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Battle for the Fire Nation

Book 2, Chapter 8 A Glimmer of Hope Part 2 Edit

"The Less chance of victory, the more fierce people will fight"

1 week later... Edit

Within a week of that fateful night at the hall the Fire Nation began what was escalating into a civil war. The Liberators had began a takeover of the western district of the capital and corpses from previous battles lined the streets. A small group ran through the alleyways pursed by several Neo-Zaibatsu soldiers as the soldiers turned a corner the group had disappeared. "They can't have got away, we were about a second behind them!" shouted a soldier.

"Keep tight weapons on full power!" replied the Captain. As the men walked through the alley two men in dark armor watched from above. As the soldier at the back walked on he was caught on a rope, hidden by the dark that chocked him within seconds. The rest of the group turned around to see his weapon slam to the floor. A soldier panicked and ran forward only to be killed by a poison dart that ripped through his helmet. The two men in dark armor jumped down and slashed the rest of soldiers before they had a chance to react. The men removed their helmets to reveal themselves to be Karak and Hong, an ex-soldier who was an expert in stealth. "Learnin' Fast kid" said Hong.

'Shinzo's Royal Seal'

"Don't underestimate me" replied Karak removing a small vial of blue acid.

"Think you got 6 in that?" asked Hong.

"Sure, I could get 8 out of it" said Karak as he began pouring the acid over a soldier's body. Within a second the body began to disintegrate.

"Wait! Hold on!" said Hong moving the acid away from the next body. "There something there". Hong removed a note with Shinzo's royal seal on it. Hong removed the seal and opened the note reading what it said

"My lord, 'Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang have indeed returned to the Fire Nation. Lord Krios' intel was correct and they will arrive in the capital within 3 days. With The Liberators attacking our forces we cannot fight Zuko's armies as well I propose the advancement of the Dark Warrior program to its final stage. We have tier 2 subjects ready to accept the changes. General Fong"

"This is amazing!" shouted Karak is excitement. "We must get this to Damaz!"

"Woah hold on kid somethings not right" replied Hong.

"How could something be wrong!" said Karak "Our Fire Lords back!"

"Yea but what about the Dark Warrior thing?" said Hong "Whatever it is it can't be good"

"We'll worry about that later"

"Go ahead I'll finish clean up" said Hong as Karak ran on. As Karak disappeared from sight a man walked out of the shadows. Hong turned to face but was quickly overpowered before be dragged into the shadows, screaming.

Liberators Hideout, 1 hour later... Edit

"This is excellent information Karak!" Damaz said in amazement.

"Yea it sure is, hey has Hong got back yet?" asked Karak.

"No I thought he came back with you" replied Damaz.

"No he stayed behind to finish clean up"

"I'll send out a team in a minute"

"Okay but do you reckon we could finish this when Fire Lord Zuko gets back?"

Damaz smiled. "Yea, Yea I think we can".

Unknown Location, Same Time... Edit

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Hong in pain.

"5 more minutes..." said Krios smiling.

"You bastard!" "I'll kill you AHHHHHHH" said Hong screaming.

"Advance to tier 3 as soon as you can" said Krios walking out of the room. "No failures".

Reasons for Quick Release. Edit

1. I wrote both of them at the same time.

2. I had nothing else to do so I was able to put it up early.

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