A Fire Nation Story
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Chapter One The Story Begins

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The thief sprinted through the streets, pushing people out of his way while he ran. A young, black haired fire bender pursued him with extreme agility and endurance.

"Hey, come back here! That was my money!!!!(panting)I won't hurt you I just want my money

The thief retorted rudely.

"Ha, give up kid!"

The fire bender had a primal urge to burn the criminal but realized that he would be no different then the deranged man he was chasing. "In this situation, what would the Avatar do?" The fire bender thought.

To be precise, the fire bender's name was Lee. Lee was just a nickname though, as Lee didn't know his real name. In fact, he had no real name. He was an orphan at the age of two, his parents dying of unknown causes. Lee acquired his name from a teacher at the orphanage who referred to himself as Leetuu. Lee had been only twenty two when he was robbed of the tiny amount of money he had.

The robber was armed and through two knives in Lee's direction. One of the blades cut through Lee's clothes, narrowly avoiding the skin underneath.

Lee- "Wait a second, this doesn't have to be violent!"

The thief jumped over a cabbage cart while Lee firebended it out of his way. The merchant angrily balled a fist towards the "criminals" who had destroyed his cabbages. Just as the robber was about to escape through an alley, several Fire Nation guards dressed in red and black walked past. The thief was dragged away, begging the men not to take him away. The money was left in the streets but before Lee could grab it, a raven eagle swooped down and snatched it away.

Lee walked back to his house, or rather his tent. Lee was poor and could only afford certain things. The tent was located not far from the Fire Nation capital. Lee laid his head down on his pillow, or rather a potato sack in place of it. He slowly drifted to sleep, trying to forget the events of a horrible day.

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