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A Friend of My Brother
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Corruption and Redemption





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July 12, 2011

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A Friend of My Brother is the tenth chapter in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption, written by Kilo99.



Azula could barely go any further. The area around her was very hot and dry, the terrain was flat and arid, the only vegetation in sight was some tall, rough-looking grass. There were no bodies of water in sight that Azula could drink from, and she was out of food. The flat plains seemed endless, without any hospitable terrain in sight.

Without stopping, Azula dredged onward with her death march through the dirt road. She started to in hindsight, that trying to hide at the Si Wong Desert was a bad idea. She now saw why it was called "the Desert of the Dead." Just trying to get there was seemingly impossible.

Nevertheless, she continued to walk onward, not resting at all for any reason; she hadn't slept for days now. As she walked on her blistered feet, Azula's stomach began to cramp and growl. Her mouth also felt dry, she licked her dry and cracked lips, knowing that her canteen was empty. She was starving, dehydrated, and on the verge of complete exhaustion.

Can't... stop... now, Azula thought, Can't let... the Dai Li... find me...

She knew she was kidding herself, that she could barely stand, rather walk God knows how many more miles across here. She looked at the road ahead of her, but her sight was becoming disoriented. Her legs felt like sticks supporting a ton and her eyes stung badly.

Not stopping, Azula took three more steps, but she couldn't literally go a step further. Dehydrated and weak, she then lost her consciousness and dropped face-first onto the hard dirt road, more dead than alive.


Azula seemingly woke up back on the dirt road, but for some reason, she was wearing her Fire Nation robes and armor. She looked upward, but instead of seeing a blue, cloudless sky, she saw an empty, black void, the void of her psyche. Despite her royalty, armor, and robes, she still felt hungry and thirsty. Down the road, she saw a man hiking by.

"If you are hungry," said a mysterious woman's voice, "why not take that man's food, I am positive he has plenty, and you deserve it."


The Devil tempting Azula

Azula turned around and saw an image of herself dressed in black and red robes, but she had an evil look on her face and had deep, burning red eyes. The man then pulled out some bread and drank some water from his canteen. Azula's mouth watered for both.

She was about to take a fighting stance, but then stood still, and replied, "No, I probably don't deserve it."

Ignoring the temptress, she kept on walking down the road, but then she came to an Earth Kingdom village. The Devil came next to her and overlooked the village and it's inhabitants.

"If you are truly the powerful and mighty Princess Azula, prove your might against this village's Earthbenders and warriors and make them bow before you," the Devil told Azula.

"I won't," Azula answered, "I have no grudge against them."

Then, Azula and the Devil overlooked the Fire Nation Capital. There was an empty throne and jewels, gold, servants, food, and countless other riches.

"I will give you all of this," the Devil told her, "all of this and more, simply if you give into and finally embrace and bow down to me."

Azula stared at all of the riches and missed her old life of royalty. "No," Azula yelled back, "I bow to nobody and I will never give into you, not again!"

The Devil frowned, and said, "I grow tired of this," and disappeared in a burst of blue flame. Then, in another burst of red flame, there was an image of another Azula, this one was dressed in blue and white robes, and she had calm, glistening amber eyes.

The Guardian smiled at Azula and said, "You did well, you are starting to resist her. Now, time to take you back to where you belong."

Before she could say anything, the Guardian then touched the center of Azula's forehead, and there was a bright blue light and then Azula was instantly sent out of this vision.


After laying in the sun for a while, Azula felt water being splashed onto her face. She slowly woke up, and found herself back on the road and in front of a tall man.

"Hello?" the man said to her, "Hello, are you all right, young lady?"

After regaining consciousness, she saw herself in the man's arms and him holding a canteen of water. "Uhh, What happened, where am I?" Azula asked.

"Well, you're out in the middle of nowhere," answered the man, "You gave me and my father quite a scare, you were lying out there like roadkill, you look thirsty, here." The man then handed Azula a canteen of water. Azula took the canteen and started gulping down the water and letting it spill down her neck, helping cool her down and hydrate her.

Azula then stood up and said, "Thanks, I could've died," and continued to walk down the road.

"Woah, where do you think you're going?"

"I don't know, away."

"Hey, you're just going to end up lying flat on another road if you keep walking on. The town I live in is just a few miles down here, you can stay with my family, my father agreed. You can stay for as long as you want, we have enough food."

"I think I'll be fine on my own."

"I think differently, you should stay."

"Alright, but only for one night, I need to get moving."

Then Azula and the man climbed onto his wagon which was drawn by an ostrich horse, she saw the man's father on the wagon, he was a little round and aged, but he looked like an honorable person.

