A New Day Dawns
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The Fall of Freedom



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Pabu Lannister

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December 16, 2013

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The Test

Jiyu jumped out of bed, bursting with excitement. "Today is my twenty seventh airbending test, I know I can do this," said Jiyu. "I'm nineteen years old and I know I can do it, just nine more after this and I will become an airbending master," he said as he gazed at himself in the mirror.

Jiyu was a part of a contingent of male Air Nomads selected to train at the exclusively female Eastern Air Temple, as part of a new initiative by the Council of Elders to help improve relations amongst the next generation of Air Nomads.

"Man I am so psyched for today, I hope Jinsei will be there," said Jiyu to himself. "One of the many reasons why I love being at the Eastern Temple; the scenery is gorgeous," he said.

"Yeah the architectural style of the inner sanctum is quite mesmerising compared to the Southern Air Temple," said Ototo, Jiyu's roommate and closest friend.

"I wasn't talking about that Otsi, I was talking about Jinsei, the most beautiful girl in the entire Eastern Air Temple!" exclaimed Jiyu.

"Nah, I don't see it," Ototo said; "She's okay I guess," he continued.

"Man Otsi, you're crazy!" Jiyu replied, "I don't know why I put up with you," he said. "Hey Otsi, are you ready for the test today?" Jiyu said.

"Why do you always call me that? It wasn't funny the first time and it's still not funny the millionth time!" said Ototo. "No, of course I'm not ready," he said, "Have you ever known me to be ready for the tests?" said Ototo.

"I guess I shouldn't have asked since I already know the answer, right Otsi?" Jiyu jokingly said.

"Yeah, I hope Jinsei is there, that way she can laugh at you when you fail the test," said Ototo snidely. "Then the joke will be on you!" he continued.

"Okay, I'm sorry, Mr Ototo," said Jiyu.

"Now that's more like it," said Ototo.

"We better get going, don't want to be keeping Master Leio waiting," said Jiyu.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever," said Ototo.

"She's not going to yell at us if we're late, she's so cheerful and sweet, she could make an earthbender cry," he said. "Even so, it's not polite to keep her waiting, haven't you learnt anything about respect?" Jiyu said sternly.

"Nah, I'm more of a keep it real kind of guy, just do whatever," replied Ototo. "I swear, sometimes, I wish I would have been born as a winged lemur," he said.

"Well, until that happens, hurry up! Let's go!" shouted Jiyu.

Jiyu and Ototo left their dormitory room and made their way to the courtyard to do their airbending trials. On their way, they stopped to admire the statue of Avatar Yangchen. "Just imagine being an Avatar, the power that comes with it," said Ototo.

"Yeah, imagine the responsibility that comes with it too," replied Jiyu. "I don't think that would be for me," he said.

"Man, I would love it, can be all like, water, earth, fire, air, pew, pew!" exclaimed Ototo as he pretended to bend all the elements. "I know who else would like someone with all that power," Ototo continued.

"Who?" asked Jiyu.

"Her of course," said Ototo, pointing at Jinsei as she walked down the hallway towards the courtyard with her group of friends.

Jiyu's heart skipped a beat as he admired her, walking down to the courtyard, his eyes squarely fixed on her; he felt as though time stood still, watching her graceful movements and her long brown hair bounce and flip as she walked. Ototo could not snap Jiyu out of his daydream so he stepped back, took a deep breath and airbent Jiyu in his backside, causing Jiyu to fall flat on his face. Jinsei and her friends turned around to see Jiyu, flat on his face, covered in dirt. The group laughed immensely, exclaiming, "What a loser!" All but Jinsei laughed; she gave a curt smile to Jiyu, then was dragged away by her friends and continued towards the courtyard.

Jiyu got up and yelled at Ototo, "What was that for? Now you made me look like a complete dunderhead in front of Jinsei."

"Don't worry, you were already a dunderhead even before you fell flat on your face," Ototo said jokingly. "Besides, she wasn't laughing at you; you got a smile, that's pretty good."

"Yeah, I guess that means she loves me and we are meant to be together forever," said Jiyu.

"Yeah I don't think so; you must of hit your head really, really hard," said Ototo jokingly.

"Always the comedian, aren't you Otsi," replied Jiyu.

"What can I say, it's a gift," said Ototo. "Hurry up Jiyu; we don't want to keep Master Leio waiting," Ototo exclaimed.

"Seriously, I don't know why I put up with you," said Jiyu.

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