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A Royal Pain
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"Azula!" The words exploded from Zuko's mouth.

"Hello, brother." Azula said quietly. No one knew what to say. "What's the matter, Zu-zu? You look scared. Well you should be!" Azula shouted. The Fire Nation princess shot a bolt of lightning across the throne room. Zuko instantly redirected it back at his sister who launched herself into the air to avoid it.

"This is impossible!" Katara screamed. "Zuko! I thought you said she was locked up in a mental facility in the Fire Nation!"

"Don't think I've forgotten about you, filthy Water Tribe peasant!" Azula stated in a threatening tone. "You both made me this way and I want my revenge!!" Azula screamed as streams of blue fire exploded from her mouth. "Also Master Jun wishes it"

"What?!" Yelled Aang. "You're working for Jun?!"

"Enough!" Zuko shouted. As he was about to attack, Azula was knocked off her feet.

"Go and kill our leader will you?!" The voice came from General Sung. Behind him was the rest of the Council of Five. "Stand down, Team Avatar. This is our fight!" Ordered Sung.

"No!" Aang declared. "This is more our fight than it is yours."

"As much as I'd like to stay, it looks like I'm badly outnumbered. Goodbye," Azula said before jet propelling herself out of the throne room.

"We'll go after her! Come on!" Iroh shouted. He and the Council of Five ran out in pursuit of the psychotic Fire Nation princess.

"This is unacceptable!!" Zuko was furious.

"Zuko! Calm down!" Mai stressed. She had never seen him this angry before. "Calm down?! You want me to calm down?!?! I won't let anyone die because of my sister!!" Zuko responded. Mai stood silently and stared at her boyfriend, hurt. "Mai, I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry." Zuko apologized as he embraced her. She said nothing else.

"This doesn't make any sense," Sokka said. "How did she break out of the mental hospital she was imprisoned in?"

"A better question is: why is she working for Jun?" Zuko inquired. "It's not like her to take orders from some lowly Firebender."

"She's probably too messed up in the head to care," Toph assumed.

"None of that matters right now. Let's focus on the fact that there's an Energybending maniac after us." Aang spoke up.

"What?! He's an Energybender?!" Suki said with shock. "That's right. When I was in the Spirit World I met the Lion Turtle who taught me Energybending. He said that the Earth King didn't tell him where we were and he left to continue his search for me. That means we have to track him and Azula down."

"But Aang, we don't even know where to begin to look." Katara informed him. "He could have gone anywhere" "He couldn't have gotten that far. He left not to long ago" Aang replied. "Long enough for him to get to whatever mode of transportation got him here and escape Ba Sing Se." Toph said.

"It looks like we're going on another adventure guys." The young Avatar told his friends. "What?" Katara asked, surprised. "We need to find Jun and Azula before they harm anymore innocent people or kill us." Explained Aang.

"Alright!" Katara said, excited. "Works for me!" Sokka stated. "Counted me in, Twinkle Toes!" Toph said. "Me too!" Said Suki. "We're coming too!" Mai declared. "Yea, definitely!" Zuko added. "What about you guys?" Aang asked Momo and Appa. Momo responded with a chirp and Appa a growl. "Alright then, it's settled!" Aang yelled, excitedly.

Suddenly, Iroh and the Council of Five ran back into the room. "Uncle, did you find Azula?" Zuko asked doubtfully. "I'm afraid she was too quick for us. She got away." Iroh replied.

"Oh." Zuko responded. "Uncle, we're going on a journey." Zuko informed him. "A journey to find Jun and Azula? Good luck, Zuko. Good luck, all of you. But before you go how about some tea?" The wise man asked them. Everyone had a laugh at this. "Okay, Uncle but not for too long." The Fire Lord responded.

"So The Avatar and his friends are coming after me?" Jun was talking to Azula.

"Yes, master. I heard them myself when I was spying on them after I escaped my Uncle. Master, what shall we do?" Azula questioned.

"Let them come. I do not fear them."

"I'll get to kill Katara and my brother won't I?" Azula asked her master. "Of course, dear child." Jun answered. "You may have your revenge."

"Thanks for the tea, Iroh." said Aang. "You're welcome. Good luck! Keep in touch!" Iroh responded.

"Okay, let's go!" Aang said with excitement. "Yip, yip!" Appa took off with a growl and with that, they were off on another amazing adventure across the world.

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