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A Change In Plans
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Zuko and Mai announced they were getting married. Azula, Ozai, Jet and Hama are chasing them. Zuko told Sokka he was nothing but boomerang boy and that he needed to grow up. So Sokka and Suki took Appa and headed to the Southern Water Tribe to prove to Hakoda Sokka was mature enough to be the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Zuko is having anger problems again so they are going to Ba Sing Se to get Iroh so they can talk.

Chapter 4 in Life After the War- A Change in Plans

It was a beautiful afternoon in the Fire Nation as the two small airships made their way into the Earth Kingdom. Inside their quarters, everyone was resting, still whipped out from this whole ordeal. After a few hours of restful sleep, the gang was awakened as they landed in Ba Sing Se with a jolt. Ba Sing Se was gorgeous, friendly faces welcomed them. The gaang headed thought the winding streets of Ba Sing Se to the Jasmine Dragon. A familiar face stopped them.

"Hello, children," said Sokka's master, Piandao.

"Piandao!" Katara exclaimed.

"Where is Sokka?" Piandao questioned while looking around for him.

"Well...he sort of ran away." Aang said quite softly.

"What? Why?" Piandao asked.

"Because somebody here has a big mouth and told him he was just boomerang guy!" Toph said angrily while Zuko turned away to face Mai.

"Never mind all of this now, I need to go see my uncle!" Zuko said demandingly.

"It was you wasn't it, Fire Lord, you told that poor boy that he was nothing, didn't you!" Piandao said pointing his crooked finger at Zuko.

"Maybe it was me, maybe, just maybe that was the best thing for him. He needed to prove himself and I understand that." Zuko said angrily at first then he softened his tone.

"Okay, enough of this, I will help you search for Sokka." Piandao said concerned.

"Oh, we know where he is, he is on his way to the Southern Water Tribe." Aang said.

"You know where he is, but you're here? Why?" Piandao questioned.

"Zuko needed to see Iroh, so we were already on our way so we just stopped." Katara said happily.

"Okay, but I would like to travel with you to get Sokka." Piandao demanded. "If that is okay with you, Aang.

"Of course, but we need to go to the Jasmine Dragon first." Aang stated.

The group strolled through the streets of Ba Sing Se, it seemed as though every time they took a step someone was asking Aang if he was the Avatar and asking Zuko if he was the Fire Lord. Once they made it to the Jasmine Dragon is was nearly lunchtime.

The Jasmine Dragon

"Nephew!" Iroh cried. "What are you doing here! I was to set off to the Royal Palace in a few days for the wedding! What's going on?"

"Uncle, calm down. I needed to see you before the wedding and we are headed to the Southern Water Tribe, I'll tell you the whole story later, on the airship." Zuko stated.

"Okay, I will leave Jang in charge here, he is a responsible young man." Iroh said.

Out of the kitchen walked a handsome young man, he headed towards the gang. " Hello, I am Jang. Nice to meet all of you, especially you Toph. I am a huge fan of yours." Jang said with total confidence.

"Thanks, are you an Earthbender too?" Toph asked, blushing.

"No, actually I'm a Firebender like Iroh here. He is my master." Jang said leaning towards Iroh, as the conversation trailed off.

"Piandao, brother are you here to play some Pai Sho?" Iroh asked walking towards Piandao.

"Actually, I would love to play." Piandao said cheerfully. "But I was actually here with the group, I am traveling to the Southern Water Tribe with all of you."

"Great, I guess we will all be there for Pakku's birthday!" Iroh said.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that! I was just going to send a messenger hawk, but this will be so much better!" Piandao said with so much enthusiasm.

Iroh and Piandao walked to the Pai Sho table in the far corner of the Jasmine Dragon and the group gathered around the small rounded table, everyone except Toph. She walked over to the small counter where Jang was and took a seat at the table nearest to it, she could sense Jang walking towards her the thought of this made her spine tingle, it also made her blush. Toph had only just meet him, but she knew there was something special about him.

"Hey Toph, I hope I didn't scare you earlier when I said I was a fan of yours." Jang said turning his head towards the small Pai Sho table.

"No, I actually thought it was kind of...sweet." Toph said her checks were as red as fire flakes. Jang noticed this.

"Listen Toph, I don't know what it is about you but." Jang started to say but hesitated. "Toph when you get back do you maybe want to go somewhere, like.."

"I would love to Jang!" Toph said with out letting him finish his sentence.

"Great! When you guys get back, come here to the Jasmine Dragon, okay!" Jang said making sure she understood.

"Toph, we're leaving let's go!" Katara shouted while walking towards the door.

"Looks like you better go, bye Toph." Jang said disappointed.

"Bye Jang!" Toph said walking towards the group.

As they walked out of the Jasmine Dragon, Iroh was still giving Jang the last of the instructions. There once group of five turned in to seven. Iroh and Piandao were in the back talking about the Order of the White Lotus and how great it will be to see Pakku. Katara, Aang and Zuko were reminiscing about the old times. In front Mai and Toph were silent for a while until Mai spoke up.

"I saw you talking to Jang. What was that about?" Mai asked.

"You know what we were talking about in the courtyard the other day, we won't have to worry about that any longer, Jang asked me out!" Toph said excitedly.

"Toph, that is so great, I'm so happy for you!" Mai stated.

The group made it to the airships and got settled into their rooms. Zuko, Iroh, Piandao, and Mai in one and Katara, Aang and Toph in another.

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