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"A Day in the Life" is the 33rd chapter of the fanon action drama series Kyoshi Revolts. It was written by frequent guest writer and author of Avatar: Better World SuperFlash101, and edited by the main authors, Vaznock and Waterkai. The chapter is an alternate scenario chapter about if Chen was an evil, Master Avatar, and the complexity of his mental state that transpire because of it.

Unlike most chapters of Kyoshi Revolts, "A Day in the Life" is presented in the format of epic fiction, and was heavily inspired by the 2007 film There Will Be Blood. Alternate Chen is supposed to be an unstable character whose sanity is constantly being tested throughout it, and the overbearing plot is less about anything specific and more about what this version of the character is like. Flash had mixed feelings about the chapter overall, but felt it turned out well overall.

It was originally published on August 31, 2010.


An alternate version of Chen is an evil, cold soul not unlike his mother, who has mastered the four elements at a young age, and is sent by his mother to attack and bring down the Rebel City himself.


Kein Forest, Rebel City outskirts

Mina clenched her heavily bleeding arm, her shirt sleeve torn to shreds, and its remnants stained in thick, nearly black blood. She was kneeling on the forest's dirt floor, her vision getting foggy—she panted heavily as she shakily pulled out her bow and arrow and aimed around the forest, trying to aim at her attacker. She couldn't get a fix on him, and it worsened when suddenly she felt the earth cuff around her ankles and she was thrown fully to the ground, her bow and arrow dropping just out of her reach.


Mina unsteadily aims at Chen.

The figure of her attacker dropped in front of her. She looked up at him, dirt and blood smearing her cheeks. She grit her teeth: "Y-You're a bastard..."

The suddenly risen sun gleamed all over the attacker's face—All over the face of Chen. Blood stained his untamed hair and scrunched up forehead, and he too gritted his teeth as he stared down at the helpless and defeated body of Mina. "Shut up". He threw back his arm, building up the energy to launch a Firebending assault, and thrust it forward, his fist clench, fire erupting from it as the sun soared passed the horizon, turning the whole white for a splitting moment.

2 Days Earlier, Fire Nation Royal Palace

The War Room, illuminated by the huge pillars of blue fire omitting from the sides of Supreme Fire Lord Azula's thrown, was filled by the several leading military officials. Officials, and the Supreme Fire Lord's son—Avatar Chen. They all were there discussing how the state of the dominated world was going, how rebels were being handled.

"The Rebels are still continuously tamed, but there's still the problem of Kein Forrest," General Kahn remarked. "In all these years we still haven't been able to attack them—we have the forces of the most powerful empire in history on our belt, and we're being chastised by mere guerilla forces all these years. I say we take our forces from three occupied cities on the Eastern Earth Kingdom—we already have four watchtowers set up in between them anyways—and equip them to storm the Forrest. Cut out the middle man, drive hope out from these other rebel scu—"

"Kahn, you impish fool," Admiral Gin said pointing his long index finger at the general, who was several decades younger than him. "Leaving one possible spot of rebellion to stop another is a domino effect of chaos. We'd have more rebellions on our hands then before! Those watchtower guards are inept little twerps, straight outta the academy, can barely their spears, let alone—"

"Silence," Azula said demandingly—her cold, devilish voice needn't not elevate itself to a yell to move the room into complete silence. "I have already figured out the precise way to stop the Kein Forrest Rebellion in the matter of a day."

"What is it, Your Majesty?" General Lee asked, slightly hesitant.

"We shall send my son—Avatar Chen."

There was a slight gasp in the war room. The veterans were rather shocked at the very idea of sending not only just one person to take down an army, but one so young.

"But, Your Majesty..." Kahn remarked, awkwardly. "Chen is-is rather young. And he's only one perso—"

Young Zuko speaks

Chen in the War Room.

