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The Journey of Tala


The story takes place right after Lenet's death in her story, and what she encounters right in the afterlife. Lenet Belongs to Kuir


At the bottom of a seemingly endless cliff face. Here is where the Nifrin, Lenet, had made her last breath. Being defeated by her nemesis, the Avatar, like her whole kind has already. Barely gripping to life, if at all, she began hearing quiet footsteps coming towards her...yet she couldn't stay awake in order to see of whom it was.

She woke up later in a completely different place. From a dark, deep canyon of failure to a bright, thriving forest. She was standing in the middle of a ruin pathway, like that of some sorta moat.

"Where am I?" Lenet thought. She didn't recognize this place, but despite that she needed somethings answered. For starters, who brought her here? Where is here for that matter...both answers are coming her way in an unlikely form.

"Hello Lenet." A voice said. Lenet was taken off guard and quickly got in a fighting stance and spun around...who she saw. Or what she saw. Appeared to be a white, one toed creature. It had a large yellow spiked ring wrapped around its midsection, It's head had a rather flowing fin on the back of it. It appears to be almost godly, if not spiritual.

"Who are you? What are you?" Lenet asked, not letting her guard down.

"My name is Arceus. I welcome you here among the spiritual passing that is the core."

"The core?"

"Yes. It's a unique area where only the souls of great power reside after death...and you are one of them, Nifrin." Arceus turned to leave but Lenet wanted to talk still, Not getting much help on her current position.

"Hold on! How do you know about the Nifrin?! I never heard of you in millennium!" Arceus simply turned and said, "just because you don't know about me. Doesn't mean I don't know about you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look normally I don't just lend this information out to any spirit...but you're a very unique and powerful sorceress so I'll tell you...a member of my council had created your kind." Lenet froze. What kind of spirit can simply create a living being? Sure she done it before but this is different.

"What do you mean by created?"

"Exactly what I said. The council of mine is in charge of creation and process of all of our universes progress. Making sure of a plot to fallow, a creature created, a world to I have to go. Stay put!" Arceus then began to gallop off, like a gazelle would. Lenet couldn't believe her ears. If what he's saying true, then the council had made it to have the Avatar wipe out her kind!


Arceus continued onward until he made it to his place of operation. Now you'd think a regal spirit like Arceus would prefer giant castles as home...but Arceus isn't a normal spirit. His base where the council gets their ideas in is actually a large planetarium. Here he can work on other worlds or just watch his work float around him. One of the enforcers of the spirit council, named Ion, was looking over the worlds when Arceus came in. Ion is a large spiritual lion, with midnight blue fur.

"Ion. How's the cosmos handling?" Arceus asked.

"Oh. Hi Arceus...well some of these darn franchises are becoming harder and harder to control. I don't know, I'm thinking on some...well..."


"I guess so. It's just hard to keep them in line as's your call though, what do you think?" Ion asked.

"...I think you should give it a rest. You worked enough today." Arceus chuckled. Ion wasn't expecting the answer, but went on out anyway with Arceus following...if only they noticed they had an eye watching...Lenet!

After they had left, she came out of hiding and saw which world they were at...her own...the Avatar franchise.

"This is it. If I can just find out how they made the Avatar, I can erase the line from existence!" she thought, with a smile on her face. She took about 10 minutes to figure out how to even work the thing and at one point finally figured out where the Avatar line started! One touch on the very first Avatar and an option showed under it saying "remove"!

"This is it!...just one touch and-" just when her shaky finger got inches from the press...

"What are you doing?"

Lenet immediately froze up, with fear this was Arceus again! She stood there wondering what to do now.


"You were fallowing me were you? You think you can just come in and handle this yourself?" Arceus asked, his voice in a rough tone.

"You don't know what I've been through Arceus! The Avatar destroyed everything I have. And now I'm returning the favor." Lenet said.

"What. Favor."

"Giving them what they gave me! You would never understand! So go away!"

"Lenet...think hard about what you're about to do...the Avatar in this world really is the balance of angels and demons...if that balance is removed from the worlds history, who knows what's gonna happen to that world."

"You don't understand! I'm warning you Arceus! Get out or I'll force you out!" Lenet warned. She didn't like anyone who is on the Avatars side, and it seems Arceus is on their side.

"You making a fatal choice Lenet...if you just come this way. I'll be able to help you. Let me handle the thing you've always wanted if you leave the Avatar alone."

"There's nothing you can do! And now you're dead! Any friend of the Avatar is my enemy!" Lenet then made the ground underneath them into a pack of demon drones!

"Last chance Arceus. Let me do this or face my fury." Lenet warned. Arceus stood in the way of the control and got it out of the screen, making sure she would find it hard to get back to.

"That's it." Lenet sent each drone right for him...then there was a shock. Each drone that touched him became digitized and disappeared! Lenet kept trying at him with some more blood magic but each attempt did no more than nothing to him!

"Why are you fighting Lenet? There's really no need to fight."

"Because you're standing up for the Avatar!" It was now that Lenet was getting angry with him.

"I'm not standing up for anyone...Lenet. Stop fighting. There's no need for this."

"No! The Avatar must be stopped!"

"...then tell me why. If it's a good enough reason, then I'll let you do it." Arceus said. Lenet stood there at first. Sighed. And agreed.

" kind once thrived alongside humans...but the Avatar had wiped us all out. I vowed to avenge them by bringing down the Avatar...and as for you so-called help? The only thing you can do at all is BRING MY KIND BACK FROM EXTINCTION!"...Lenet waited for a reply...she never expected Arceus to smirk and say "is that all?" Lenet was stunned.

"You want it gift-wrapped?" Arceus chuckled

"It's not a joke!"

Arceus headshot

...Simple enough. Hold Still

"I know. Just a little humor. All you want is you species back?...simple enough. Hold still." Arceus then placed a foot on her chest...tapped the ground in front of her...and appeared another person. The boy was about the same size as Lenet, and looked kinda different from a normal human.

"Lenet? Meet your species. Here is the exact species of Nifrin. If you agree to leave the Avatar be. I promise I'll bring your kind back from extinction. Just that I can't put your kind in the same world we have a deal?" Arceus asked. Lenet thought deeply on it...this can be the only chance she can have on getting her kind back from extinction.

"You promise you can bring them back?"

" have my word...but know that I can't bring them back in one day."

"I don't care how long it takes...all I care about is my species returning...but ether way. How long will it take for you?"

"It'll probably take about a month or two at least. All you have to do is wait and I'll tell you when it's all done." Arceus promised. Lenet trusted him. She can see it in his eyes that he was telling the truth.

"...ok Arceus...I trust you."

"Good. Now I do have a place where you can live until were done. Follow me." Arceus then began to guide Lenet to her temporary home until her world will be done.

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