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A Day Unlike Any Other
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Avatar: The Shattered Cycle


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August 5, 2011

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The Fallen

A Day Unlike Any Other is the upcoming first chapter in the fanon series Avatar: The Shattered Cycle, which will depict the death of Aang and the start of the series.


Deep Scars

Zuko and Katara

Katara about to heal Zuko

After Zuko told Katara how his mother was lost because of the war, she instantly felt remorse over all of the curses she said at him. She realized that they were both very similar in terms of their past and their choices. She then saw that even somebody as bad as him could still change for good.

"So, your mother was taken from you too?" Katara asked, "Well, I'm sorry about all of the things I said to you. It's just that, whenever I think of the enemy's face, I see your face."

"My face," Zuko responded, thinking about his scar, "I see..."

"No, I didn't mean that."

"It's alright, I always saw this scar as a mark, a mark of the banished prince, destined to chase the Avatar to regain his lost honor. But I saw that I can change my destiny, and that I can put the past behind me, even though I will never be free of my mark."

"Maybe you can be free, Zuko, I have healing powers."

"It's a scar, it can't be healed."

Katara took off her amulet containing the precious Spirit Water and said, "This is water from the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole. I've been told it has special properties, and I have been saving it for a special occasion."

Zuko closed his eyes, and Katara put her hand over his scar. She could feel the rough, burnt edges of the scar, and how she saw that not only must it have been painful to get it, that it's still painful on the inside today. Katara then pulled her hand away, and opened the amulet, the water inside of it still felt as warm as the Oasis's waters. She then bended the small amount out, and it then began to glow brightly. Zuko closed his eyes, yearning to lose his mark. Katara then rubbed it over his scar, and let her healing powers take effect. It glowed a bright, white light, then it stopped glowing, and when Katara bended it away, she was upset and disappointed to see that his scar was still there.

Katara looked shameful and said, "I-I'm sorry, Zuko."

Zuko touched his scar and answered, "Don't be, I doubt that taking away the scar would also heal three years worth of pain and struggle, but, thank you for trying. I never would have dreamed that my scar would be gone, but I now see that some scars are deeper than the skin."

Katara was disappointed and ashamed to see that not even the spirit water could heal his scar. She thought, perhaps, the reason why it didn't work was because of the even deeper mental scar left by it. Maybe, if he were to let go of his scar and determine his own destiny, it could be healed.


Right after Katara attempted to heal Zuko's scar, Aang and Iroh came out of a tunnel that was obviously dug by Earthbending. Once Aang came out, Katara saw him and quickly embraced him. But when Aang and Zuko saw each other, they only glared at each other.

After Iroh let Zuko go, Zuko asked him, "Uncle, what's going on, why are you with the Avatar?"

"Saving you, that's what," Aang angrily answered.

Zuko angrily stomped towards Aang, but Iroh stopped him and said, "Zuko, don't. Aang, you must go up and find the others."

Ang and Katara then walked out, while Katara looked back at Zuko and looked worried for him. Zuko looked down and said, "Why, Uncle?"

"Because you are a different person," Iroh answered, "you are stronger, wiser, and more in-tune, and know you are at the crossroads of your destiny. You must look deep inside yourself and choose what is right."

Then a long row of crystals sprung up and trapped Iroh, catching Zuko off guard, they both looked up and saw Azula with two Dai Li agents.

"I would expect this kind of treachery from Uncle," Azula exclaimed, "but Zuko, Prince Zuko, you are a lot of things, but you are certainly not a traitor."

"Zuko, don't listen to her, look inside and see what you want."

"Think of it Zuko, this day, this glorious day in Fire Nation history, the day we, together took Ba Sing Se and conquered the Earth Kingdom, the day you won back your honor."

"The only honor she speaks of is not for you."

"I think Zuko is capable of choosing for himself, I am not forcing this upon you, make your own decision," Azula said as she and her Dai Li agents went off to find Aang and Katara.

Zuko was completely torn, he yearned for his honor, his birthright, and his old life, but he wanted Iroh to stay with him. He had no idea which was the right choice as of now. He focused on his scar, what it meant to him, he took a breath, and he thought of a decision.

The Choice

Katara fighting Azula

Azula fighting Katara

Aang and Katara were running out of the catacombs, looking for another way out. "We need to get back up and find Toph and Sokka," Aang explained to Katara. When they were still running, a bolt of blue fire hit the ground right in front of them, they looked, and saw Azula alone.

When Azula fire more blasts at them, Aang and Katara both bended a column of water to block the attack and Katara sent the water at Azula. Before the wave hit her, Azula blasted a huge beam of fire at the wave, extinguishing it. When a large cloud of steam gathered, Azula leaped out and fired more bolts at them, which Aang blocked with Airbending. She landed on one of the stone pillars, and Aang crumbled it with Earthbending, before falling off, Azula leaped off and found herself cornered by Aang and Katara.

Before she could do anything, another bolt of fire hit the ground near the three of them, and it was launched by Zuko, who was in a fighting stance. Zuko glanced at all of them, each wondering what he was going to do next, but then he focused his vision onto Aang, and launched another arch of fire at him, which he was barely able to block with Airbending.

