Flower Petal
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March 17, 2013






Avatar: The Last Airbender

Really this is about my favourite ship on Avatar, Yue and Sokka.

A Flower Petal

I look up into the stars, hoping this time would freeze. My white hair flows in the wind, like a kite about to sail. I hear him coming, slowly, like a turtle with big feet. When I look up into the stars, they seem to gaze at me, looking at me. It's almost wonderful, finally he reaches up the mountain and I look at him "Hi", says Sokka. I almost laugh at how weird this is we are just staring at each other. Finally he reaches down at me and cradles me, I scream "stop it!" playful. We start laughing, It feels good to be having a good time with my love. When he finally puts me down, he gets out his basket and hands me something to drink. I ask him "Why at this time? It's so late" he answers "Your hair is beautiful, It's cascading down like a waterfall almost making a Moon Beam" I blush at the thought if my hair was really like that. We drink and talk till finally he says to me "Follow me" at first I was not sure whether to follow him or not, since it was dark. I'm not sure so I reluctantly follow him. It's dark in the field where we are, almost like a blanket covering us. We walk for what seems like hours until finally, we reach our destination, It's a beautiful white pond. Fish everywhere, I feel like I can just dip inside it. Sokka then tells me to lie down, we do and look at the stars. Finally, when the time comes he says "I somehow want to live in this time forever" I reply "Me too Sokka, me too" He comes near me and our lips touch, I kiss him and he kisses me back. I almost feel safe with him and I love it, by the time we stop kissing it's already dark. Before we leave he stops and dives into the lake I scream "Sokka! What are you doing!?!" When he comes up he has something in his hand, It's something glowing. He comes up to me and says "Here my love" when he opens it I gasp, It's a glowing flower petal, These flowers are extremely hard to find. He says "For you, my beautiful angel" I'm standing there mouth-open looking dumbfounded when the words come out of my mouth. "A Flower Petal".

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