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Allies in the Earth

Chapter 5 - A Dark Past

Xu Ki looked on as he saw Shinn's lifeless body float away. He smiled as had finally ended the Avatar. He walked back to the village that was now just charred remains. He looked on to see the Doctor against a wall, his body badly burned.

"H-H-help me Xu," pleaded the dying man.

"Why would I ever let you die?" said Xu stretching out his arm.

"T-T-Thank you," replied The Doctor. Xu's friendly hand changed as a small flame appeared. "W-Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

The Doctor was burned alive as Xu ruthlessly killed him. He crouched down and said to the dead man.

"What a shame...Glad I don't have to clean this up."

Xu laughed as he stood and walked through the lifeless town. He saw two guards carrying Liu's corpse away and he smiled. He walked onwards towards a woman with a hood covering her face.

"Here it is," said Xu handing her a large bag of money.

"I am here to serve the Fire Lord," the woman said.

"Right you are my friend," replied Xu.

"Did you have to kill the Earthbender?" she asked.

"Yes, I tried to stick to our agreement," said Xu.

"I never liked him anyway..." said the woman revealing her face, revealing her identity as Luia!

Small Beach about the same time...

Shinn's body drifted onto the beach still lifeless. His mind however was more aware than ever.

"Awake Young Avatar, Awake," Those same four words echoed in his mind. He didn't understand what they meant until...

Shinn coughed as a gulp of water escaped his mouth. He was back with the living and his body hurt in every place. He glanced around looking for any sign of life. From what he could tell he was on a small beach that was dark and damp. He tried to stand but couldn't move his legs. He struggled as he slowly crawled up the beach his wounds stinging with every movement.

Shinn heard the voice again only louder, he glanced up to see a woman wearing Earth Kingdom clothing in front of him. A white aura glistened around her as she opened her eyes.

"Young Avatar, you have great power within you. To use it you must remember what you are fighting for," the voice said.

Shinn stretched out his hand, desperate for help. The woman simply repeated his words as Shinn began to lose consciousness.

Fire Lord's Throne Room, 9 years ago...

"What do you have to say for yourself Zhou?" asked Fire Lord Zuang.

"Y-Y-Your son isn't the Avatar..." replied a whimpering Zhou.

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Zuang as the flames on his throne grew immensely.

"Y-Your son merely got lucky..." said Zhou cowering.

"Then where is the true Avatar!" shouted Zuang.

"A farming village in the southern Fire Nation ,Sire," said Zhou trying to regain his composure.

"What will happen to my son then?" demanded Zuang. "I don't want this nation to be embarrassed by the fact we can't decide who the Avatar is!"

"We could attempt a spirit fusion?" replied Zhou.

"What the hell is that" shouted Zuang his temper still flaring.

"We could put the spirit into your son," replied Zhou.

"How is that even possible" asked Zuang.

"Well it's experimental but..." Zhou began.

"Shut up, Zhou," shouted Zuang. "Just find the 'Avatar' and ensure he doesn't come to terms with his power."

"Y-Y-You're not going to kill me?" asked Zhou.

"You want me to?" replied Zuang.

"No Sire!" said Zhou as he hurried out of the room.

As Zhou opened the door his heart sank as Xu Ki stared him in the face. A jet of fire shot through Zhou killing him. Xu smiled as he walked towards Zuang and bowed before his Fire Lord.

"Was that really necessary?" said Zuang.

"To prevent any further mishaps my lord," replied Xu.

"He didn't really deserve to die , Xu," said Zuang.

"I don't think there's anyway to change it now Lord," said Xu.

"You will get someone to clean that up?" asked Zuang.

"Yes, Lord Zuang," replied Xu.

"Good, now head to the south and end this Avatar," said Zuang who was leaving the throne room.

"Yes, my lord," said Xu.

"And Xu," said Zuang turning. "Make sure it's quick."

"Yes...My Lord," replied Xu smiling.

Fey Farm, 5 days later...

"Shinn get back here," shouted Kai with a concerned look on his face.

"What is it dad?" asked Shinn blissfully unaware of what was to come.

"Go inside," responded Kai.

"But why?" pleaded Shinn.

"Go inside Now!" shouted his father.

Shinn looked towards the horizon as he ran to see a Fire Nation convoy approaching. He ran inside as his father walked towards them.

"What do you want!" Kai demanded.

"Shinn Fey now move aside!" replied the lead soldier.

"Just try!" shouted Kai drawing his sword.

From the back of the convoy Kai heard laughing as Xu Ki approached. He smiled as he drew his own sword. Kai who only cared for his son's well being charged forward to attack Xu but to his shock his sword was cut in half by Xu's.

"Run Shinn!" he shouted as Xu delivered the killing blow.

"What a shame," said Xu noticing Shinn running away. "Finish him."

Shinn dashed out the door as two Fire Nation troops ran after him only to be stopped by Mia Fey, Shinn's mother. She killed both of them with her knifes. Xu approached and Mia threw her knife at him. To her shock Xu caught it and threw it back killing her.

He ran to back of the farm to see Shinn just about to run down a nearby hill and using his claw fired a bolt of lightning at the back of Shinn. Xu smiled confident in his victory as he ordered the destruction of the farm.

"What a shame..." said Xu.

"About the boy sir?" asked the Fire Nation Captain.

"Yes, I just really felt bad killing him..." said Xu.

"Its okay sir you were only fulfilling your orders," replied the Captain.

"What are you talking about?" asked Xu smiling. "I was joking you know Captain."

Xu walked away as he glanced towards the hillside once again. Shinn was miraculously still alive, badly injured, but alive as he slowly continued to limp away unaware of his parent's fate.

Back at the Small beach...

Shinn woke with a scream as he was forced to relive his past from a different point of view. This time he saw the entire thing, he saw his mother and father killed.

"Young Avatar, use your hate as a weapon!" shouted the voice in his head.

Shinn's anger grew as his wounds glowed a light blue. His wounds then began to heal in the blue light as he momentarily entered the Avatar State. He stood and began to walk forward with a new goal...To Kill Xu Ki!


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