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A New Enemy
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Sozin's Comet Returns



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October 29, 2012

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The End of a Peaceful Era

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Where's the Avatar?

A New Enemy is the second chapter of Sozin's Comet Returns.

"Hey Lola, how are you doing?" Kuzon asked.

"Hi sweetie, I'm fine." Lola replied back in excitement. They started walking into the restaurant, found the closest seats and sat together.

"Buy anything you want. I have a 100 yuan coupon."

" Thank you, you're the best boyfriend ever." Lola said, hugging and kissing him. They had a long breakfast and left for Republic City Park on a Satomobile. "Kuzon, the view is beautiful. I can't believe you go through so much to make me happy." Lola screamed with excitement.

"Ah, it was no big deal." Kuzon replied back, nonchalantly. After the half-hour carriage ride, Kuzon took Lola home to Water Fortress Island to meet his parents. "Hey dad, this is Lola, my girlfriend." Kuzon introduced.

"Hi Lola, it's an honor to meet you. Kuzon told me and his mother so much about you. Please sit, do you want some tea." Mako asked.

"Sure, and thank you sir, it's a true honor to meet you councilman." Lola said back.

"Come on Naga, we're almost in Ba Sing Se." Korra arrived 10 minutes later.

"Avatar Korra, welcome to Ba Sing Se. We will have you see Earth King Kano immediately."

"Thank you General Sot." Korra replied, thinking about her children and husband. In minutes, she was at the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace. "Hello, Earth King Kano. How are you feeling?" Korra warmly asked. The Earth King was now old and weak. Unlike his father, Kuei, he was an earthbender and was taught by General How, his father's most trusted advisor. During his prime years, he was one of the best, if not the best earthbender in the world, along with Lin. Now, he's old and bitter, at times.

"Hello Korra, how's the Avatar these days?" Kano said softly.

"I'm fine your majesty. I've been busy, and haven't been there to teach my daughter waterbending. Other than that, I'm fine."

"Korra, you'll be staying at a beautiful 4 room house in the upper ring, the same one that Avatar Aang and his friends stayed in during their times in Ba Sing Se"." Thank you, Kano."

" Anything for our beloved Avatar. Oh, and Avatar Korra, can you bring my son, Crown Prince Hiro, to Republic City. I want him to see the Earth Kingdom pas Ba Sing Se like my father did." Kano said.

"Sure, I don't mind bringing him."

"Sire, our last troops just got killed. We got ambushed." Shoji, Luzan's must trusted advisor and captain said.

"Ugh, who killed them?" Luzan asked mysteriously.

"They were rebels sent by the Earth King."

"Oh, which reminds me, sir, the Avatar's in Ba Sing Se."

"Perfect, ready 20 of our best troops. We can't send them all with the security. Storm into Ba Sing Se and capture her. But bring her alive." Luzan said, with an evil grin.

"Yes sire."

"Good, pupil Katara. You are learning well." her master praised. She threw consecutive sets of water whips and jets at her teacher. After that, she unleashed a big wave on her teacher, sending him backwards. He got up soon afterwards. " Pupil Katara, you are a waterbending master. Congratulations, and I'll see you later today."

"Thank you, master" Katara said as she hugged him. She left and arrived back home using waterbending. After taking a nap, she decided to go to Air Temple Island to show her mother (spiritually since Aang and Korra are the same people) her new moves. Katara, despite her old age, was impressed with Katara and thought that she was gonna win it. She continued to help her with her sickness. She couldn't wait to show her mother her new moves. She would be very proud of her.

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