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Zuko and Azula
A New Mission
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In Azula's Mind


Chapter 1

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Journey to Omashu

Chapter one is an introduction to Azula, a brief lookback at her history and her new quest in search of her traitorous uncle and brother. If you want to go to the main article, click this. Enjoy!

Looking Back

Hello to all you underlings. My name is Azula, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai, the Supreme Ruler of the Fire Nation, soon-to-be the whole world. I am agile, smart and clever, so don't try to fool me! Even as a child, I was sadistic, which won me Father's praise, my mother's fear, and always annoyed Zuko.

I remember once when I was eight and playing with my friends Mai and Ty Lee on the palace grounds. Ty Lee and I were practicing cartwheels and somersaults. I fell while trying to do mine while Ty Lee was able to perform the feat perfectly. Don't dare to laugh, though, because I can assure you I'm much better at doing them now. Well, in retaliation, I pushed her down and began laughing. She cried, "Azula!" It was hilarious! And then I caught Mai blushing at the sight of my dumb brother. An idea popped into my head and I quickly ran over to him and Mother.

"Mom!" I whined. "Can you make Zuko play with us? We need equal teams to play a game!"

"I am not cartwheeling!" my brother shouted.

"You won't have to. Cartwheeling's not a game, dum-dum!" I said, rolling my eyes. How stupid was he anyway?

"I don't care! I don't want to play with you!"

Young Azula

I was cunning even as a child. My own mother fell for my tricks!

Doesn't matter what you want! I thought. It's what Mom decides. "Come on, we are brother and sister. It's important for us to spend time together. Don't you think so, Mom?" I mustered the most loving face I could at Mom, who said just what I wanted to hear.

"Yes, I think it's a good idea to play with your sister," she coaxed. "Come on now. Just for a little while." And she left. Ha! I knew she couldn't resist my charm! Zuko dragged his feet over to play our little game.

"Here's the deal," I said. I picked an apple off a nearby tree, and placed it on Mai's head. "Try to knock the apple off the other person's head." I could see Mai getting nervous. "Like this!" I shot fire at the apple, which began burning it. Now for the moment of truth.

Just as I predicted, Zuko ran towards Mai in a feeble attempt to put the fire out. Mai cried out and they both fell into the nearby fountain, soaking them both from head to toe. Yes! What better way to humiliate my dumb brother than by getting him to fall into a fountain with his sweetheart!

Young Ty Lee

"See, I told you it would work!"

"See I told you it would work!" I said to Ty Lee gleefully.

"Awww! They're so cute together!" she chimed.

Zuko stormed away furiously. Mai stood up drenched and said, "You two are such, ugh!" I didn't care what she thought, though. That was just too funny!

I heard him complain to Mom (for, like, the billionth time), "Girls are crazy!" I just rolled on the ground laughing hysterically.

Zuko always tried to oust me in Firebending training, but never once succeeded. I always surpassed him in academics and Firebending which only won me more praise from Father. I remember once when he embarrassed himself in front of our grandfather, Firelord Azulon, trying to compare his weak bending skills to my pridigous ones. Oh, when will he learn that he can't catch up to me...

And, of course, I'll never forget the day my father challenged Zuko to an Agni Kai. Word has it that my dumb brother couldn't keep his trap shut and protested against a general's plan. I never thought he was brave enough to even think of doing something like that, seeing how much of a coward he is. Anyway, my father ordered that Zuko fight an Agni Kai to regain his honor. What Zuko didn't know was that he would have to fight Father instead of the general he had protested against. How much stupider could he be?

Agni Kai audience

I watched in pleasure as Father burned my brother.

When the time came for Zuko and Father to duel, that's when Zuko just crumbled. He knelt there, hunched over like the big baby he was and pleaded for mercy. Like he was going to get any. Father is a ruthless man and he had never liked Zuko. Why should he spare him? Zuko continued his pleading, but to no avail. Father angrily told him that he would learn respect, and suffering would be his teacher, then burned him in the left eye. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Uncle Iroh turn away from the scene. What a coward... But not me. I took glory in seeing my brother embarrass himself and be punished severely. He was later banished from the Fire Nation. Things couldn't get any better! This meant that Father could devote more attention to me (like he didn't pay attention to me enough already). I basked in my glory and his praise. It was grand!

