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A Fire Nation Story pt 1 The Story Begins


Lee woke up, cleaned himself for the day, and walked out of his tent to see crowds of Fire Nation citizens stepping through the street around his tent. He was annoyed that the people around his tent didn't give him any peace and quite. Lee walked to the market and tried to buy some rice, given that he did not have much money due to the raven eagle, he bought only one bag of rice and spices at the cost of 3 Fire Nation coins. Luckily for him, he lived close to a lake. The lake lead out towards the ocean but was mostly clean of salt water and was even clear enough that the bottom of the lake could be seen below the surface. Lee used the water to bathe and to get a drink from at times.

Lee, unlike many fire benders, was calm and collected. So instead of fearing the water like some of the hot headed fire benders around him, Lee excepted it with open arms and was just as experienced with a body of water as the water benders were to the North and South Pole. As he was swimming, a dark shape below him moved close to his face, startling him. The creature was a fox-seal, a rare species among the Fire Nation. Disturbed from his bath, Lee left to the shore and dried off.

Lee was looking for a job, any job really. While walking down the street, he overheard two men talking. One of them spoke up quickly.

"We have to defend the store! Our employer is counting on us."

The other responded. "The robbers just won't stop. Every time we get one arrested, more keep coming."

Lee interrupted them:

"Wait, what? You're being robbed?"

"Of course! Most of them are fire benders too. Do you know anyone who could help us?!"

"Actually, I think you have a helper standing in front of you."

Lee followed them to the store, with the two men promising to pay him for his efforts. They waited an hour or so until a man dressed in rags came up to them. He tried entering the store but Lee noticed that the man held a weapon in his hands.

"Hey, you can't just bring that into a store!"

The other guards soon noticed.

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