A Frightful Discovery
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Unnamed Airbender, Wangfire94, DaEpicStorm

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Well you looked like you needed the help!" I exclaimed, defending myself.

"Well I didn't mind, just be more careful. We don't need anybody knowing that there are more of them out there..."

I knew she was right, but I still didn't think that the triads had suspected a thing. The sun slipped behind the skyline, and a while later we heard police sirens, and saw an airship hovering over our previous location. However, we were so far away from the crime scene, we wouldn't be suspects, and anyways, the Triads never told anything to the metalbenders. Despite all of the awful things they do, their one rule is not to tell anything to the police, even who attacked them.

Everybody around here knew, though, that Lightning Bolt Zolt would just post bail for both of the gangsters. The rest of the short walk was quiet, until I thought I heard something coming from around the corner. I stepped back, and poked my head around, but once again there was nothing.

"What was that about?" Isra asked.

"Nothing, I just... thought I heard something." I told her.

"Hm, odd." She said, and I agreed, but was still a bit confused.

We then stepped up to the small house that we lived in, where my sister pulled out her key and turned the lock.

We stepped inside, and I placed down the jug of water, and finally my arms were free. I began stretching them, and my sister went down into the pantry and pulled out some food to eat. I found our spark rocks and tried to start up our stove, and my sister came back with the food.

I left the stove and went and got some plates, which I placed on the low wooden table where we ate, while my sister prepared the food.

It didn't take that long, and soon we were sitting down and eating.

"Just when the Triads were starting to calm down; there are more of them." She said.

"Whatever they did, they had to resort to stopping commoners." I stated.

"Like mom always said, they're unreliable sources of information, and they never follow a pattern." She quoted our mother.

"Speaking of mom, I'm not quite sure she would have agreed with the way you took down the triads." I began to say, but Isra rolled her eyes, and replied,

"Oh come on, they had it coming. They were picking on two innocent girls, there was no excuse for that."

"But you completely wrecked the streets and—" Isra shot me a look,

"Whatever, there was no cops to trace us to the attack anyways." she said in a defensive tone, and I put my arms up in defeat. I decided to change the subject somewhat back to the gang behavior.

"Did you hear that the different gangs are becoming more tense with each other?" I relayed a piece of gossip I had picked up while strolling through the park.

"Really? You know, I actually heard somewhere that there might a turf war soon."

"I suppose their attack today may have just been a territory thing."

"Maybe..." My sister said, and then began to just stare into space, showing she was going deeper into thought.

Isra picked at her rice and roast duck thoughtfully. After watching her and eating for a while, I finished and poured the water from our jug into smaller containers; some of them metal buckets, and some which were clay containers, each for a different use. I tossed my food out, and then put the dirty dishes away in one of these containers.

Isra finished shortly after, and did the same as me. We soon got out of our daily wear and put on some more appropriate sleeping wear. We both shared a room, but we had separate beds. My sister slept near a large window that we liked to keep open to let the cool breeze in.

I lied across from it, but I didn't get as much breeze as Isra did, so it was okay. I crawled into my bed, and stared at the stars and moon from outside the window.

"Night, Isra." I said

"Night, Akari." She responded, and we went to sleep. Or, at least, tried to. It took me quite some time to finally get myself to sleep, after several long minutes of tossing and turning around on the bed.

* * *

I woke up startled. I didn't even know I'd fallen asleep until now, as my sleep seemed almost dreamless.

I sat up, and peered out the window. Still nighttime, and I would have to fall asleep soon. I turned to look at Isra's bed, expecting to see her. Except, she wasn't there.

I stood up and looked around, there was no note as she always left when she went out. Nor did she ever go out in the middle of the night. Waking up more, I looked around the bedding area, and it was a mess. There was dirt scattered about, as well as some pebbles. The sheets were flung onto the floor, and the pillow was with them. I gulped, as I looked at the window and saw that the bottom part of the actual window was chipped, as if somebody had been pulled through the window.

I began to panic as I figured it out, my sister wasn't just gone, she was kidnapped.

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