A New Mission

Soon, I will be Fire Lord, and everything will be in my control! But first things first, I have my own small task to do. I must capture my brother and uncle and return them to my father for the punishment they deserve.

Iroh is as much of a coward as he is a traitor. Sure, he was the great "Dragon of the West", but after his son died at the Siege of Ba Sing Se, he abandoned the mission and came home crying. For that, he has been banished for life. Thank goodness. Nobody needs a tea-loving uncle for a Fire Lord anyway.

And don't get me started on my beloved brother Zuko. He is a total and complete FOOL! My father even said so himself! Zuko has been weak and whiny since we were kids. If he didn't get his way, he would go crying to Mother, until eventually she wasn't there to protect him. She disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Like I care. She always thought I was a monster. But anyway, Zuko's never been able to stand up to me. Now that I'm fourteen, just one glance will destroy him. Imagine him as Fire Lord! I would make a much better Fire Lord then him. As a matter of fact, Dad banished Zuko for being such a coward! He can only return when he's captured the Avatar. The Avatar has slipped through his grasp many times, though. Oh brother, you're so predictable. And now, I must prepare for my quest.

On the Ship

Azula's ship

My fabulous ship, with a Fire Nation Crew.

My father has supplied me with a lovely ship, filled with treasures a princess like myself should have. I have a Fire Nation crew, all at my command. I deserve nothing less. As the magnificent ship set sail to the port where the traitors had last been seen, I addressed the crew.

"My brother and uncle have disgraced the Fire Lord and brought shame on all of us. You all have mixed feelings about attacking members of the royal family, I understand, but I assure you, if you hesitate, I will not hesitate to bring you down." I could feel the fear spread across my crew. Ah, exactly what I intended. I like it when people fear me. Frightened scumbags are the obedient ones, or they will feel my fury. Trust me, they don't want to do that.

I dismissed the soldiers. Then, the captain of the ship, an idiotic weasel, came up to me and told me some nonsense about how the tides won't allow us to bring the ship to port before nightfall. He said, "Princess, I'm afraid the tides will not allow us to pull into port before nigthfall." I decided to play it cool, despite my anger. Did he really think I would fall for that excuse?

"I'm sorry captain, but I don't know much about the tides. Can you explain something to me?"

"Of course, your Highness." What a weakling!

"Do the tides command this ship?"

"I'm afraid I don't understand." Of course you don't. You have no idea how close you are to being extinguished.

"You said the tides would not "allow" us to dock the ship. Do the tides command this ship?" I was becoming inflamed.

"No, Princess," he said meekly. I've got him right where I want him.

"And if I were to have you thrown overboard, would the tides think twice before smashing you against the rocky shore?"

"No, Princess." I see him getting tense. I see the beads of sweat of forehead. You're catching on.

"Well then, why don't you worry less about the tides, who have already made up their minds about killing you, and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over!" I put force into those words. Now that rat wouldn't even look me in the eye. Good.

"I-I'll pull us in-n at once ,Y-your H-Highness." He gave orders to the crew, and then we headed to the port where family awaits. I'm surrounded by idiots.


Azula generates lightning

I generate lightning with much skill and fire with much precision. So, watch out.

Later, at dusk, I practiced my unique ability to generate lightning. I was overseen by Lo and Li, my mentors from when I was young. I generated lightning with as much skill and finesse as I could and fired it precisely into the sky.

"Almost perfect." "One hair out of place," the two sisters told me.

I could feel myself becoming enraged as I pushed aside a strand of hair that fell in my face. "Almost isn't good enough!" I said through clenched teeth. And so I practiced the technique again.

Pursuing the Targets

After our time at sea, we pulled the ship in. I had received intelligence reports saying that they were hiding out in the resort. Ha! Do they really think they can hide from me? As I approached their hut, I was upset. They're fugitives living in luxury! They don't deserve any wealth! I told myself that soon I will watch them face punishment.

