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A New Land
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Chapter 1: A New Land Edit

It was about midday at a small Earth Kingdom port. A small breeze was in the air. A small ferry boat arrived having just come from the Earth Kingdom. A small market was nestled in the port as the residents went about their daily business. As the people shuffled out of the boat so did a young boy. Only sixteen, the boy had traveled from the Fire Nation to the Earth Kingdom with little intention of going back. He walked slower than the other people as he took in his surroundings and after he was comfortable, removed his hood revealing his ruby eyes and jet black hair.

He walked slowly into the market and approached a stall. Before the merchant turned around, he was gone. He sat by the side of the street and ate the apple he had stolen, having no money to buy it lawfully.

The boy enjoyed the light breeze and the silence before his little paradise was cut short by the sound of a woman screaming. He jumped up and moved around the corner to find a group of people watching something.

He slipped past with ease, not wanting to draw attention to himself. As he looked on, he saw a girl with tears in her eyes.

"But please sir! It's all I have!" The young woman cried out.

"Rent!" The large man demanded as he moved closer.

By now the boy was becoming annoyed. He was fond of being alone; however he still had some heart and knew that what the man was doing was wrong. He stepped forward out of the crowd and spoke.

"Leave her." He said in a weak voice.

"Oh and what do you want, little brat!" said the stocky man as he turned.

"I said... I said leave her alone." The boy's voice grew in confidence.

"Oh! The little boy is going to hurt me! What am I going to do?" The man mocked the boy relentlessly.

The boy's fists tightened, displaying his lack of patience.

"Going to fight are ye?" The man asked. "Fight this, you worthless brat!" shouted the man, reaching for his whip.

The whip struck the boy as the crowd gasped. Blood ran down his face as it grew tight with rage. The man continued to mock him, asking if he wanted him to kiss it all better. Then, before a crowd of shocked people, he exploded with anger.

"My name is Shinn!" He shouted, punching the man in his stomach.

The man doubled back in pain as the crowd and the girl watched in awe. The man reached for his whip and attacked again, only to find Shinn grabbing hold of it before drawing him in and kicking him in the face.

Shinn held the whip in one hand as he burned it with his Firebending. The man whimpered in fear before retreating.

"You've had it kid!" The man shouted as he retreated. "You're nothing' but scum!"

The crowd continued to watch in amazement as Shinn wiped the blood away from his face. The girl stood up and before she could talk, Shinn wiped one of her tears away before disappearing among the crowd.

However, one person in the crowd kept track of his movements and watched him, smiling.

Outskirts of the port Edit

Shinn walked out of the town alone. He didn't show it, but he had a feeling of pride from defending the girl. As the night winds broke in, his open wound on his face stung, having left without treating it. As he walked alone he could hear the faint sound of an ostrich horse in the background.

At first he ignored it, but became more aware as it continued to get closer. He turned only to fall back with a sharp pain in his chest. As he opened his eyes, he saw the man from before with two cronies. Shinn reached for his sword but was stopped by a punch to his face from one of the guards.

He fell to the floor again in pain as the man stomped on his back. Shinn coughed up blood. One of the guards stopped the man because Shinn was only a kid.

Shinn tried to stand up but couldn't due to his beating; his vision became blurry as he heard voices in the distance. He tried to stand one last time but fell to the ground in pain. He could only make a silhouette of a person. As he began to pass out, he heard someone cry in the distance, before going unconscious.

"Over here!"

Notes Edit

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