"Quiet, Kahn," Azula snapped. "Chen is a Master Avatar, the youngest in history. He has the strategic brilliance of myself, and the power of all four elements that he wields like no one I have ever seen. And you forgot, Kahn...When I was around his age, I took down the city of Ba Sing Se without a precious imperial army. Chen is more than capable of handling such a minor task that would merely waste the time of our arm—"

"Kahn," Chen said, interrupted his mother. She did not seem upset about it, however—she seemed almost pleased...She stared at her son, as if she was staring in a mirror... "I assure you this is a task I'm more than able to take on." Suddenly, he stepped out from his seat and sauntered down the steps onto the table where the Generals and other officials sat stiffly. His steps were easy, commanding...just like his mother's. She smirked as her son continued. "Y-you seem to forget something about me, Kahn. I am the Avatar—I bend all the elements with my will. I am accomplished, and proud, and esteemed. You couldn' couldn't even save your wife from that serial killer in Ba Sing Se." He bended down, his face right in Kahn's, who was sweating and breathing heavily—at this mere boy. "Do not doubt me, Kahn. I will put you down." He stood up straight, smiled at his mother—she smirked back—and declared. "Meeting adjourned."

As everyone cleared the room, Chen walked over to his mother thrown and bowed down before her. "I-I won't fail you, mother."

"You never do."

Courtyard, an hour later

After the meeting, Chen walked beside Quanlee in the courtyard—they didn't speak, they didn't smile, they didn't even hold hands. They just walked down the courtyard, utterly devoid of any emotional regard for one another despite their very well-known position as a couple, one who were planned to be engaged in a few years time. Whenever Quanlee was around Chen, she had a chill; she practically feared for her life. After a near half hour of silence, Chen opened his mouth.

"I'm sure you've heard about my upcoming visit to Kein Forrest, right?" he said, not even bothering to make eye contact. "Those idiot 'officials' in that War Room I-I'm sure can't keep their mouths shut for more than a minute, the-the asses..."

"You shouldn't be hard on them," Quanlee said, half-passively, rubbing her arm.

Chen immediately looked at Quanlee, his jaw slightly opened, his glare and expression merely...terrifying.

"Chen, I-I—"

"Excuse me?"


He gripped his hands tight around her cheeks and stared at her, his eyes bleeding into her soul. "Do not tell me how to act. No...nobody tells me how to act. Do you understand me?"

She nodded, and he slowly let go of her. They continued walking for a few moments, before Quanlee lightly said, "I've heard."

Chen nodded.

"I...Are you...sure, th-though? I mean, I just...worry about you. Can you...are you sure you can do yourself—OW!"

Chen had slapped Quanlee very hard and she was thrown to the ground. She held her cheek—a small amount of blood dripped from her nose—and she sat on her knees in that courtyard, on the verge of tears. Chen bended down over her, pulled her face so their eyes were locked. His glare was once more that of absolute terror.

"You just can't keep your mouth shut, can you? Do not...doubt me—NOBODY DOUBTS ME!!" He looked up, seeing that a few servants were stopping in their tracks at the wall across the courtyard. He looked back down at Quanlee before standing up and staring at the sky, noticing that the sun was starting to set. "Well, I guess it's time for dinner. Good night, Quanlee." He smiled and walked out of the courtyard into the palace again.

Dining Hall

Chen and Mitsuki sat at different ends of the long dinner table—Azula did not eat dinner with them. She hadn't in years. She in stead secluded herself in a private eating room where she discussed more politics with her officials. Chen had no idea why she would do so, but never bothered to ask.

As the two ate their noodles with a steaming cup of tea, Mitsuki looked up slightly and spoke up to her brother. "Chen...Chen, I saw Quanlee today. Why did you hit her? Can't you leave the girl alone? She's...she's your girlfriend."

Chen laughed almost boomingly, shaking his head. "You're so thick, Mitsuki. You just fail to understand these-these little things. She's a figurehead, a little bag for me hold for the public to enjoy when I take our mother's place as Supreme Fire Lord. She's...she's nothing b-but a whore. A common whore."

"Chen, stop it!"

Chen stood up immediately, his dishes rattling. "DON'T YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME! You're NOTHING, you hear me?! You are NOTHING, and I am EVERYTHING! Mother never wanted you, I sure as hell didn't want you...And our deadbeat bastard father was the only one who even cared about you, and he died rather quickly after you were born, now didn't he? Is that a sign, Mitsuki—you unwanted, thick little...You're so thick. You...You're a little nothing. A little accident!"

Suddenly, a flash of weak, red fire came flinging toward him, but it burnt out halfway across the dinner table. Chen looked up at his sister—her arms retreating from the maneuver that had launched the title. He gave his cold glare again, his tongue pressed up against the root of his mouth lightly—he shook he said.

"Chen, I-I'm sor—"

"S-So, the little brat wants to play with fire, huh? Well, one thing you have to learn..." He jumped onto the table and started walking-running down it to Mitsuki, who was scrambling on her chair. "...One that when you play with fire, you gotta let it out. A-a-and when you do, ya know what you use?!"