"Hello, you gave us a scare, but luckily my son here has years worth of military medical training, and he said you'll be fine," the man's father said to Azula.

The man then grabbed the reigns, and the ostrich horse walked forward. "You never said your name, I'd like to know you more."

Thinking of the first name that popped into her head, Azula answered, "My name is Joo Dee."

"Nice to meet you, Joo Dee," the man responded, "my name's Sensu, and this is my father, Gansu."

Different Welcomes

Azula, Sensu, and Gansu all rode into their village and rode into the center of town. Sensu got off the wagon and went to a shop to get some bird feed. When he walked out, a tall, muscular man with a beard wearing Earth Kingdom army armor stuck out his foot and tripped Sensu. He fell over and dropped the bird seed, which the other man and a few other soldiers picked up.

"Ha ha, watch where your walking next time, punk," the man said, "I thought you got captured and was put on the enemy front lines, now the coward shows his face."

"You aren't half the man he is, Gow, you worthless son of a bitch," Gansu insulted while helping Sensu up, "You should be bowing to him, he's a Captain and a war hero, unlike you pathetic excuse of a soldier."

"War hero, eh?" Gow said, "what kind of 'hero' is he if he can't even bend? I won't take orders from your little bastard."

"Stop father," Sensu said, "He's not worth it, take the bird seed, consider it my coming home gift."


Sensu's family's farm

Sensu and Gansu then walked back onto their wagon and began to ride to their farm. While they were riding there, Azula was wondering about the large man back there, Gow. She saw how he tripped him and took his possessions, and how he treated people even above him.

They eventually made it to a small pig farm, with a small house and a barn, it wasn't the best looking place in the area, but it beat living on the streets. When Sensu tied the reigns of the ostrich horse to the stable, a woman and a teenaged boy came outside from the farm's house, and both of them took a look at Sensu and tears welled up in both of their eyes. They both yelled out Sensu's name and ran toward him, embracing him with many hugs and tearful welcomes.

"Sensu," the teenager said, "I missed you so much, but Gow said that you were captured and killed, and that dad never found you and he got lost."

"I was captured," Sensu answered, "But when me and my men were put on the front lines of the Fire Nation's forces unarmed, a friend of mine in the army recognized me when they signaled the charge. We then fought back against the Firebenders and I led our soldiers against them. We were unarmed and outnumbered, but we managed to drive them back and get back to the main brigade. Even though I was wounded in battle, I continued fighting, and I saved many of my fellow soldiers and I was promoted because of my courage in the battlefield."

"Amazing, Sensu," Lee answered, but noticed Azula, "Who is she?"

"Her name is Joo Dee, and I invited her over for the night."

"Hi there," Lee said to Azula, but locked his focus onto her amber eyes, "Wait, you look a little familiar, have we met before?"

"No," Azula answered, "This is the first time I saw this village."

"You know what," Lee said, "You look a bit like that crazy Firebender with a scar that claimed he was the Crown Prince, what was his name? I forgot, but you look like him, minus the scar of coarse."

Could that have been Zuko? Azula thought Why would he have come here? I can't show any relation to him, here, they'll kill me.

"Well, come on in," Sensu's mother said to Azula and Sensu, "you two must be starving, you look like you haven't eaten in days."

The Next Day

After having a much needed night of sleep, Azula woke up early in the morning and started packing her things to leave. She didn't want to stay for very long, as she felt that she put the people around her in danger of the Dai Li and that she needed to learn her own path, even if the path had no end. When she was about to walk out, she met Sensu waiting for her at the gate. He had some extra food and water for her in a shoulder bag.

"I thought you might need it," Sensu said to Azula, "you know, because it looks pretty hot out there, and there aren't many villages near the desert."

"Thanks," Azula answered, "But I need to get moving, I lost enough time already."

Azula then began to walk out of the gate and didn't look back. When she was a few meters away, Sensu said, "Please don't go, I know you think you'll be better on your own, but people weren't made to be completely alone, and it's too harsh of an environment out there to just be walking who knows how far for you. You should stay, my parents and Lee wouldn't mind at all, we have plenty of room, and you will have a new family."

"Thanks, but, I want to put the past aside me, it haunts me to this day."

"They say those who forget the past are certain to miss the future, and the future is uncertain, but it can be a bright one, we can control our own destinies."

Azula hesitated for a minute, then she said, "You don't want me to leave just because you're worried about me, isn't it."

"Please stay," Sensu asked her, "You will love it here, I know you will. We can live together here, as a family."

