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A Glimmer of Hope Part 2

This focus' away from most main characters and explores the resistance by the citizens of the Fire Nation to their new leaders.

Book 2, Chapter 7: A Glimmer of Hope Part 1 Edit

"Hope is all a person needs to have will to fight, it makes them believe they will succeed no matter what the odds. To a war-torn world it is the most powerful weapon."

Around a week after Fire Lord Zuko's return the Fire Nation began to believe their dark hell was over, that their leader had returned to bring them out of the storm. As a result a new-found confidence embodied the people of not just the capital but every city, village and home in the Fire Nation. However at first resistance was still quite minimal. No one had the courage to challenge the Neo-Zaibatsu enforcers and with no weapons or even people capable of fighting their resistance took a different path You see, as Fire Lord Shinzo was from a different time he viewed today's Fire Nation citizens as weaklings so he bullied them as if they were a weak child however he forgot a crucial message written across history: If you push someone into a corner they will fight to the death. Inevitably this happened and factions made up of gangs, ex-soldiers etc. began to appear and challenge their oppressors. One such group was the Liberators and they soon grew into a major power.

Fire Nation Capital, Slums, 30 Days into occupation Edit

A small man walked into a crowded hall full of angry workers united by their hate for Shinzo but divided through their personalities and methods. As a speaker for a resistance faction began to speak the small man ducked as a jet of fire shot over his head. He turned to see Neo Zaibatsu soldiers, one walked forward and spoke "By order of Fire Lord Shinzo all citizens in this sector are hereby under arrest for suspected treason" then man then raised his blaster and shouted again "Surrender and die!" the small man squeezed past the annoyed workers to the front and replied.

"Don't you mean surrender or die?!" the soldier pointed his weapon at the man's face.

"Know your place worm" he snapped. As he finished a knife flew through the air into his face. Suddenly men in dark colored armor dropped down and opened Fire on the soldiers. The room turned into a massive firefight, the small man was grabbed and pulled backward by a man in dark armor and the mysterious group suddenly vanished. The soldier now the only survivor of his unit shouted "You are still under are-" he was cut short by a beer bottle smashed over his head by an angry worker.

The small man awoke in a large hall with mysterious banners lining the walls. A man in dark armor approached and removed his helmet "You Kazak?" he asked.

"Yes, Yes I am" replied Karak. "Who are you and your friends then?"

"I am Damaz Leader of The Liberators" he said.

"Impossible the Liberators were killed in a Zaibatsu raid two weeks ago"

"Not likely, your a bit of a sucker to propaganda ey?"

"Back to the subject, why am I here?"

"We saved you as your uncle was a key supplier of arms to us" "He promised us lower prices for 'personal protection' for his family"

Karak reached for a sword on the table "So how do you get your members?"

"Most are ex-army, hungry for some Zai blood" Damaz said, smirking.

"Reckon I could get in?"

"I dunno, you have to hold your own as if you live so does our income"

"Try me out then" Karak playfully swung the sword toward Damaz.

"Well, then we'll see" said Damaz melting the top part of the blade off.

Author's Notes Edit

All reviews welcome and any grammar corrections are welcome. Part 2 will be out soon so I guess just enjoy and thanks for reading. SSJ-Trunks 16:52, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

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