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Plot Edit

Five Years after the War.

Western Earth Kingdom

Senlin Village – About three month's after The Jasmine Dragon incident.

Lee and Iroh approached Senlin Village. Lee wore standard Fire Nation clothes with a white bandage covering his right eye and most of the right side of his face.

"Iroh, don't you think we should continue on?" Lee asked impatiently.

"Listen, Lee, I understand you want to arrive in the Fire Nation as early as possible, but a man needs his rest...and some hot tea," Iroh smiled.

"Alright," Lee sighed, "I am a bit weary from our travels...and speaking of travels I'm glad you decided to travel to the Fire Nation with me."

"It's been my pleasure, although, you don't like to talk about yourself or your background. Why so?"

"I'm not proud of some of the things I've done in my past."

The village was a ghost town. Nobody was outside. The thing that was most unusual was, a burn in the ground. As Lee and Iroh came closer there eyes widened.

"It's the symbol of the Phoenix King," Iroh muttered.

"Why would somebody burn this symbol inside the village?"

It was getting dark outside. The sun was beginning to set. Suddenly, they heard a door creak open. Immediately, the two got into defensive positions. A man stuck his head out, but quickly pulled it back in and shut the door. Lee and Iroh glanced at each other. Out of nowhere came two Earthbenders. In unison, the two stomped on the ground. A rock came into the air and they chucked it at the two. Lee jumped over the incoming rock, made a fist, and shot a fireball at the Earthbender. Iroh side stepped the rock and shot out a breath of fire. Lee's fireball was aimed well and struck the Earthbender on the thigh. The Earthbender grunted and stumbled a bit almost losing his balance. Iroh's breath of fire was widespread and burned the other bender's feet. They quickly recovered, though, and Earthbended a defensive wall.

"We're not here to fight you!" Lee yelled.

The Earthbenders still didn't put down their defensive wall.

"Who are you?!" One of them demanded with a deep, strong voice.

"We are just travelers looking for a place to spend the night," Iroh replied.

"Yeah and I'm the Avatar," The other said sarcastically.

"I am the Dragon of the West and this is my pupil."

Their eyes widened. The wall dropped.

"My apologies, General Iroh. Please, come inside."

The Earthbenders winced as the walked, but didn't show any weakness. As they walked into the home they saw the middle aged man who had poked his head out before.

"Hello, I'm the Senlin Village Leader," the middle aged man began, "We desperately need your help. The Insurgents who still want to wage war have marked this village."

"What do you mean by 'marked'?" Lee asked.

"The burn that you were looking at before, that's the mark. They burn the Phoenix King symbol into the ground of each village they are going to destroy. They burn the mark during the night, so we have no idea how many there will be. Can you please help us?"

"We'd love too!" Iroh said with a smile.

Lee shot Iroh a worried glance.

Fire Nation Capitol Prison

Phoenix King Ozai's cell room.

An insurgent walked into Ozai's cell room. He was disguised in a guard uniform.

"Iroh survived the suicide bomb attempt, Phoenix King."

"How?" Ozai frowned.

"Some orphan teenager...Lee, I think his name is saved him."

Ozai's eyes widened.

"Forget Iroh. We'll deal with him later. It's time to strike a devastating blow against Zuko. Kill Katara."

Fire Nation Palace

Zuko's quarters.

"Hey Zu-Zu," Katara said with a smile.

She walked over to Zuko and put her hands on his shoulders.

"Please, don't remind me of Azula."

Zuko turned to face his wife.

"I'm worried about my uncle. I can't imagine losing him."

Zuko looked down at his feet. Katara put her hand on his chin and lifted Zuko's head so their eyes met.

"It's going to be okay, Zuko. He'll be here soon and I'm sure he's taking good care of himself along the way."

Katara slowly wrapped her arms around Zuko for a reassuring hug.

"Let's watch the sunset together. It'll take our minds off all the stress," Katara suggested.

Zuko smiled. Together, they walked out of his quarters and down the corridor.

"I'm going to quick put on my mother's necklace."

Zuko nodded and Katara twisted the knob to open the door. As the door swung open Katara's eyes widened.

Western Earth Kingdom

Senlin Village

"Iroh, I'm not letting you participate in the battle."

"What are you talking about, Lee?"

"I can stop them alone. I have always worked better on my own, anyway. Also, this means you don't have to risk your life."

"Lee, I used to be a General in the Fire Nation Army-"

"I don't care! I don't want you risking your life. The Fire Lord needs you alive. Do you not realize how much he needs you right now? You've told me enough about your nephew for me to know that he needs you in this time of rebellion."

Iroh sighed and looked down at his feet.

