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A New Way To Train
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The Final Avatar


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19 December, 2010

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The Stone Soldiers


Zaru and Erus must leave their Erus' House due to the constant attacks there. Using their great idea to teach Zaru airbending, they go to the perfect place to do it.


"We should abandon the house," Erus said.

They were in the middle of an unofficial war meeting. At the table were, Zaru (the Avatar), his great uncle Erus, and Paal, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.

"Why?" asked Zaru, "I love this house!"

"They know where it is," Paal said, "They've been sending attacks daily."

"But where would we go?" Zaru asked.

"I have been pondering this for some time. I recommend we go to the Western Air Temple."

"I agree," said Paal.

That afternoon, Zaru and Erus set off for their journey.

"Won't you be going Paal?" Zaru asked.

"The Kyoshi Warriors and I are going to the Water Tribes, hoping to rally them to our cause." And with that she ran off with the Kyoshi Warriors.

"We should go, Zaru," Erus said, "It will not be long until the Earth Kingdom is aware of our plans."

And they got on their boat, and sailed off.

Zaru was counting the minutes as they turned to hours.

"Are we there yet?" Zaru whined.

"Zaru! There is an Earth Kingdom ship ahead!"

Zaru looked, and sure enough, there was a ship ahead.

"How are we going to beat that, with this?!" Zaru asked, first pointing at their ship, then at his own.

"We board it," Erus said.

"Are you crazy?! We can't just board an Earth Kingdom ship!"

"Watch me."

And Erus jumped into the ocean, and swam to the boat. Zaru sailed his ship after him. From a distance, Zaru saw Erus climb on the ship. Zaru sailed the boat after his great uncle as quickly as possible. He pulled up to the side without any resistance, and climbed aboard. There were a dozen unconscious earth soldiers on the deck. Zaru walked to his uncle.

"Told you," Erus said. They both ran to the control room. Once they were inside, Zaru realized they were surrounded. There were thirty earth soldiers inside, and another forty had followed them.

"What do we do?!" Zaru asked.

Iroh redirects lightning

Erus fighting with lightning

"Something like this!" Erus said. On this, he spat fire out of his mouth, blowing the soldiers away in a blast of fire. Zaru punched air, and a soldier was hit right in the face with fire. Erus swung his arms, and lightning came off of his fingertips. He engulfed his body with the lightning, and shot it everywhere. When the light ended, Zaru saw a bunch of fried soldiers.

"Help me with this," Erus said, and he walked over to the controls.

"I don't know how to work an Earth Kingdom naval ship!"

They tried their best to navigate the ship. After many hours, they were able to get it to the air temple.

Erus walked off the ship first. When Zaru got off he said:

"Where is it?"

Erus walked until they were at a cliff-like structure. He climbed around it, and just out of sight, was a beautiful temple. They walked inside.

"Now, we meditate."

Minutes turned into hours. Eventually, Zaru slipped into the Avatar State, and met Avatar Aang.

"Avatar Zaru," Aang said, "It is good to see you again. Now what is it you need?"

"I must learn the art of Airbending. You can help me."

"Why is it you have not chosen Terra? Or Korra?"

"You have been born in the airbending art. You have known it longest."

"Smart choice, child."

And for a long time, Aang talked to Zaru about airbending.

Hours past as Aang taught Zaru.

"Now," Aang said, "let me show you."

Then, Zaru left the Avatar State, and he was in Aang's body again. Erus was next to them, watching with excitement. Aang blew gusts of air left and right. Aang created balls of air, streams of air. Then, he showed Zaru how to blow great uncles into temple ceilings, and then drop them onto temple floors, without hurting them at all. Then, the earth was quaking around them. Very powerful earthbenders were near.

"Now," Aang said, "it is your turn."

Aang blew them right to the earthbenders. Zaru was in control again. But, there was an army of earth soldiers in front of them. They were being led by head general Voe.

"Why is it you lead every attack against me?" Zaru asked.

"I'm the head general. I just lead every attack period."

"What if there are two different attacks on different sides of the world?"

"Uhh... Umm... Just kill him!"

Zaru kicked fire at the soldiers. Most of them blocked, but one unlucky soldier flew away.

"Airbending," said a voice he later found out was Aang's.

Air jets

Zaru shooting jets of air. Notice Aang's presence in his body.

Zaru swung around, hoping for a gust of wind. He hardly got anything. He tried again, and he just got one small ball of air. He shot the ball around the earth soldiers' feet, knocking them over. Then Zaru did many moves that looked a lot like dancing, he was able to make a few gusts of air. He tried once more, and he made a gigantic gust of air that blew the entire army off the ground. Voe was the only one still in front of Zaru. He blew, but Voe was rooted to the ground. This last blast was to much for Zaru, and he fell. After Zaru fell, all of the soldiers fell right onto Voe.

Zaru woke up an hour later back in the temple.

"That... That was amazing!" Erus exclaimed, "Show me that again." Zaru tried, but that sudden burst of power had left him.

"Oh well," Erus said after Zaru fell over himself trying to airbend. We must practice that some more."

"Good luck with that," Zaru said, getting up.

"We will try, but go get some sleep. You look like you're going to be sick."

Zaru felt that way to, so he chose the softest bed in the temple, and laid down. He fell asleep the second he closed his eyes.

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