.

"Owh... Two Kuruk one Spirit.... Interesting. Hahahaha!"

"Koh, how many I said, I'm not afraid with you!! Don't let me caught you!" Xiethou yelled.

"Owh... But why you defend the little girl? Hahaha... You twos don't know all about me! Enjoy me, the face-stealer!" Koh said.

"Wh-what happened?!" Phoa screamed confused.

"Run, Phoa!!"

Fortunately, they two suddenly protected by Hei Bai, who ran away through them and teleported onto the forest gate.

"Thank you, Hei Bai. Phoa, sorry about that. I forget to tell you, for not making emotions in front of him. I forget to tell me too...." Xiethou said.

"No problem. I know a little bit of Spirit World now. Thanks for the trip! Bye...." Phoa rushed.

"Wait! We didn't finish this trip. Let's go to Aang!" Xiethou prohibited.

The twos, on the back of Hei Bai, sat down while Hei Bai walks onto the Avatar Aang's Temple. That's very misty wetlands, while the bamboo smashed onto pieces. While they're walking onto Avatar Aang's Temple, Koh suddenly come through the gate, going to Avatar World. Magicus Pishogue, who was sat down in the middle of the forest, met Koh. They then plan a big plan for destroy the exist of Avatar.

The sun shone through the Air Temple, while the Avatar was "escaped" to Spirit World. In the other realms, Avatar Xiethou and Phoa finally arrived at Aang's Temple. The air Avatar advise the infant Phoa. He gave her some tips for mastered airbending.

"Just like I tell my little son, the key of airbending is like dandelion seed flows through the air." Avatar Aang said. "I mastered airbending while I was 12, and I create a new moves: Air Scooter. You don't have to create the new, but you must feel like the dandelion seed flows onto the other sides."

"But, I.... I think airbending is my opposite." Phoa said.

"Probably, yes. You definitely sure don't want to see my earthbending training." Avatar Aang muttered to Phoa.

"Any 'real advice' for her, Aang?" Xiethou asked.

"Just beware from the Magicus Pishogue right now, Phoa. They could make you lose your rights as Avatar." Aang advised her.

Spirit World, One hour later

"Thanks, Master." Phoa said to her past predecessor, then walking to a gate near them. "It's time to say goodbye."

"You're welcome. But Phoa, are you know where is this gate way to?" Aang said.

"Nope. Where?" Phoa asked.

"Earth Kingdom forest. Hei Bai will transports you to the right way." Xiethou replied.

"Alright. Bye...!" Phoa said.

"Bye! But, next time, we will discuss about Avatar State. Bye!" Xiethou taking leave to the young Avatar.

As the Avatar arriving at the Veranda, while the other don't feel anything about her missing, she sat down near them. The Monks and the Sisters, after meditating at the Air Temple, continued their practices.

"Any problem?" Joy wondered.

"No, Joy. I just.... Why we not enjoy our noodles at there?" Phoa immediately responded him.

The clouds covered a layer of the mountains, and the airbending polo was just started at there. Fansha joined them, playing as the blue team.

"Ready, set, go!" Monk Lobsang said.

The game start, and the boys rushed to the area, fight one each other to get the scores. Finished with the game, they go to their room for taking rest.

Eastern Air Temple, 17:00

"What're you doing, Phoa?" Ratih asked.

"Nothing. It's very fun trip." Phoa replied.

"What? Fansha's polo?" Ratih asked curiously.

Beyond the horizon, the light blue slowly mashed by the vermilion, almost indigo, spreads through the mountain, covers the hidden misty Air Temple. The bright star shone up brighten the mountain, while the Avatar sat down in her room, looking forward through the sky, dreamed about Spirit World.

Author's Note

This episode is inspired by A Leaf in The Wind. Just notice that.

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