Mitsuki scrambled on her chair more, "Chen, n-no, please, I-I-I'm sorry, I—" Chen grabbed onto her wrists, but she struggled a bit—Chen smirked as he won over her, pushing her off her chair (the chair itself flew down the ground on its left side) and onto the ground. She continued to struggle. "Chen, n-no, please—"

"That's right—we use WATER!" Chen pulled her hair to sustain her more, but she continued to kick and scream and tug at his hands as he pulled her down the dining hall and into the hallway, their voices echoing madly off its grand, metal walls. "Gotta wash the burns if little nothing's gonna play with fire!" He cackled as she continued to scream madly, kicking and tugging as Chen used the bend of his arm to open the room to the bathroom. He turned her around, still tugging at her long hair that had now become a complete mess. Chen quickly bended water into a small tub, filling it up. "WASH THE BURN, SISTER!! We have to was that BURN!"

Azula's breakdown

Chen snaps on Mitsuki.

"Chen, Chen, no, Chen!!!"

Chen gripped the back of her head, gripping a bundle of messy, raven hair in his bony fingers, and threw her face into the water. He held it under there for a few seconds, then pulled it back, and then ducked her under it again, again, and again...He shouted madly, repeating, "DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE, SISTER!! Now we have to WASH YOUR BURN!"

Mitsuki, her face wet with water and tears, continued to scream and call out for Chen to stop...And he did, after dunking her under at least ten times. He let go of his grasp on her, and stood up, slapping his hands together to get some water off. "You accident. Don't play with fire. He walked out of the room, and Mitsuki lied down on her back, crying and crying...

Next day, Fire Nation Royal Jet

Chen looked out the window on the Royal Jet, staring at the sight of the Earth Kingdom landscape. They were minutes from Kein Forrest, minutes from what he was sure would be a surefire victo—

"Ow..." He groaned, rubbing the palms of his hand. "Gah, that little bitch...cut my palms last night...Dammit..." Mitsuki's nails had indeed slit various cuts on his palms, which stung in the open air. He rubbed away at them, trying to numb the pain.

"Avatar Chen," a crewman of the Jet said, coming into the viewing room in the Jet where Chen was staring out the window. "We're just about to land. Are you ready?"

Chen paused for a moment or two. He then slowly began to speak, "Y-You know, something...I...I'm about to go on a massacre. There-there's no point in sugarcoating it, calling it something else than...than what it is. I'm about to massacre an entire fortress, an entire city. And...and the weird thing is...most people, ya see, they'd be having some kind of moral insurgency about it. Wanna repent. Wanna stop and save them in stead. But...But I don't. I've never wanted to do that. I am about to massacre an entire city...And I am going to love it. I am going to love every moment. I...I don't understand why...I don't know why. No one else is like this...No one else is this cold...this vicious...I don't understand why I am, or-or even why I'm questioning it. But I do know things—I-I know why people...why people stare at me and-and die a bit. I'm...a monster. I'm a monster and...and I made myself this. I'm going to massacre people and I'm gonna enjoy it...I'm gonna be alone, and...I love it."

He turned around to face the man.

"I'm ready. Yeah."

The Jet quietly landed in the Forrest, trying to draw as little attention as possible. Chen departed from it and began trekking down the Forrest grounds, pulling up his hood as he neared city grounds 20-25 minutes later. His paces grew much slower as he spotted a guard set at post a few feet from his. He slowly tried to walk past him. The guard quickly caught him and jumped.

Zuko at Iroh's cell

Chen in Kein Forrest.

"Hey—who the hell are you?!"

Chen stopped and turned. "I'm just visiting this wonderful city. I'm a wanderer, and I wanna take down that nasty Fire Nation with everyone else..." He pulled down his hood, revealing his smooth black hair under his Fire Nation crown headpiece. The guard immediately spotted it and gasped, but before he could act, Chen quickly bended a gush of air at him sending him backwards, before launching a bright Fire blast directly at him. The man's steaming body fell on the ground with a thump.

Chen pulled his hood back up and sauntered into the Rebel City, staring around at the various Rebels scuttling around in and out of their homes; playing games, preying...He smirked, and pulled down his hood.

Kambi's Palace

"Kambi! Kambi!" Giu shouted, running into the palace, panting heavily.

