A Day in the North Part 2
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The Legend of Kuruk





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10 February 2013

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Omashu-The City of Love

6 months later.....

"Kuruk, concentrate harder" a sharp voice pierced the air. "Ever since you have found out that you are the Avatar your mind has drifted away from training. I don't want your father to pin me on an ice wall and duel me! You know your father is the best in the tribe."

"Yes master, I am concentrating." Kuruk said dreamily.

"Very well, students you know to is your evaluation. Right?" the instructor said.

"Yes sir" the students replied.

"Gulp! What examination sir!" Kuruk exclaimed.

"Have you forgotten Kuruk?" his instructor said in an annoyed tone. "I told you the dates last week!"

"Anyway sir, I am the best so take the exam on." Kuruk said albeit a bit worried.

"Very well. We'll find out who is the best shortly." his teacher replied amused.

"You!" the instructor said sharply. "Convert 10 gallons of water from the air near you."

"Sir, that's an impossible task!" the boy exclaimed.

"Do it."

Worriedly the boy bended the water around him to get converted into 10 gallons but he could not make even a single one.

"You're suspended!"

Like this he gave all the other students also almost impossible tasks and many got suspended. Finally it came Kuruk's chance. But he was in for a surprise.

"Kuruk, bend a water ball. The size of your palm." his teacher said.

"Eh?" Kuruk said.

"Eh!" the other students said.

""But sir I can make hundred water balls." Kuruk said.

"Yes, my able pupil I know you can do it. But please make one palm-sized water ball now." the instructor said smugly.

"Yes sir. As you wish." Kuruk said.

Had the ball not even be made half that it slipped of and splashed on Kuruk's hands.

"I failed" Kuruk said.

"My dear pupil. It was because your lack of concentration and emotion that caused you to fail. Waterbending is powered by emotion. But your mind has averted too far off duties that currently are founded by simple practices." The instructor said softly. "Anyway after one week there will be another test. Your final test for the year."

"Yes sir" everyone said.

Kuruk trained hard and on the day of the final test he performed amazingly. His instructor and fellow pupils were amazed.

2 weeks later....

"Kuruk a letter has come for you" his mother said.

Kuruk's eyes widened with amazement.

"Mother I have been permitted by the Tribal Chief to go Omashu then the Fire Nation Capital and finally the Eastern Air Temple after which I shall return to the tribe to learn about the spiritual side of the Avatar." Kuruk said happily.

"Well son, pack your belongings and sleep early you have to leave by the first goods ship that goes to Omashu." his mother said.

The next day at the docks Kuruk was seen of by his parents, the chief and many other citizens.

"Don't get into trouble with anyone. You have already done enough here." his father said with a calm tone.

"Take care of yourself and learn quickly and come home." his mother said.

Kuruk boarded the ship and set sail for Omashu. He had never been out of the North Pole and he knew great adventure lies forward.


  • Kuruk's parents names aren't revealed until later.

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