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A Celebration Cut Short
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Love Will Find A Way



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13 Novemeber 2011

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Leaving Home

Synopsis Edit

Being the first of the series, this chapter will mostly serve as a prologue to display Moku and Kyla's immediate attraction. The royal families meet, feast, and are frighteningly disrupted.

The Message Edit

"Sir, our agents have reported back." The words came from a trembling man dressed in the armor of Fire Nation infantry.

"And?" responded a man with long black hair who kept his eyes on the map on his desk.

"The chief-" the soldier took to a breath. "The chief wasn't there."

The other man looked up from his desk and glared at the messenger. He took a deep sigh, stood out of his chair, and with a tremendous roar of anger, he ignited his desk in a massive combustion. The soldier took a step back in fear. "What do you mean he wasn't there! Where else could he be? He lives on a block of ice!"

"Our agents say he may be traveling to the Earth Kingdom. For some kind of festival with the Earth King."

"So, he's meeting with Maroph?"

"Yes, well, at least, that's what our agents say-"

"I'm not asking about the agents! I want you to use your brain for once."

The soldier gulped.

"Now," the man continued. "Where would the most logical place to meet the Earth King be?"

"I would assume the Earth Kingdom, sir."

"Specifically you idiot! What's the one city no Earth King has ever left?"

"That would be Ba Sing Se sir," the soldier lowered his head in embarrassment.

"Finally! With that kind of thinking, I'm sure you could move up the ranks in no time," the man responded sarcastically. He breathed a sigh of annoyance. "Now, let's plan to intercept the chief. He needs to be dead on arrival in Ba Sing Se. Contact Firelord Sozin, and tell him what you just told me."

"I already did...sir."

"Well, at least you can do something right."

The soldier bowed and left the man alone, with his desk still burning.

"And get me a new map of the Northern Water Tribe! Your stupidity forced me to torch the old one!"

A Royal Feast Edit

A few squadrons of Earth Kingdom soldiers watched in awe as three ships with blue sails containing a white outline of the Water Tribe insignia entered the mouth of Chameleon Bay. "Open the gates!" barked the commander as he looked upon the magnificent vessels of the North Pole. He couldn't help noticing the beautifully carved depictions of waves and the moon along the sides of the wooden hulls.

"We've reached Chameleon Bay, princess," reported an old woman in purple and white apparel as he entered the cabin decorated with various animal skins and weapons.

"Why thank you, Loki," responded a youthful, attractive woman with nice, light-brown tied in a bun hair and flawless skin. "Do you mind folding rest of these clothes?"

"Not at all, Kyla," said Loki with a smile.

"Ah, you've always been my favorite attendant."

Kyla cheerfully walked up to the deck and peered over the side at the strong, handsome Earthbenders on the shore. A few whistled as she waved.

"Why can't I trade my wife for her?" Kyla heard one man say.

It was over an hour before procession of Waterbenders, warriors, servants, and attendants arrived at the Ba Sing Se Royal Palace along with Kyla her father and mother.

"As Earth King, I am honored to welcome our esteemed allies, Chief Rakara and his family of the Northern Water Tribe! May they find themselves at home in the best city the Earth Kingdom has to offer!" The monarch known as King Maroph raised his hands in celebration upon a small podium. He turned to his wife. "Greet our company and give them a tour of the palace." The Earth Queen obeyed and approached her guests with a wide smile.

"So Muna, you have to tell me what you do with her hair," said the Queen as she guided the Water Tribe royal family through the corridors of her home.

"Only if you tell me where to buy clothes like that!" responded Muna jokingly.

Chief Rakara sighed and turned to his daughter. "Let's get out of here," he muttered.

They strolled down the hall and heard booming noises coming from the other side of a large door. Upon entering the enormous room, they saw two young men in an Earthbending duel.

"You'll have to do better than that, Lee!" said one as he blocked a boulder and hurled forward a sturdy wall of rock.

Lee smashed through it with his forehead and retaliated with an wave of Earth. "How about this, Moku!"

Moku was ready to evade the oncoming attack until he saw Kyla from across the arena. Distracted, he allowed the wave to hit him dead on and flew twenty feet backwards. Kyla chuckled.

Embarrassed, Moku stood up and made his way to the father and daughter to introduce himself. When he got closer to Kyla, his heart stopped, as did hers. She's beautiful, he thought to himself.

It wasn't long before dinner. A grand table for seven was prepared in the dining hall. The royal families of the two nations feasted in exquisite dishes from all over the Kingdom.

"Nice clothes, and nice food!" commented Muna. "I have to eat plenty for him," she noted as she rubbed her belly. Only six more months before we have a new prince!"

The rest of the dinner was rather boring. Chief Rakara and King Maroph struck up a few conversations about economics, politics, and foreign policy. Moku wasn't paying attention. He was too busy staring at Kyla. She looked up and noticed him. He quickly looked elsewhere, but noticed the smile on her face as she continued eating.

"So Moku, can you show me all the parts of the palace I didn't get to see?" asked Kyla all of a sudden. This question made the others pause. She didn't care.

"Uh, umm, of course, princess. Right this way," said Moku as he stood and gestured towards the door.

"Why thank you, valiant prince," she teased.

After a short walk, the two found themselves on a balcony overlooking a small stream. A full moon was out and Kyla only looked more beautiful in its light. It only took a small conversation for the them to share a long, wet kiss.

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" asked Kyla. "Can we visit the zoo! I here the animals are extraordinary."

"They are. We can go in the morning."

"Excellent, goodnight, Prince..."


"Goodnight, Prince Moku."

Devastation Edit

The next morning couldn't have come sooner for Moku. He dressed and prepared to take Kyla on their first date. But not after giving her what he had carved last night after their kiss. He pulled an elegant necklace from his pocket. It contained a circle decorated with the symbol of Waterbending. It was a customary betrothal necklace.

The zoo was packed as usual. The people stopped and stared as the prince and his friend made their way through the different exhibits escorted by both Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe guards. It was while walking by the rabbiroo when Kyla saw the necklace hanging out of Moku's pocket. She snagged it stealthily without him seeing and stared at it with joy. When Moku turned and saw her with it, his face froze. Kyla simply laughed.

The moment was cut off by nearby screamed of terror. "Your highness!" shouted two guards as they tackled Moku. "Let me go!" he ordered. "Protect Kyla!"

"I'm sorry, sir," stated a guard as he flung Moku out of the immediate area with Earthbending. Meanwhile, the Water Tribe guards had surrounded their princess and were ready with their spears. Suddenly, a figure in all-black emerged from nearby bushes and took a guard out with a chain shot. Another figure came from behind and hit two others with a fire blast. Kyla glanced around in fear before a smoke bomb was set off in front of her. She coughed and began to feel light headed.

"I got her over here!" shouted a man. Those were the last words Kyla could hear.

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I hope you enjoyed the prologue of Love Will Find A Way!

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