A Letter and a Memory
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I Am the Solution


Part One - Joining



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June 28, 2015

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A Letter

The same night, March 18

Iesen was sitting in her room for hours. She thought that she knew Amon well, but she never noticed that deeper, sad side of him. Everybody had a backstory, Amon once said.

Iesen also shared her story tonight, and it felt good. She always thought that Amon would pity her if he heard it. To Iesen, he was always the image of perfection, and she never thought of the idea of him being haunted by the past.

Iesen couldn't sleep. Not now. She was done with blocking her emotions. Done with hiding her feelings. She sat on her desk and started writing on the piece of paper. If you couldn't say something, write. That was what her mother always said.

Amon, she wrote.

All my life, I hid my story because I thought it made me weak. Sharing it freed me. It freed me for locking inside my head. I love you, Amon. I loved you almost from the first second I saw you. And even though you'll never love me, I want you to know that I will never let you down.

A single tear rolled down her cheek. In that moment, she lost her self-esteem and locked the letter in her drawer. Iesen put out the lights and returned to her bed.

He will never know, was the last thought before she fell asleep

A Memory

The battle of Republic City, morning of March 18

The day I met the Avatar

Iesen was running down the streets of Republic City, trying to avoid explosions bursting out everywhere. Her hair was messy, and her coat was burned. She pulled the electrified glove down and found shelter behind the parked Satomobile.

She winced at the sound of another plane falling to the ground just a few hundreds of meters away from her. Was it theirs? Did the pilot make it? Ever since her parents were killed, she was sensitive to deaths. This battle, this madness, was taking hundreds of lives.

Suddenly, someone else sat beside her. It was a girl about Iesen's age. Not an Equalist. Iesen weighed the idea whether to attack her or not, but then she recognized her. The face so familiar, though Iesen never saw her in person.

"Avatar Korra," Iesen said.

It was more a statement than a question. A person she fought to defeat, sitting here next to her, sharing shelter with her.

"Yes. And you are an Equalist, I suppose. If I wasn't exhausted, I would..."

"You better not," Iesen interrupted her, not caring to know what Avatar 'would do' to her. "The air forces are targeting everyone who is using bending on the streets. If you have enough brains not to get us both killed, I suggest that you keep it down."

Another explosion interrupted her, and she winched anxiously, silently cursing her moment of weakness.

"What? That was your plane, by the way. What do you care about the deaths of the benders?" the Avatar said sarcastically, looking at Iesen with undisguised hostility.

"For your information, I lost my entire family to benders, my parents, my uncle and my cousin, they all died in front of my eyes, but not that you would care! You never had to fight for yourself. Welcome to the real world, Avatar Korra. You think I enjoy this battle? You think I just run around having fun killing people? You think I wanted this?"

"Well, neither did I," Avatar Korra replied, stood up, and ran into the battle.

Iesen was left alone by the Satomobile.

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