I silently walked in the hut, and I saw Iroh out the window, beaming over his collection of shells. THIS is the Dragon of the West? What a joke! Then, I laughed silently to myself watching Zuko complaining because he had to carry his own bags. So spoiled. But nice Azula has a nice surprise for you both!

"Hello, brother. Uncle," I said as I stepped from the shadows of their huts.

"Azula! What are you doing here!" Zuko cried, swiftly moving into an attack pose. Zu-Zu needs to learn some manners! He hates it when I call him that.

"In my country, we exchange a pleasant hello before asking questions," I said picking up a seashell from the table. "Have you become so uncivilized so soon, Zu-Zu?"

"Don't call me that!" Told you.

"To what do we owe this honor?" Iroh asked coldly. I gave him an unpleasant look, and turned back to Zuko. They were both scared. They hid it under their smug faces. What fools!

"Must be a family trait. Both of you so quick to get to the point!" I said, crumbling the shell in my hand with my fingernails.

Zuko and Azula

I try to get my dumb brother to fall into my trap. Ugh, he's being so difficult!

"I've come with a message from home. Father's changed his mind. Family is suddenly very important to him. He's heard rumors, treacherous plots to overthrow him." I glanced at Zuko, who is now showing no emotion. But I know he feels intrigued right now. "Family is the only ones you can trust. Father regrets your banishment. He wants you home." I'm still getting no reaction from him. I am getting annoyed now. Is he trying to be brave, or is he just stupid?

"Did you hear me? You should be happy. Excited. Grateful. I just gave you great news," I said.

"I'm sure your brother just needs to-"

"Don't interrupt, uncle!" The nerve! I was getting angrier by the moment.

"I still didn't hear a thank-you. I'm not a messenger. I didn't have to come all this way to tell you." Zuko is stunned. My act worked. But maybe I went a little overboard....

"Father... regrets? He... he wants.... me back?" He said, stunned. The fish has taken the bait. Now to reel him in.

"I see you need time to take this in. I'll come to call you in tomorrow. Good evening." I said, leaving their dump.

The Plan has Failed

The next morning, I got everything in shape. The soldiers were lined up. I gave them all orders. They better follow them. Father made the task seem harder then it was. Are they going to show? I'm sure Zuko couldn't resist the idea of Dad wanting him home.

Ah, there they are. They stepped onto the gangplank leading up to the ship. I flashed them a smile.

"Brother! Uncle! Welcome!" This is all too simple. My captain came up to me to ask if we were ready to depart. "Set our course for home, Captain."

Zuko and Azula duel

Fighting Zu-zu is just too easy. He's so predictable.

"You heard the Princess. Raise the anchor! We're taking the prisoners home!" the captain yelled. PRISONERS?!? I scowled at him. "Your Highness. I-I..."

I ignored him. Iroh told Zuko to run. He started wiping the soldiers off the ship. Fine, he is a coward, but Iroh was pretty impressive.

"YOU LIED TO ME!" Zuko yelled in dismay. I smiled and turned away.

"Like I've never done that before," I said smugly. Aw man, he looks mad. He might actually have the guts to attack me! And he did. He made flame daggers and tossed attacks around. I easily sidestepped his attacks. I saw no need to attack... yet. I began to toy with him.

"You know, Father blames Uncle for the failure at the North Pole! And he considers you a miserable failure for not finding the Avatar! Why would he want you back home, except to lock you up where you can no longer embarrass him???"

Zuko and Iroh's wanted poster

No one will be able to hide those traitors. I'll find them and end them!

Now it was my turn to attack. I sent swift jabs at Zuko. Then, I generated lightning and aimed it at Zuko when Iroh stepped in and redirected it. IROH! I should have gotten rid of him yesterday. He knocked me off the ship. My crew swam to help me, but I told them to run after Iroh and Zuko. But they were no where in sight.

Later, after I dried off and became more presentable, I summoned all the resort citizens and told them my wishes with much force. "Anyone who harbors these traitors will face the wrath of the Fire Lord!" I said, waving the wanted posters for extra effect. "There will be no place left to hide."

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