Azula then, knowing that Zuko was on her side, continued fighting Katara. Zuko was then turning to his anger, and launched multiple blasts of fire at Aang very rapidly. Katara then began to fight Zuko, who used two large fire whips to counter Katara's water whips.

After blocking and countering Zuko's attacks, Katara yelled at Zuko, "I thought you changed!"

"I have changed," Zuko answered as he continued to attack her.

First Blood

As Aang and Azula continued fighting, they eventually blasted each other far backwards. Azula then started to propel herself forward at great speed by using her fire jets. Aang bended crystals onto his body to form armor, and used Earthbending to propel himself at Azula. They both picked up great speed, and when they were very close to each other, Azula blasted fire while Aang launched the crystals at her. They both collided and created a huge shockwave that blasted both of them back. Aang hit a the earth wall behind his while Azula landed on the floor, both knocked out unconscious.

At first, Zuko and Katara fought each other here for either Aang or Azula, and they were protecting their allies. But now, it was completely personal; they seemed to have a now blinding hatred of each other. Katara was furious at his betrayal and how he still wanted to capture Aang, after what she did for him. Zuko was angry at her now for simply being in his way of obtaining his honor and his father's love. They now truly hated each other.

Zuko and Katara were still locked on to each other while fighting, both of them becoming more brutal with their attacks. Zuko was blasting bolt after bolt of massive fire while Katara was bending waves of razor sharp water blades. Katara then shot a massive jet of water as if it were fire, straight at Zuko. Zuko countered it with an equally large fire jet, each blast colliding at each other and forcing each other back.

Eventually both blasts dissolved and they both fought each other at close quarters. Zuko shot two fire balls from his fists as Katara blocked them with a water column. She then saw an opening made by Zuko when he attacked her, so she quickly swipe a water blade at him. Zuko was barely able to move it time, and the blade gave him a long cut on across his stomach. Zuko winced in pain and clutched his bleeding cut, he knew it wasn't a fatal wound.

Zuko tried to ignore the pain and fired three fire blasts at Katara, which she was able to block. Seeing another opportunity, Katara swiped more water blades at Zuko, attempting to overwhelm him. Zuko dodged a few of them, but was unable to do so with all of them, and he got cut across his arms and his chest, losing more blood and letting Katara gain the upper hand. Zuko then got closer to Katara and quickly blasted a fire stream aimed at her chest. She was barely able to dodge it and it gave her a burn on her left arm. Katara kneeled in pain and clutched her wound, and saw Zuko charging a large fire ball, aimed right at her face. She quickly saw him about to throw it at her, and then she bended a lage wave at him, throwing him off balance and extinguishing his fire.

Zuko falls

Zuko killed by Katara's hand

Zuko tried to stand, but Katara quickly swiped more blades at him, which he tried to block in vain. Zuko was bloodied and weakened, while Katara was overwhelming him. Seeing that he could now barely stand, Katara then bended two water whips onto her arms and swung them rapidly at Zuko. He moved backwards and obscured her aim, instead of cutting his chest, she cut his throat.

After just a split second of realizing what had happened, Zuko clutched his throat, and it instantly started to gush blood. He fell to his knees, gasping for breath, but continued to bleed out and choke on his own blood. He then reached his hand out to Katara, as if he was trying to ask her for help, but he then fell face first onto the ground, and stopped struggling for breath.

Katara then just realized that she gave into her anger of Zuko betraying her and took it out on his life. She realized now that there was no doubt about it at all, she just murdered him in cold blood. She was then overridden by guilt and shame, ashamed at what she had become.

Death of the Avatar

Azula then woke up from being knocked out by Aang, and saw a dead Zuko in front of Katara, she was then driven by anger to avenge Zuko. Azula could see that Katara's left arm was injured, and that she didn't have time to heal it, so she served all of her attacks to her left.

Katara wasn't doing so well against Azula, she now had an edge against her and Aang was likely still unconscious. Katara was doing her best against Azula's barrage of attacks, only able to block them with her Waterbending. Azula had Katara on the ropes, and she then launched a large fire blast at Katara, which she blocked with a water shield, but was blasted backwards and was knocked unconscious against the rock column behind her.

Azula was about to deliver the final blow when they both heard a loud boom. Aang had leaped out and stated to ride a wave of earth, heading directly at Azula. Azula took a fighting stance as she took her focus off of Katara. Aang was about halfway to Azula, but then two Dai Li agents knocked him off and sent him flying back. Katara stood back up and saw herself surrounded by agents, so she used to octopus form to stay on the defensive.

"There's too many of them," Aang said to himself in distress. Then he remembered Guru Pathik's words, "The only way is to let her go." Aang realized what he had to do, he closed his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, Katara."

Aang unlocks his chakra

Aang entering the Avatar State for the last time.

Aang then bended crystals around himself so he could concentrate. He then sat down and started to meditate. He finally then let go of his earthly attachment to Katara and was emerged in pure cosmic energy. He then saw himself in the earth's orbit, and was embraced by the massive Avatar Spirit that gave him the ability to enter the Avatar State. Back in the physical world, Aang's eyes and tattoos began to glow. He then bended the crystals away and floated in the air. All of the agents, Azula, and Katara were in awe.

