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After waking up one morning to a strange noise Erica meets Palik, a man who says he can help her on her journey.

A Friend

Fire. Air. Earth. Water. Long ago, the Phoenix was created to help keep balance among the four nations by making sure the Avatar would not neglect his duties. However, almost a hundred years ago, the Fire Nation started the war and the Avatar disappeared along with the Phoenix. Now, as the Fire Nation comes ever closer to victory the Phoenix has reappeared and I truly believe that she can help restore the world to its formal self.

Erica and Natsu were asleep on the ground when someone walking nearby stepped on a twig snapping it. Erica's eyes flew open at the sound and she quickly jumped up.

"Who's there!?" she asked looking around

"Relax, I am not a threat." said a man as he emerged from behind some trees.

The man was older and was wearing a blue Water Tribe outfit.

"My name is Palik." said the man "Are you from one of the Water Tribes?"

"Umm ya that's right." said Erica thinking "I'm from...the Southern Tribe."

"I am from the Northern Tribe." said Palik "It is nice to see another tribesman or rather woman."

"Are you a Waterbender?" Erica asked the man excitedly

"No, are you?" Palik asked

"Well I'm supposed to be." said Erica miserably

"Hold on a second, the white hair, you aren't the Phoenix are you?" Palik asked his eyes wide

" see...I uh......yes." said Erica waiting to see his reaction.

"Hmmm why don't you come with me to my village, perhaps I can be of some help to you." said Palik

Natsu walked over to Palik sniffed him then growled.

"Natsu!" admonished Erica "Be nice!"

Natsu hung its head and looked apologetically at Erica.

"Sorry about that." Erica said to Palik "Natsu is just a bit overprotective of me."

"Don't worry about it." said Palik "Now follow me."

Erica and Natsu followed Palik through the woods until they reached a village at the base of a volcano. Though the volcano was still some ways away, Erica could still feel the fiery power of the magma inside it. She never realized how much she missed that feeling of volcanic power.

Makapu Village


"Welcome to Makapu village." said Palik

The village had several houses that were a dirty yellow color and there were Turkey Ducks wandering around everywhere you turned. They walked past several houses until they reached the middle of the town. When they entered Palik's house Erica sat down on the ground and Palik got her a cup of tea.

"So now, where are you heading to young Phoenix?" asked Palik as he sat down.

"The North Pole." said Erica "It is the only place I know of where someone can teach me Waterbending."

"I see," said Palik "and how, may I ask were you planning on convincing the Northern tribe to take you in?"

"Well I thought I might pull the Phoenix card." said Erica

"Hmm I don't think that will work." said Palik looking seriously at Erica

"Why not?" Erica asked

"Do you know how the Phoenix originally came into existence?" Palik asked after a moment

"Ya, a Water Nation Avatar went insane and so the Fire Sages created the Phoenix in order stop him." said Erica

"Correct." said Palik "The Phoenix is a reminder of Avatar Amalric's disgrace, the Water Tribes disgrace. Because of that the Water Tribe has always been a little frosty toward the Phoenix."

"Oh." said Erica now beginning to worry about how she was going to get into the tribe.

"Well luckily for you we ran into each other." said Palik

Erica gave him a confused look.

"When I was still living in the Water Tribe I was part of the Chief's Court, the government if you will. I left home about sixteen years ago, plenty of time for me to have a child." said Palik

"I don't understand." said Erica still confused

"It's simple, when you get to the Water Tribe tell them that you are my child." said Palik "If you say it convincingly you should be welcomed."

"Really!?" said Erica "I mean you are alright with me doing that?"

"If it will help you help the world, of course." said Palik with a smile

"Thank you!" said Erica happily, as she jumped to her feet "Thank you so much!"

Palik laughed.

"Think nothing of it young Phoenix." he said

"Is there anything I can do for you in return?" Erica asked, "Like maybe a ride to somewhere? Natsu should be able to carry two people."

"Oh no I am fine." said Palik "Life here is simple, I like it. You know that gives me an idea, before you leave you should visit Aunt Wu, she is our village fortuneteller."

"I don't believe in that stuff." said Erica "Until I was seven I lived in a circus that was full of "fortunetellers"."

"No Aunt Wu is the real thing, she has never been wrong," said Palik

"Well, maybe I will visit her." said Erica hiding her doubt, "Thank you for everything Palik."

Erica bowed and walked to the door, then paused and turned around.

"Wait, Palik I don't know if you are aware of this, but the volcano behind the village is still active." said Erica

"Really?" said Palik "Are you sure? It hasn't shown any signs of activity since I moved here."

"Yes, I can feel the magma moving inside of it. I would say in about, oh, three to five years it's going to erupt."

"Oh, well, thank you." said Palik "That is nice to know, thank you young Phoenix."

"Erica." she said with a smile and with that Erica left Palik's house.

As she walked toward the entrance of the village to leave, she saw an old man with white hair emerge from the first house in the village and say to Erica:

"Aunt Wu is expecting you."

"Might as well." said Erica with a sigh.

Erica entered the house and was greeted by and older woman whose hair was beginning to grey.

"Welcome young traveler." said the woman "I am Aunt Wu, come with me."

Erica followed Aunt Wu into a back room where the only source of light came from a fire in the center of it. Both Erica and Aunt Wu sat on cushions next to the fire.

"Now may I see your palm?" Aunt Wu asked

Erica put out her right hand and Aunt Wu took it and began examining it.

"My, your palms are so dry, have you been around a lot of fire recently?" Aunt Wu asked

"Um ya...ya you could say that." said Erica

"Now let's see..." said Aunt Wu looking closely at Erica's palm "I can see you will do great things, but to do so you will have to overcome a great many obstacles. Now your love line...I see you will join your true love on a journey through the Earth Kingdom. I also see your journey will take you North, there I see you will find a teacher I also see that you will find your father there too."

"My father!" said Erica alarmed

"Yes indeed." said Aunt Wu

"I have to go." said Erica standing up.

She quickly walked to the door and as soon as she opened it, Aunt Wu called:

"Wait there is one last thing, beware the season of Autumn I see a great danger lurking for you in that season."

"Thanks." said Erica not really listing and with that, she ran out of the house.

Erica jumped onto Natsu's back and the eelhound ran out of the village. When they got far enough from the village Erica jumped off Natsu and began pacing.

'How can my father be at the North Pole!?' she wondered

However, now that she was outside of Aunt Wu's house and back out in the open she began to realize the absurdness of this idea.

'Why on Earth would my father, a Fire Nation circus animal trainer, be in the Northern Water Tribe, that Aunt Wu is crazy.' she finally decided.

After Erica had come to this conclusion, she began setting up camp for the night. She hunted a deer fox for dinner and roasted it over a fire she had lit. After she and Natsu finished eating Erica curled up next to the eelhound and fell asleep.


Seven men slowly walked up to the sleeping girl and eelhound. One of the men pulled a net out from a bag on his back and threw it over the girl.

She then woke up and shouted something before burning the net. She began firing off fireballs at the men until another man came up behind her and knocked her out with a blow to the head. By now, the eelhound had also woken up and was swinging its tail around, knocking the men away. A spit dart hit the eelhound's neck and it fell to the ground asleep.

Taking the girl but leaving the eelhound, the men ran off into the woods.


General Hazma was standing next to a large Fire Nation ship with his hands behind his back. Out of the woods came seven men, one of which had an unconscious Erica hanging over his shoulder.

As they approached the ship, a smile grew on Hazma's face.

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