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A Great Uncle In Trouble
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 9

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11 January, 2011

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Someone's Been Kidnapped


After Zaru discovers Erus was captured, him and his new friend Patola must go on a quest to get him.


Zaru was on his knees. He was sobbing. He was closer to his great uncle than anyone else. His great uncle was, well... great.

"It's okay," his new friend Patola said, "Just look at the bright side!"

"What bright side?!" Zaru said while holding back tears.

"Um... Uh... Only half of the Fire Nation is destroyed!"

Zaru cried louder.

"Come on!" Patola said, "It's okay! Let's go free your uncle person guy!"

"HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THAT!?" screamed Zaru.

"Easy. We'll call in the Order of the White Lotus!"

"Yes. Erus is a member. Of course they'll want to free him."

Patola told Zaru about the Order of the White Lotus Headquarters.

"We're smart not to make it in Earth Kingdom spots, Earth Kingdom owns Air Temples, and Water Tribes are too small. So we put it in the Fire Nation! Nice Earthbenders made underground tunnels that we live in. They're not mean like Boli!"

"Riiight," Zaru replied. "How do we get there?"

"Follow me!" Patola led Zaru through the Fire Nation while he sung. "Set my lines by the river bed. Caught ten fish and I killed 'em dead. Cut 'em and gut 'em and I tossed the heads in the water to keep them cat-gators fed!" he was about to sing some more when Zaru interrupted him.

"Hey, Patola. Could you please never sing that again? Ever?"

"Okay!" and Patola hummed it until they got to the boat, and when Zaru told him to stop humming, he whistled it until they made it to the right island.

"Urrghh! Enough! Sing a real song if you're going to sing!" And with that, they walked over to the edge of the boat, got off, and went to a field of fire lilies. Patola picked one. Zaru thought Patola was going to smell it, but he stuffed it in his mouth.

"I love these things!" and he ate another. When he swallowed his sixth flower, he walked over to an area of flowers, and said:

"This is Patola! I have come with the Avatar! He wants to come in! We need help! Erus has been kidnapped! Hello? We need help! Please open the door!"

"Nobody's home," Zaru said. Zaru punched, and a fireball hit the ground. Instead of lighting lilies on fire, it opened the ground. They walked inside.

"Who enters the caves of the White Lotus?" a voice commanded.

"It is I! Patola the Great!" Patola said.

"You didn't hear him yelling?" Zaru asked, "He went on forever!"

"What is it Patola?" the voice asked.

"Erus needs help!"

"Erus? I will talk to the Grand Lotus."

He left for about an hour. While he was gone, Patola found a wood chair, and started bending it. First he reshaped it into a sword, then swung it around as if there were imaginary enemies in the room. When the man came back, Patola hid the wood behind his back as he turned it back into a chair.

"Lotus member Cholu has agreed to go with you. A man in Earth Kingdom clothes walked towards Zaru. Zaru bowed, but the man walked past him, and went outside. Patola and Zaru followed.

"He would be in the Earth Kingdom prison, awaiting execution," Cholu said.

They sailed off to the Earth Kingdom. Hours past, but when they got there, it took days to travel across the Kingdom to Ba Sing Se. They arrived undetected, which Zaru found odd, but they went in disguised as earth soldiers. They walked into the prison without being stopped, and went all the way to the high security area. That's when the guards stopped them. Then, Zaru realized these weren't any guards. They were bodyguards. Boli's bodyguards. Where Boli's guards went, right next to them was always...

"Boli!" Patola yelled, "You've gotten old!"

"Shut up you idiot!"

Zaru realized this was a trap. How could he have been so stupid?! "But wait..." he thought, "When there's a trap, there has to be someone who organizes it."


"Yes you moron! Me!" Cholu said. "I! The new head general! I've been hiding in the stupid Lotus group for years!

"What about Voe?" Zaru asked.

"That loser? He's rotting in a cell! He got caught, he lost!"

"I thought we were friends," said a teary eyed Patola.

"Friends! With you! I would rather um... do something bad!"

Chief guard Toks walked forward.

"Move! Kill now. Talk later."

Cholu and Toks opened a fissure together.

Zaru hovered over it with his Airbending abilities, while Patola opened his water skin. He raised the water out, and made ice spikes. He shot them full force at Cholu, but he slapped them aside with a column, and then sent it hurdling toward him. Zaru pushed him out of the way, and shot streams of fire at Toks. Zaru and Patola backed up as Toks and Cholu advanced. Then, Cholu closed the cell door.

"Ha you fools! You actually fell for it! You walked right into the cell!"

"Cholu!" Boli laughed, "If I could promote you, I would. I'll just pay you this."

Boli handed him a large sack of money.

"You're not going to kill us?" Zaru asked.

"No! I'm going to go celebrate!" Cholu said. He ran off.

"I'm going to kill you Avatar and smelly friend."

"Hey!" Patola shouted, "I bathed three days ago!" Zaru took a step away from Patola.

A bunch of spikes raised, and Zaru almost exploded when he entered the Avatar State. All four elements raced at Boli. The prison exploded. Prisoners everywhere ran for their lives. Boli fled immediately. Zaru calmed down, and saw there was no cell around them. Boli was gone, the entire prison was gone, Erus was right next to him, Patola was very stinky... Then he realized Erus was next to him, and he was overjoyed.

Iroh forgives Zuko

Erus and Zaru


"Yes Zaru. Let's get out of here. Oh! Hello Patola! Good to see you again!"

"We were leaving..." Zaru said.

"Right!" said Erus.

And then they ran away.

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