"I don't want to get too attached to other people, when I stay around other people, they usually regret it, and I don't want to hurt the people I am arou-," then Sensu silenced her with a kiss on the lips.

"I'm not afraid to be around you," stated Sensu, while they continued to kiss each other gently in the sunrise.

Past Mirror

In the few weeks that followed Azula meeting them, Sensu's family accepted and appreciated everything about her. But she and Sensu began getting close to each other, and strong feelings for each other soon started to flourish. They began seeing each other after dark and spent as much time possible together, even when they were supposed to be working on the fields. For the first time in years, Azula actually felt, happy and well off. It changed one day three weeks after she met them.

Azula was tilling some of the fields while Sensu had to go to the market to get some more grain, but he didn't come back for several hours. Azula and the rest of his family began to get worried for him. Eventually, Lee said that he had to go back to see if anything happened to Sensu. When he was about to leave, Azula tagged along, wanting to help him any way they could.

When they both rode into town, they saw Sensu with a bloody nose and mouth tied to the watchtower in the center of town. Standing in front of him was none other than a prideful Gow and his soldiers.


Gow ready to fight Azula

"Look who came to the rescue," One of the thug soldiers said as Azula jumped off of the ostrich horse.

"Joo Dee," Sensu yelled, "don't try to fight him, he's too tough, I'll be fine."

"No, I'm right here Sensu, and I'm not leaving," Azula reassured.

"Ha, 'till death do you part," Gow mocked, "Which is likely what will happen soon, to both of you. I'm sick of dealing with this bastard and all of his pigs of a family. I'll be doing this world a favor."

"Well, I know exactly what kind of a person you are, "Azula said, "You're a bully and a lier who likes to get even with people he feels that cheated him, you're... you're..."

You're just like me, Azula thought, I was once no better than this thug, and I had even more power than him.

"Well, who's going to stop me? You?"

"Yes," Azula answered while drawing Sensu's single Dao sword, which he kept at home.

When Gow's thugs raised their spears, Gow said, "No, this bitch is mine to kill, nobody talks like that to me and lives!" Gow then drew his hammers and launched a rock at Azula.

Azula blocked the rock with the sword, which she aimed at Gow. Gow then stomped the ground and hit two more rocks at Azula, which she was barely able to block. Gow then slid in closer and swung his hammer against Azula, she dodged the blow by a couple of inches. Azula then swiped her sword toward Gow's face, which left a long cut on his left cheek. Now Gow was mad, so he sent two more rocks at her, one of which hit her leg, toppling her over. Gow then threw four more rocks at Azula, three of which she dodged, while one hit her stomach. Wanting to end the fight, Gow then struck both of his hammers at the ground, which caused a shock wave that toppled Azula to the ground.

Gow then stood over the fallen Azula, placed his foot on her body, and cracked two of her ribs. She winced in pain, and saw Gow raising one of his hammers, about to deliver the final blow. Seeing no other option, and risked revealing her true identity, she did what she was best at.

Azula then jumped up, and sent out an arc of blue fire, which Gow blocked with a rock slab. She then sent several streams of fire toward him, which eventually overwhelmed Gow, singing his clothes and knocking him over. Azula then looked over Gow, and said in a harsh tone, "Leave this village, and never come back."


Terrified, Gow scurried up and quickly ran out of the village, not looking back at all, soon followed by his gang. One of the villagers untied Sensu, who looked a little surprised at the moment. The villagers then started to surround Azula, realizing she is a Firebender. They all were about to attack her, until Sensu stepped in her way.

"So what if she's a Firebender," Sensu yelled out, "she saved us from Gow's iron fist. None of us tried to stand up him, why, because we feared him, and that fear only made him stronger. She was the only one strong enough to face Gow, and at first, she didn't even use her Firebending, that was showing that she has more courage than all of us put together. She's a hero, whether she's a Firebender, or a non-bender, or any type of person, she is what will keep us safe."

Lee listened to this, and said, "Five years ago, another Firebender came here and stood up to Gow, and we kicked him out, we should have thanked him, but instead we judged and disowned him. He was a lot like you Sensu, he told me to never give up without a fight."

After both of their words, the villagers decided to leave Azula alone, and many of them thanked her, and they all eventually started cheering for her. Azula loved the new life she was introduced to, and she went back to the farm along with Lee and Sensu.


  • The section "Temptation" was based on the Temptation of Christ, when Satan tempted Jesus.
  • This chapter was highly reminiscent of "Zuko Alone."
  • This isn't going to be Azula's permanent home for the rest of the story.
  • This is so far the longest chapter in Corruption and Redemption.

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