"Lee, I understand how you feel. I will stay with the others why you defend us. I believe in you enough. But if anything happens I will be right there to help you."

Lee nodded.

"When are they coming?" Lee asked the Senlin Village leader.

"We can't be sure. It can be in the next few minutes, or the next few days."

"We can't afford to stay here long. If they don't show by mid-day tomorrow, you'll have to defend yourselves without our assistance. I'm getting some rest now."

It wasn't long before Lee was asleep, but was awoken in the night once more.

Fire Nation Palace

In the corridor.

As the door swung open Katara's eyes widened.


Zuko lunged forward and pushed Katara out of the doorway as the bombs exploded. The impact of the explosion only affected Zuko. He flew back into the wall, head first knocking him unconscious immediately.

Western Earth Kingdom

Senlin Village. In the dark of night.

"Iroh, wake up! They're here!"

Iroh slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them. Then sat up.

"Okay, Lee. Remember I am only staying out of this fight for Zuko. But I will be watching and if anything happens to you, I will be right by your side to help you."

Lee nodded. He reached into his bag and pulled out his Fire Nation armband. He placed the armband on his right upper arm. Before running out he looked into a mirror close to him. He looked at his reflection: dark brown hair (almost black), dark brown eyes, a few small scars on his face, and a white bandage covering the right side of his face. Slowly, he started to unwrap the bandage.

Once it was completely off he looked at himself again. When he did, it was just normal him except there was a huge scar where his bandage once been. He looked almost like the Fire Lord, though the scar was on the right, not the left. As, he began to run out of the house to meet the attackers he looked at, Iroh. Iroh, couldn't keep the expression of shock on his face.

It was just him against them. The village Earthbenders couldn't fight because of their burns, which Lee didn't mind because he worked better alone. There were around fifteen Insurgents with old Fire Nation Army uniforms on. They already began burning the closest house to the entrance of the village.

Lee shot five fireballs, made a kicking motion releasing a fire stream, and made a blazing arc with sweeping arm movements. The inferno of flames shot down at the Insurgents. Most of them dodged the barrage, but some did not.

They now turned their attention toward Lee. In unison about ten of the Insurgents made a punching motion. A stream of fire came from each of their fingertips. Lee made an uppercut motion with his foot to block the fire that was shooting towards him. After he surpassed that he ran moving closer to the enemies.

While doing this he shot numerous bursts of flames at them. When he reached the speed he had been aiming for Lee jumped into the air, performed a front flip, and then made an outward kicking motion toward the Insurgents. The strong force of the Firebending move burned a few Insurgents and knocked them off their feet. Lee was now in the heart of the attackers. They were all around him.

Fireballs were coming from every direction. Lee reacted by ducking down to the ground. Once on the ground he made a circular motion with his feet creating an expanding ring of fire. The fire made the Insurgents fly back and come crashing to the ground. Lee took advantage of the moment and shot streams of fire at the Insurgents on the ground.

But just because the Insurgents were down didn't mean they were out of the fight. Numerous fireballs zoomed toward Lee and he couldn't block them all. The first fire blast hit Lee in the left shoulder making him stumble, off balanced. The next fireball hit Lee's right hip. That blow made his feet fall right out from under him. As Lee fell, the Insurgents began to get to their feet. A blast came toward Lee's head.

He somersaulted forward and came to his feet in one swift motion. He winced as he moved from the pain of the burns. The pain also made him hesitate. The Insurgents took advantage of Lee's hesitation and blasted fire streams at him. Lee clapped his hands together and directed the stream of fire to his side and toward the ground. Relentlessly, the fire kept coming. Lee kept the fire from harming him, but he was beginning to stumble backward.

The more the fire came, the more Lee lost his balance and struggled to keep the fire from burning him. One barrage of flames was too strong. He just barely fended the fire off and he was about to go tumbling down. Trying to keep from falling made Lee defenseless. The next stream of flames knocked him back and Lee came crashing down into a building. The back of his head took most of the impact.

After being blown into the building Lee fell face first onto the ground. Before Lee was enveloped into unconsciousness he saw a blurry image of one of the Insurgents. He had fire coming from his fingertips. Right when he was about to deliver the final blow, Lee saw the Insurgent get thrown back by Iroh. After...there was only darkness.

Author's Note Edit

Hey, everybody. This is the first chapter of my fanon mini-series Avatar: The Adventures of Lee. The Prologue is already out, so I highly recommend you read that. You can expect a new chapter every week or two and feedback is very much appreciated. So, please leave a comment. It can be negative or positive. But if it is negative please state why and don't be too harsh. Thanks.

~Heroic Firebender 18:14, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

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