"Giu? What's wrong?" Kambi had been talking to Ray, and she was standing next to him, looking as puzzled as he was.


Giu storms into Kambi's palace.

"Someone...someone from the Fire Nation is attacking!"

"Wait, just one?" Ray asked.

"Yeah, but...this one's different...I-I think...I think he's the Avatar."

"The Avatar?!" Kambi gasped. "So...Mitsuki has sent that wicked son of her's to try and bring us down by himself? Well, I won't be letting that happen. Ray, Giu, lead the forces—even if he is an Avatar, there's one of him and hundreds of us. And where's Mina and Kaila?"

"They're outside, still—they went head on into the fray. They're fighting right now..."


Chen was simply tearing down everyone that attacked him one by one. As they launched themselves at him—bender or not—he was able to break them down quickly, overpower them with his statistic mind process, and unbelievable display of mastering of the elements.

Mina and Kaila were back to back, standing throw the crowd and joining in on grouped assaults being made. "Who is this guy?! Is he the Avatar?!" Mina shouted to Kaila.

"But...but the Avatar's supposed to be the peacekeeper...he's supposed to be a good guy! Not one of the Fire Nation! Not someone trying to kill us!!" Kaila said, shaking her head.

The minutes passed...the battle grew more violent. Chen seemed...unbelievably powerful. Nobody there had ever witnessed the full power of a completely-realized Avatar before, but now that they did, it struck down on them hard.

Giu and Ray were leading several benders to attack Chen, but he continued to block them—he had put up an Air Shield and was tearing away at buildings while their attacks proved near impossible.

"Giu..." Ray said.

"What?!" Giu said, sending a huge pillar to try and break Chen's air sphere.

"You have a 'Pre-Mocking' face on..."

"I do not! This is too serious of a moment to mock..." Giu said. A few seconds later, he shouted, "So, the Avatar is a Fire Nation scum, huh?! Should've known...Our so-called savior is just a filthy pig among other filthy pigs!!"

Chen turned at Giu, his eyes widened, giving him a cold, dead glare and a slight smirk. Suddenly, he broke from the Sphere and dropped down onto the ground in front of Giu, immediately sprinting to him fire in his hands, bending the earth under his feet to make him rise and charge at him faster. Giu went to block whatever attack he was ready to give him, but Chen was quicker. "You're a loud-mouthed one, aren't you, Earth filth?!" He exclaimed as he launched a roaring blast of fire at Giu. Giu clenched his stomach, which was burning, and stumbled trying to get up. Chen punched him in the stomach and then across his face. He kneed him in the chin and dropped his body on the ground. Giu screamed in agony, blood pouring down his mouth.

Chen mounted back into the battle, and Ray raced over to Giu's bruised, beaten body. Tears began pouring down her cheeks. "Giu...Giu...Oh, oh, g....ah..." she lifted up his body as high as she could, his weight straining her. She got him into a nearby bathhouse and dropped him into a tin tub. She turned the water on, and bended the water around his wounds. His blood filled the water, and Ray began to cry more, gritting her teeth as she tried to heal his wounds. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, Giu!! Dammit!!" she tried and she tried, her hands being stained with blood as she lost hope and hugged Giu's dead, bleeding body. She shook and held him, before putting him down and stepping up. She closed her eyes, and then opened them, screaming. She ran out of the tent and charged right at Chen, tearing at him with Waterbending. Chen was taken aback.

"You killed him!! You killed him, you bastard, you Goddamn bastard!!" Chen fell to the ground, soaked to the bone—Ray dropped down and began punching him repeatedly, but after a few blows, Chen grabbed her fists and thrust her off. He walked over and punched a blast of fire at her, burning her. He felt strange. He felt...confused, and disoriented. He stumbled off into the palace, amongst the carnage, and threw open the doors. He was stumbling, and spotted a mirror. He stared at it, looking at his face, covered in blood. He had no idea why, but all of a sudden, he felt ill, and he vomited onto the ground. Chen gripped the edge of his nose. He then steadied himself and clenched his fist. He stormed into the palace room where Kambi sat on his thrown, and suddenly he was attacked by Arrow. Quickly, though, he dispatched him, and picking up one of the arrows he was able to pin Kambi to the wall.


"Not yet we're not!"

He ran over to him—"Consider yourself conquered..."

"Not yet, we're not!!"

