A Friendship Grew
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The Fire Temple under Attack

A Friendship Grew is the eleventh chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


Ozai was unaware of the dramatic rescue. He laughed to himself, thinking Katara dead. She was dead. His curse was gone!

Later that night, he was walking through the galleries of the Fire Temple. But what was this? The ghost of Katara had come to haunt him! Terrified, the Fire Lord fled. "My lord! It cannot be! What spirit haunts me?", asked Ozai to himself.

But, of course, Katara was not a ghost. Aang had found her a small room, safely hidden away high up in the fire temple. "Eat. Sleep.", said Aang.

The Avatar tried to comfort her, bringing blankets to keep her warm and food and drink so that she would not go hungry. However, she was still scared of him.

No matter what he did for her, she was still too frightened to look at him. Her terrible fear made him feel sad and lonely.

Poor Aang understood that he was ugly and that the Gypsy girl could never love him. He promised to stay out of her way as much as possible. "I know that I frighten you. The screaming bird cannot rest near the lark.", said Aang.

He gave Katara a special whistle. Though he was unable to hear people's voices, he could hear the high-pitched noise of the whistle. "When you need me to come, use this.", instructed Aang.

Later that night, while Katara slept, a figure approached in the darkness. It was Fire Lord Ozai. He had come in to take Katara away.

When she woke and saw Ozai's cruel face above her, Katara gasped in terror. He tried to grab her, but she struggled free. "Now you will be mine!", stated Ozai.

She managed to put the whistle to her lips. Aang heard its sound, even on the other side of the cathedral.

Aang burst into the room and pulled the attacker away by the throat. He was about to snap the wretch's neck in two, when he saw whose face he was holding.

Aang's anger turned to confusion. He could not bring himself to kill the man who had been a father to him. The evil Fire Sage scurried away like a beetle as soon as he was released. No one would have her then!

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