A Day at Avatar Korra Park
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May 10th, 2015

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The Day of the Avatar

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

The gang entered Avatar Korra Park, which is full of trees and rides and a statue of Avatar Korra. Jing still could not get his mind over his dreams and realising he was a very rare predicting Avatar.

"Avatar Korra Park. Have some fun, you lot," said Jinora.

"Aren't you coming, Jinora?" said Jing.

"No, I shall be at the ceremony this afternoon. Have some fun," replied Jinora.

Jinora used her glider to go to President Ru's office. The trio entered the park excitedly and ran for which ride to go on first.

"You are the Avatar, Jing. Which one should we go on first?" said Luli.

"That one," said Jing; he pointed to a ride where there was a vertical drop on the ride and people screamed so loud and entered to a dark hole.

"No! No! No!" shouted both Luli and Chang.

"You're both scared of the Dark Force," mocked Jing.

"I am not scared," said Luli.

"Yeah, me too! Wait, what?" shouted Chang.

"Then let's go!"

They all entered the scary ride and waited 10 minutes for the ride and Luli and Chang were both shaking their legs and slightly weeping.

"Admit it?" smiled Jing.

"NEVER!" shouted Chang.

"Stop shouting, you're embarrassing us," whispered Luli to Chang.

And finally they made it to the ride and they got on a cart and put their seatbelts on for safety.

"Okay, I wanna get off this ride NOW!" panicked Luli.

"Too late," replied Jing.

Jing laughed so hard as the ride was about to begin. The cart began slowly high up and was about to get faster and faster and faster until they reached the top. Once they reached the top, the ride stopped.

"Oh no, we're STUCK!" said Chang.

"No, it's supposed to do that," replied Luli.

"Huh?" Chang said in confusion.

The cart began to fall vertically and Luli and Chang screamed and Jing was the only one who was laughing in the ride. They entered a dark hole where the whole ride commenced. Luli and Chang were talking at the same time about the horrid ride.

"This is even worse than falling from the hotel window this morning!" shouted Luli.

"Faster, Faster!" screamed Jing.

While Jing laughed, the cart began to go loop to loop in darkness.

"I think I'm going to be sick," moaned Luli.

"This is not funny, Jing!" shouted Chang.

Luli and Chang screamed so much that people waiting outside the ride could hear them and walked backwards in fear. In the dark, another vertical drop and the trio screamed and Jing hurt himself.

"Jing, are you okay?" Luli said.

Jing replied, "Yes, I think so."

They all got off the ride and saw the picture of them on the ride. As they were exiting the rollercoaster, Luli asked Jing if he was okay again.

"I don't know, my spine cracked very hard in that last drop," Jing said.

"Um... You would not walk if it cracked?" Luli said.

Jing fell to the ground, pretending to have a bad back.

"I'm just joking... So what ride next?" Jing asked.

Luli suggested a water ride; they agreed to go on it. As they waited in line, they saw a beautiful girl in a uniform telling people to wait to go on the ride, but the girl was bored of her job.

"You look a bit grumpy?" asked Jing.

The girl named Bo said, "Yeah, this job. 2 years doing this."

"Have you ever considered quitting?" said Luli.

"Nope, I need some money," said Bo.

"My name is Jing, I am what everyone calls Avatar," said Jing.

"You're the Avatar? Not true, I studied Avatars at school and you cannot be," questioned Bo.

"Very well, watch," said Jing.

Jing demonstrated his bending to Bo. He earthbent rocks and mistakenly made a tiny tidal wave which washed away some people.

"Believe me now?" said Jing.

"Mother of Korra! You are the Avatar!" shouted Bo.

Another worker of the park told Bo to get to work, but Bo refused and took her badge off and went to the ride with Jing and friends.

"No, I quit! Bye, LOSERS!" shouted Bo.

Jing could not believe Bo had quit her job because of the Avatar's return.

"Wow! You just quit your job," Jing said.

"Man! This ride is so slow and boring!" groaned Chang.

"I will use my Waterbending," said Jing.

"Jing, no! The ride instructions said no bending at all times," replied Luli.

"No, I am still doing it," said Jing.

"Jing, no!" shouted Luli.

Jing started Waterbending to make the ride faster, but his waterbending was out of control and water dripped out of the ride, making a flood in Avatar Korra Park. Luli tried to Waterbend the water from preventing a huge flood. The water was too strong and Luli could not do anything about it.

"We're heading for the waterfall!" said Bo.

The team screamed as they were about to fall down the waterfall; however, the spirits managed to save them and the water stopped flowing.

"Jing! What was that!? You destroyed half of the park," said Luli.

"I was only trying to make the water go faster!" shouted Jing.


Jing got so angry of what Luli said, Jing went into the Avatar State and prepared to fight with her.

"Whoa! Whoa! Calm down! Please, please!" Chang said.

Chang's words calmed Jing and Luli. Jing stopped glowing.

"I'm so sorry, Jing, for what I said, I didn't mean any of it," Luli said.

"No, I'm sorry, I should've listened to you," Jing replied.

Jing and Luli hugged and Bo and Chang watched in happiness. Jing realised the time and he knew he was late for the announcement.

"Oh no! We're late for the President's announcement!" shouted Jing.

Everyone ran quickly to the town hall.

"So, that was the big announcement? The Avatar's return," said Bo.

"Yes. Come on, if we don't make it, people won't know I'm the Avatar!" Jing shouted.

End of Chapter

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