The agents then bended several earth pillars at Aang, but he simply bended them away and landed into the ground, creating a large shockwave that blasted many of the agents away. Azula tried to launch lightning at Aang, but Katara quickly bended a wave that knocked Azula and several other guards off their feet. Aang fought the other agents and quickly defeated most of them, Two Dai Li agents tried to ensnare Aang with their chains, but he repelled them with Airbending and Airbent them back. Other agents shot rock bullets at him, but Aang was able to repel all of them and used his newfound power to incapacitate all of them.

When only a few agents were standing, Aang began to float high upwards and charged a massive fire blast. He was about to burn up all of the remaining agents, when a flash of lightning stroke across the catacomb and ended everything. Katara was in such awe of Aang's display of power, she couldn't notice Azula charging her lighting and sending it toward the only hope for victory. Katara could only watch in horror as Aang's lifeless body fell and hit the stone-hard ground.


Katara sprinted to Aang's body, and although there were only a few Dai Li agents left, Azula ordered them to halt and let Katara get to Aang. Azula wanted Katara feel the pain of losing a loved one, and then kill her as well.

Aang's mangled body lay there, there was no point in checking for a pulse, but Katara did it anyway. She placed her ear against Aang's chest, she listened for a heartbeat, but heard nothing. She hopelessly bended some normal water and used the healing trance over Aang's open wound, she was out of spirit water. She stopped healing, and saw that there was no way to heal him and bring him back to life, he was dead. She saw that the lightning wasn't the only factor that killed him, the fall broke all of his bones and flattened his lungs. Seeing that there was no hope left, she cradled his lifeless body and sobbed uncontrollably.

Azula broke the silence and said, "It's over, peasant, I win. Although the Avatar defeated almost all of my agents, only a few are enough to secure Ba Sing Se. The Avatar is dead, and the cycle with him. Cooperate with me, and I assure you that you can join him painlessly."

Katara's eyes were filled with tears as she heard Azula taunt her. She saw that Aang was dead, the Dai Li outnumbered her, and that she can still take a hold on Ba Sing Se. The Dai Li began to surround her while she was still holding Aang's body. Azula began to laugh an evil, victorious laugh. Hearing all of this, and seeing Aang dead at her hand, caused her to change. A minute ago, her heart was filled with unimaginable sorrow and grief, now her heart is laden with one, single, overwhelming emotion.


Katara was then filled with blinding rage and hatred toward the entire world, for taking away Aang and taking away everything she ever loved. She let go of Aang's body and stood up. As the remaining agents took fighting stances, she clenched her fists and roared in fury as she charged toward the Dai Li.

She bended waves of water at them as she used deadly movements and attacks against them. She bended blades and arcs of water that completely mutilated and killed the other agents. As more and more blood spilled onto her, it only drove her further into fighting and desiring to kill the Dai Li and Azula. Azula was in shock after seeing Katara's retaliation, seeing her kill and attack, and seemingly every death was making her stronger. Eventually, every agent lay either dead or dying, and all that was left was Katara and Azula.

"You killed him," Katara roared at Azula, "You will pay, and you will never take me or this city!'

When Azula was about to zap Katara, she shot two water currents at her that knocked her over and left her defenseless. Katara then bended up a large orb of water and trapped her in it. She kept her floating in it, trying to drown and finally kill her. When she started to rapidly lose her breath, Katara was still giving into her anger. Azula then looked directly into Katara's eyes and somehow pleaded with her to spare her life. Katara looked back, saw Azula's eyes and realized what she was doing. Katara instantly started to regret what she did, and stopped bending the water orb around Azula.

Azula gasped for air once she was free, and Katara looked at her bloody hands, horrified not only about Aang's death, but at what she had become. She saw all of the death she caused, and that all hope was lost and dead with Aang.


Azula was unconscious and unable to attack Katara anymore. She knew that although the Avatar was dead, the coup failed, and that she couldn't take on the rest of Team Avatar herself. All she could do was lie there and wait for the Royal Guards to take her in for questioning.

Toph and Sokka eventually tunneled their way through to the catacombs, after they were able to free the Earth King and his Guards. There were enough Guards to take on the remaining Dai Li agents, in just a few minutes, the Earth Kingdom forces were able to retake Ba Sing Se, but it came at a terrible price.

Toph and Sokka came into the catacombs and saw Zuko dead on the ground and an unconscious Azula, which easily made them think the fight went for the better. What they saw next broke their hearts and took a horrible toll on both of them. Aang was dead, and still in Katara's arms. Toph could tell he was dead, but she was in doubt and stepped closer to see if there was even the slightest chance that he was alive, but to all of their depression, he wasn't.

"Katara," Sokka asked, "Is he, alive?"

Katara simply shook her head as they all gathered together and cried. Toph was sad, and regretful, that Aang was dead. Sokka kneeled and held Aang's cold hand, his, and everybody else's, heart filled with grief and sorrow as they cried for their loss.

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