He turned and saw Mina and Kaila attacking him simultaneously. He fought them off, but was rather impressed by their initiative...he began to feel ill and uneasy again, but he continued fighting. The fight that ensued led to a whole being driven in the wall, and the three took their fight out there and into the woods. It grew tougher, though, for Mina and Kaila. They were quickly being overpowered, and beaten...


"Y-You're a bastard..."

"Shut up."

As he walked away, limping, his eye caught the defeated body of Kaila, who was lying down, bloody and bruised, her leg burned, by a tree. He looked down at her and her eyes squinted open, but quickly shut again.

"...Kill me already."

And Chen had no idea why he said what he said next—"N-no. I'm...I'm gonna take you back with me."

Fire Nation

A dinner was served in honor of Chen. Azula stood and toasted to his victory, declaring: "And thanks to my son, who single-handedly destroyed the Rebel City, the Fire Nation has officially flooded out the rebellions—our dominance over the world is now...cemented."

Everyone applauded, and Chen sat awkwardly on the table. Something was happening to him. He was so confused...he felt as his mind grew more and more unstable, just sitting there. He was cold and heartless, and he liked it, but he was so confused as to to why he was cold, as to why he liked it, as to why he was questioning it in the first place. He stepped out from the table, crossing behind his sister, who gave him a quick stare before turning back in fear. Chen walked into the bathroom and stared into the mirror. His mind ached and ached...tears began streaming down his face. He grabbed his forehead, the world spinning...

Royal Palace Dungeon

Chen had brought Kaila back to the Fire Nation and threw her in the dungeon to be slave. She refused to do anything, but Chen had stopped the guards from forcing her...He didn't know why, but he looked into her face and found comfort.

"What do you want?" she said, not looking him in the eye.

He dropped to his knees and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling him to her and hugging her tightly. He didn't know why...he just couldn't understand anything at this moment. Everything in life seemed to be falling apart, completely. All he knew, being unraveled.

Tears streamed down his face harder, but suddenly, the moment turned to blood. Kaila dropped to the ground, a gash from a knife cut through her back, blood spilling out from it as she hit the floor, lifeless. Chen broke out more, angry and confused and tearful at the same time. He dropped the knife and clenched his rib—Kaila had cut him before he stabbed her, trying to kill him. He didn't check to see with what, he just dropped to the floor too. Tears streamed down his face. Blood spilled out his side.


Everything turned to black, and Chen opened his eyes. He was panting heavily. He looked around, and still, all darkness. Suddenly, a glowing light was Aang, and he quickly took form.

"A-Aang..." Chen said, shaking his head. "Wha...what was that?!"

"It was what could have happened you," Aang said solemnly. "I projected it to you—an alternate version of yourself."

"But...but why?!"

"I know, seems terrible, but I swear there's a moral in this. You're job is to save the universe—the Mortal World and the Spirit World. And you can't do it alone. You're alternate self was driven insane by his own established loneliness, became so confused about everything about it that he became unstable. You need your friends, Chen."

Chen looked down and took it all in. It was all so crazy to behold, but somehow he seemed to understand it all. He took a deep breath and looked up, and saw that Aang was fading a way. His eyes grew heavy, and they closed themselves, and suddenly, he woke up in the medic's room. And surrounding him...were his friends.


The chapter is the fourth of Kyoshi Revolts to be written by SuperFlash101, author of Avatar: Better World. While writing the chapter, Flash envisioned it to be more of a piece of melodramatic epic fiction than a traditional action drama, and it is presented differently than others. It is left ambiguous throughout, and the plot is less about anything specific as it is about a specific character (in this case, Alternate Universe Chen) and how he lives. The title was originally "The Forsaken Son" but was changed to "A Day in the Life" to better illustrate this theme.

Several of the above elements were inspired by the 2007 epic drama There Will Be Blood. Chen, specifically, is partially inspired by the morally corrupt main character of that movie, Daniel Plainview. Flash mixed things around with the character, as well, trying to make him less of a "ham" like Plainview and more of an angry individual who is incredibly confused yet still overwhelmingly cold and evil. It was this character complexity that drives a lot of this chapter. Alternate Chen is supposed to be an unstable character whose sanity is constantly being tested throughout it, and the overbearing plot is less about anything specific and more about what this version of the character is like.

Flash had mixed feelings about the chapter overall, particularly the battle sequences and ending, but felt it turned out well overall.


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