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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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A Journey with Highs and Lows
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The Legend of Korra


The story will be about the adventures of Team Avatar and their friends after the Harmonic Convergence that occurred in the finale of Book 2: Spirits.


After Harmonic Convergence, peace seems to have taken its final place and life goes on as smoothly as ever; yet there's a new threat coming out of the shadows that needs to be stopped. But how, if no one is aware of it?
Traveling to the Earth Kingdom, Team Avatar will be confronted with the ongoing activities and a journey full of adventures begins...

The team will have to prove its strength, passion and love towards one another. Will their love be strong enough to stand against the concentrated hate and will their friendship suffer or manage to keep them together?


Besides the characters of The Legend of Korra and as of The Last Airbender, OCs (own characters) will have roles as well.

Avatar Korra: Korra is an eighteen year old girl, grown up in the Southern Water Tribe. Hooked about her identity as the new Avatar, she soon mastered all four elements and trod a new path that will help lead her to her ultimate fate that's been destined for her.
Tenzin: He is the youngest son of Avatar Aang and is currently the only living airbending master in the world. He is the mentor of Avatar Korra and taught her the ways of airbending, though it was hard work to do so since the hotheaded waterbender can be complicated from time to time. Nevertheless, both grew into each other's heart and support each other. He helped Korra to stop the Revolution of the Equalists and to lead the world into a new age.
Jinora: She is the oldest child of Tenzin and Pema and comes mostly after her father. She likes reading the chronicles of her grandfather and is the calmest of her family. Her composure never leaves her, even if the world tends to be in danger.
Ikki: Ikki is the second child of Tenzin and Pema and the younger sister of Jinora, whom she teases with her brother.
Meelo: Meelo is the oldest son of Tenzin and Pema and surely the most active out of his siblings. He has the ability to fart with airbending, and he can bestow enemies a stinky surprise.
Rohan: Rohan is the youngest child of Tenzin and Pema. It is unknown if he's a bender or not.
Pema: Pema is the wife of Tenzin. A calm and lovely woman, she can be easily caught off-guard and wants Rohan to be a non-bender, much to her husband's displeasure.
Bolin: Bolin is an earthbender and the younger brother of Mako. Though related to him, he is the complete opposite of his brother and sticks to his dreams and goals - especially in finding a girlfriend. Additionally, he is the best friend of Korra who had been his first love interest.
Mako: He's the older and more silent brother of Bolin and is a firebender. Growing up in the streets alongside his brother, Mako had a hard time but is trying to come to terms with life.
Asami Sato: She is the beauty of the group and the daughter of the famous industry man Hiroshi Sato, the inventor of the Satomobiles. After an accident with her moped, she got to know Mako, the former captain of the well-known Fire Ferrets, and fell in love with him. Although the two had a really good start, it was otherwise with the Avatar whom she admires and tries her best to win her as friend. Despite some digressions, the two became best friends eventually.

Main characters are written in bold.
Minor characters are written in italic.
More characters will be added after an appearance.


Frankly, I don't know exactly how many chapters there will be, but it's a lot of content for sure.

Here's a list of the first ten chapter titles (there are of course more titles, but they would give away too much content than the ones below):


First Half

  1. Letter of Regret
  2. Secrets Within Masquerades
  3. The Begin of A New Journey
  4. Difficult Beginning
  5. The Mystery of Pabu
  6. The Remembrance
  7. Mistaken
  8. Shadows of the Past
  9. Strong Band
  10. Radioactive
More titles will be listed after publishing new chapters following chapter ten, Radioactive.


(Feel free to add yourself into the list.)

  1. AvatarKya
  2. Tono555
  3. Aang 112
  4. CombustionNation
  5. MetalbenderParker
  6. Angel of Darkness123


The character list will be updated after an appearance of a new character.

The story will probably be divided into two own fanons. The first fanon, A Journey with Highs and Lows, will be the first part of the overall story in which the ages of the characters are mostly the same as in the series whereas in the second fanon they will be older.

A Journey with Highs and Lows itself will consist of two halves while each of it will focus on one main subject that will pick the story up from where it left.

However, the sequel is planned to have just one full story without any parts for better flowing; time skips are possible though.

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