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A Fiery Road is the fourteenth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After three days of luxurious, second class traveling on a large Fire Nation cruiser, the team lets their guard down and decides to just have fun (with the exception of Kaila). They are given a rude awakening, however, when their ship stops to pick up some cargo, and they are found by General Yi and his men.


The chapter opens with the sound of a horn on a ship booming loudly. Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Momo wake up refreshed and energetic. Mina, Chen, and Momo race down to the ship's deck for breakfast, while Kaila simply rolls her eyes. They all sit around a small table, in their respective positions. Kaila dawdles down, armed with blades. Mina tells Kaila to just lighten up, and that she should enjoy their time of peace. Kaila simply snorts, grabs a plate of hot egg toast, and retreats back into their room. Chen then tells Mina that even though Kaila is being a sourpuss, they can still enjoy themselves. Mina smiles, and the two then run around the ship in a montage, riding whales, sun bathing, and even sitting in a hottub After the morning ends, Mina and Chen go back to their rooms to get some food. They find Kaila waiting for them. She gets angry, and tells them that they should never let their guard down, and that they should not be spending so much time in public. Mina and Chen get annoyed, and tell Kaila she's just "no fun". Kaila argues back that she is '"fun", pretending that Momo is purse as an example. Chen grabs her hand and tells her to relax, though she slaps it away.

Meanwhile, inside the command room of a naval ship, General Yi reads a map. He can not concentrate, however, as Azula's threats ring furiously in his head. Yi slams his hands on the table, cursing out Azula (and Z.Z. for the heck of it). While he rants to himself, the ship's captain comes into his room, telling Yi that the ship needs to stop for extra coal at a cargo station. Yi screams, and angrily burns his map on fire, the ashes falling to the ground. The ship captain, terrified, quickly walks away. Yi continues glaring at the spot the captain was once in for about a couple more seconds. He then grabs his pair of glasses, and throws them out a window, screaming in a frightening and vicious tone.


Mina, with a tan, surfs in a pool

Mina sits in a spa, getting her hair combed and tied into a ponytail, while Chen lies on the opposite side of the room, getting a massage from a blond, young woman. Eventually, Kaila walks in, grabs Chen and Mina, and pulls them out of the room by their ears, also giving Chen's blond masseuse a threatening look. Kaila tells the two they are being fools, and that they need to focus on their mission, and not being pampered like royalty. Chen becomes furious, and in a moment of frustration, tells Kaila to "stop being a bitc*". Mina gasps, and Kaila's eyes begin to tear, and she runs away crying. Mina tries to go after her, but Chen tells Mina to instead let him talk to Kaila. Mina complies, and Chen runs after Kaila.

The ship suddenly comes to a stop, and Kaila jumps off the side and onto a shore. Chen follows her, and grabs her shoulder. Kaila tells her to get his hands off of her, but Chen begs her for forgiveness. Kaila starts to cry again, and yells at Chen, telling him that they can not just sit and wait, as that was what killed her parents. She then starts to sob, and Chen grabs her and hugs her, as Kaila cries into his shoulder. Mina also jumps off the edge of the ship, and smiles as she sees them. Suddenly, however, in a flash, Mina sees a fire blast directly to Chen and Kaila. She is just barely able to save them by shooting her arrows in front of them, obstructing the blast. The three children turn around to find Yi and five other men. The men presume to attack, though this time Chen is ready, and he deflects all six flames. In just seconds, his and Yi's eyes meet, both filled with hate. Chen tells Mina and Kaila to fight off the five men, while he fights Yi alone.

Mina and Kaila fight two men each, while Momo fights the fifth one by dropping coconuts on his head. Mina and Kaila easily gain the upper hand against the men, something Kaila is amazed by. Meanwhile, Chen and Yi prepare to duel. Yi doesn't even bother using his special technique, and he simply attacks Chen with some fireballs. Chen deflects them, and the two move in. The duel continues, and Yi and Chen continue sending punch after punch and kick after kick at each other. Eventually, Yi slowly gains the upper hand, though Chen remains persistent. He attacks Yi at his feet, causing him to stumble. Chen continues attacking, until he finally breaks Yi's footing and smashes him down to the ground. Yi tries to get up, though he soon sees all of his men defeated. Kaila holds her blade up to him, though Mina is against killing him, so instead Kaila pins him to the ground with a balde, and the team walks away as Yi curses and screams at his fallen men.

As they leave, Mina and Chen say sorry for not listening to Kaila. Kaila quickly accepts their apology, and the three of them (and Momo) all share a group hug. Chen, however, looks around, and then asks where their ship went. The children then all look at each other in fright, as they come to the realization that their ship has left, and they are once more on their own.

Production Notes

  • The chapter was written in a rush, as Vaznock needed to get it done before he went on his one week long leave of absence from June 20th to 27th.
  • Yi was originally supposed to be in Chapter 15, though it was requested by Waterkai that he be brought into the fourteenth chapter.


  • This is the first time Team Rebel has ever actually won a battle.

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