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Oma Palloe Kyon
A New Life With The Snow
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Omashu Tales





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Journey to the North

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Melting Ice

Oma went to the Northern Water Tribe by herself! She fainted and helped by two men. She saw the wonders of the Northern Water Tribe...

"Here we are in the Northern Water Tribe! Oh yeah, my name is Kyon..." Kyon said.

"Nice to meet you, Kyon..." Oma said.

"AND MY NAME IS PALLOE," Palloe said.

"That's not common..." Oma said.

"I know..." Palloe said.

"Enjoy the city..." Kyon said.

"Where would I live?" Oma asked.

"Go right 6 meters from here and go 58 degrees from your south-east and you'll find a house with a small ice sculpture at the house's door's south-west..." Kyon said. Oma looked at Kyon confusingly. She thought that he is a mad genius that remembers every detals.

"Just go to the right and turn around and search a house with a small ice sculpture...." Palloe said. Now Oma looked at Palloe calmly and thought that he is a normal guy.

"Thanks!!" Oma thanked Palloe.

"You're welcome!" Kyon said.

"Not you, you idiot! She was confused!!" Palloe yelled.

Oma smiled at them and thanked them both.

Oma arrived at the place. She thought it was a big house... She was really excited to see her new house in the north. But....

"What a nice guy... What a nice ho.... WHAT!? I CAN'T LIVE IN HERE!!! It's very hard to bend a single earth in this snowy place!! How can I live!?" Oma shouted.

"Look mommy, another weird guy..." A boy said. Oma looked at him awkwardly.

"Don't get near sweetie..." His mother said. Oma looked at her more awkwardly. When they face the other direction, Oma shows an angry face.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Oma screamed, "I better live in the snow!!!"

"You don't like our house?" Kyon and Palloe asked. Oma looked at them sadly.

"How can I live?" Oma asked.

"Sorry..." Palloe and Kyon said.

"I will bend this earth... HEEAAHHH!!! And stand here..." Oma said.

"That's how we do our refreshments, Oma," Palloe said.

"You know how we can live a better place? I'll show you..." Oma said.

"How?" Palloe asked.

"Yeah... How?" Kyon asked too.

"I'll bend the earth and build a shelter. And this tarp, we'll use it for the blanket..." Oma explained. They both looked at her in amazed. Their mouths are hanging and the snows go to their mouth.

"Hey! Snows are going to your mouth," Oma said.

"Nice idea!!" They both exclaimed.

"Snows going to your mouth is a nice idea? Gorilla feathers. See? It wasn't that hard... Wait who is that?" Oma asked. The (man) is looking at Oma.

Oma's eyes are looking at him. She thought that he was a gay. While the (man) looked at Oma's face. He thought that she was a weak girl. Suddenly, Palloe said something to Oma.

"That's Kyon, a gay...." Palloe replied with a low voice.

"Hello, Oma... I heard you are the first earthbender in the world," Kyon said.

"So?" Oma asked.

"So I was wondering if you fight me during the full moon tonight. Meet me in the corner of the city," Kyon said.

"You're cheating!" Oma yelled.

"You can use anything or anybody to fight me but be careful...." Kyon said.

"FINE!!" Oma shouted.

At the time where the night almost arrived, Kyon helped Oma. He said that the gay is weak. But Kyon warned Oma not to underestimate him because he brought his strong friends.

"A gay is friends with a strong guy? Gimmie a break!!" Oma yelled. Kyon gave Oma the clothes she must to wear.

"Wear these, Oma," Kyon said.

"What is that? And how could that gay is the same with your name?" Oma asked.

"This is the clothes of Water Tribe. In the rules of fight, Kyon wrote NO OUTER CLOTHES. I have no idea why," Kyon explained.

"Well that's annoying," Oma said.

"I know right," Kyon said. They soon leave and go to Palloe. They set things up and run.

OPK Fighting Kyon and His Gang

Oma, Palloe, and Kyon fighting Kyon and his gang.

"So you arrived?" Kyon asked, "With your gay friends?"

"My friends aren't gay. BUT YOU ARE A GAY!! WITH YOUR... GAY FRIENDS..." Oma said.

"Hmpph... HEAAHH!!" Kyon yelled.

"You screamed like a girl... I admit it..." Oma said.

"It's easier than I thought," Kyon said.


"Alright, your friend's name is still Kyon while my name is Gohho... No worries..." Gohho said.

"Gohho? Sounds dumb...YEAHH!! AND FEEL THE PAIN OF MY EARTH AND MY FRIEND'S WATERBENDING!!" Oma shouted. Gohho and his friends looked at her in amazed.

"AHHH!!" Gohho screamed. His friends screamed as well. But not like a girl.

"I will start a new life with the snow with my best friends!" Oma yelled.

"You do? And mean it? I mean with the... BEST FRIEND?" Palloe and Kyon asked.

"Yep..." Oma said.

"Thank you!!" They both exclaimed. They hugged and returned to the city. They start talking about it. Oma said that Gohho is really a gay or a really girl.. Ugly gay and ugly girl...

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