Pakku, Arnook and Yue
A Day in the North Part 1
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The Legend of Kuruk





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9 February 2013

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A Day in the North Part 2


It was a beautiful day in the Northern Tribe. Kuruk had just finished eating his breakfast of stewed sea prunes when a man burst in.

"Kuruk, sir," he said pantingly, "the Chief calls you. Your parents are already there. Please come as quick as possible."

"Fine," Kuruk said, "I'll be there before you even now it."

In a jiffy Kuruk was far away surfing in a water wave towards the palace.

"So you have come, Kuruk?" the Chief said sternly.

Suddenly a group of people clad in odd winter parkas came and said, "Today will be the turning point of your life, young man. You ready?"

"Yes," said Kuruk bravely.

Then one of them said, "We are the Water Sages. We live in secrecy and only come for important functions."

"The Water Sages," Kuruk muttered.

Then one of the sages quickly waterbent an ice prison around Kuruk's mother.

"Mom!" Kuruk shouted.

In an instant he found himself in an unknown place with an Air Nomad nun in front of him.

"It's time to do it, Kuruk," she said.

She disappeared and Kuruk felt a surge of power inside him. With quick jabs of earthbending he pinned the sage to a wall. Then he used firebending to melt the ice prison open. Then using an immensely powerful display of waterbending he brought the entire palace down. Once the surge of power was gone he saw everyone including his parents bowing to him.

Then the Water Sages said, "All hail Avatar Kuruk."

Kuruk looked into the horizon.

"The Spirit of the Planet has reincarnated into me. I am the new guardian of the world," He though to himself.


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