A Great Disaster
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March 3, 2014

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Revenge of the Blue Spirit, Part 1

Aang had said to Katara that luring Vader into a trap was a great idea.

He was wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Aang was fighting for his life on Kyoshi Island. He had tried to trick Vader into believing that he had given up, but somehow, Vader knew it was a trap. Now, Team Avatar and the Kyoshi Warriors were fighting Darth Vader and a squadron of Clone Troopers led by Commander Cable in the middle of the night.

A squad of clones opened fire on Suki and five other warriors, but they all deflected the blasts with their shields. One of the warriors, wielding two fans attacked a trooper, but he opened fire and blasted her in the head, killing her. Another warrior, armed with a katana, charged at the squadron, but all the clones opened fire, and she was shot in the chest. A third warrior, armed with two fans, tackled a trooper, but he blasted her in the stomach. Suki, armed with her shield, charged at Cable. Cable opened fire, but Suki deflected each blast. Suki pulled out her katana and swung at Cable. Cable ducked and blasted the katana out of Suki's hand. Suki pulled out her fan and attacked.

Although Suki was winning against Cable, Aang wasn't having much luck. He had engaged Darth Vader in combat again, and was losing badly. Aang blasted Vader with a gust of air. He quickly blasted him to the ground with Airbending and bound his hands with Earthbending. Suddenly, the Earth shackles began to tremble, and Vader busted his way out of the shackles, and was on his feet again. Aang quickly created a large water drill and sent it flying towards Vader. Vader used the Force and pushed it away.

"How do you keep doing that?!" Aang yelled.

Vader did not answer.

Aang shot multiple water whips at his opponent, but Darth Vader activated his lightsaber and deflected all of Aang's water whips.

"What IS that thing?" Aang said.

Darth Vader remained silent.

Aang water spouted himself over to Vader. The Dark Lord swung at Aang, but the Avatar Airbent himself into the air and dodged the attack. Aang created water whips and lashed out at the Sith Lord, but Vader raised his lightsaber and blocked the attack. Darth Vader moved in and held Aang down. Vader raised his lightsaber, preparing to deliver the final blow. Suddenly, Vader's hand was caught by a water whip, and The Dark Lord was sent flying over the village and crashed several yards away. Aang, gasping for breath, looked up at who had saved him.

It was Katara.

"How many times are you gonna save my life?" Aang said pulling himself up.

"More than you can count," Katara replied.

"Are they gone?" Aang asked.

"Yes," Katara said.

Zuko walked up to them.

"I'm sorry if this didn't work," Zuko said. "Don't worry...I have an idea."

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