A Brewing Storm
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The Lightningbenders





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October 18, 2014

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Howling Winds

Part 1

The sky was a brilliant blue, and a cool breeze blew by as Wei Fung and his wife, Terra, strolled up to the threshold of the Earth Kingdom Palace. They had business with the Earth King, and you will soon find out which Earth King it is... They entered the throne room, and Earth King Wu welcomed them warmly. Sixteen Dai Li agents suddenly stepped up before King Wu's throne, ready to attack if necessary, as King Wu was very suspicious of his visitors because of the his great-aunt, Earth Queen Hou-Ting's assassination at the hands of the Red Lotus.

"Earth King Wu, how wonderful to meet you." Wei Fung said as he bowed low to the ground and then knelt. "We come bearing a proposition for you." He began. "Huuuuuh fine. I'll hear what you have to say. " the young monarch sighed. " We assume you are aware of the threat posed by the Northern Barbarians to the Earth Kingdom?" Terra stated. "Yes" Earth King Wu replied. "Kuvira has failed to defeat them, even after all of this time. We will defeat them, of you will give us the land they control." Earth King Wu's face lit up with excitement, and he piped up: "I find these terms agreeable. I will give you food and supplies in exchange for you services, as well as the land and supplies, I will station troops on your boarders to protect your new country for two years, and to be pulled when that period ends. You will also be escorted and assisted in battle by twenty Dai Li agents." The Dai Li that were assigned to help them bowed out of the throne room. Wei Fung and Terra bowed out as well, thanking the king for his generosity.

When the group reached the unofficial border erected by the Northern Barbarians, about fifty people in flowing white robes with a silver insignia rushed out from a thick forest, and bowed to Wei Fung and Terra. A barbarian outpost sat a few hundred meters away, a perfect distance for an ambush. "Are we to begin the attack, Master Wei Fung?" a man in a more ornate robe asked. "Not quite. I must brief the Dai Li before we begin." The Lightning Lieutenant bowed and stalked away. "What briefing is there to give?" an agent asked. "On a visit to the spirit world, Wan Shi Tong allowed me to bring back knowledge on how to bend lightning without being a firebender. Amazingly, even a nonbender can perform the technique. Terra is born an earthbender, and I managed to teach her the skill, and she has mastered it." Wei Fung said. The Dai Li agents marveled at him, and one said: "Unbelievable!" Terra came back out from their airship, and offered the Dai Li a demonstration. The agent nodded sarcastically and scoffed. Terra positioned her arms in an 'X' shape just a few inches from her chest, and took a deep breath. Suddenly, her spread fingers were teeming with lightning. She crossed them once more, making a diamond shape with her lower arms and fingertips, stretching a stream of lightning between her fingertips when her arms reached their full length. She aimed at a battlement, and fired the lightning. The battlement crumbled to the ground, and Wei Fung commanded his army to attack.

The Dai Li prepared several boulders for the attack, while the lightningbenders shot lightning at the walls and towers. The Dai Li began hurling boulders at the walls, but to little avail. Because of the northern Earth Kingdom's geographical position, most of the Northern Barbarians are earth or metalbenders. The others are waterbenders from the Northern Water Tribe, and the rest are nonbender-warriors. The earthbenders raced to the front wall, where they stood and stopped the boulders in mid-air. The outpost suddenly erupted with war cries, and the gates flew open to release a horde of barbarians. "We'll handle them. Continue the bombardment!" The Lightning Lieutenant yelled as he led the charge against the ground defenders. Most of the ground defenders are earthbenders, and the smaller amount are nonbending warriors. After a harrowing battle, only one earthbender had not been defeated. When a lightningbender was about to strike him, he made a small earth wall, which proved to be too close to him. When the lightning bolt hit the wall, it was destroyed, but the explosion threw the earthbender tumbling backward, and he surrendered after being defeated and surrounded by lightningbenders. After two Dai Li agents weakened them with boulders, Terra and Wei Fung struck the gates with lightning. Their army entered and defeated the remaining barbarians, thus securing their victory.

After Terra and Wei Fung took the outpost for themselves, they sent a wire to Ba Sing Se to inform the Earth King of their success. They moved on to the Capital Fortress, which is the home of the final defence of the Northern Barbarians, and the home of the Barbarian Chiefs, one is a very powerful waterbender, the other a powerful earthbender. When they reached the fortress, they came upon a thick, well-sustained ice wall in front of a large, thick, stone wall. No wonder Kuvira had failed to defeat the Northern Barbarians with all of the military power she holds. "This fortress is impregnable! This isn't some little outpost we can just chuck some rocks at and invade. This will take reinforcements," A lightningbender whined as he flopped over on his face. "Quit your griping. I called for reinforcements before we left the outpost. I was assured that eighty earthbenders are coming to help us. I knew from the beginning that taking the capital fortress would be a toughie, especially because a wire was sent saying they were under attack when our good friends in the Dai Li first started hurling their boulders at em'." Terra quelled.

"There's a forest nearby. We should wait there until the reinforcements arrive." Wei Fung said tiredly. They had been walking for almost two hours, and had only stopped to rest four times. Their group walked tiredly over to the trees, and sat down. In about twenty minutes, several Earth Kingdom tanks reached the forest. Their side doors opened to reveal many earthbenders the Earth King sent to aid them. After Terra finished briefing them, the soldiers followed the Dai Li and the Lightning Army into battle. The lightningbenders that were born waterbenders or firebenders were ordered to approach the wall, and bring it down. The firebenders began to melt the icy section of the wall, while the waterbenders decreased it's size and moved the melted portion away from the wall to prevent repair.

When the icy outer wall began to weaken, all of the earthbenders began launching boulders at the melting wall. When the attackers heard shouting from the inside of the fortress, they knew what it meant: the fight of their lives. Some of the most powerful master benders and strongest warriors in the Northern Barbarians reside within the Capital Fortress. The ground defenders of the capital fortress were oddly only comprised of warriors. The benders quickly defeated them, a busted the gates down with boulders and lightning bolts.

After the breach of the fortress, nearly all of the barbarians were defeated, and later arrested by the Dai Li. Some of the Lightningbenders and Earth Kingdom soldiers were defeated, yet survived. While the original waterbenders healed those who were defeated, the remaining Lightningbenders along with Wei Fung and Terra faced the Barbarian Chiefs. The Earthbender was the first to go down, as Wei Fung battled him head on, two lightningbenders struck him down from behind. The waterbender, though lasted longer, was eventually electrocuted with her own water by Terra.

Part 2

All of the barbarians, except for their leaders, were arrested by the Dai Li and sent to prison in Ba Sing Se, but their leaders were sent far away to The Boiling Rock, to prevent them from plotting with their followers. Weeks later, Terra and Wei Fung founded The Lightning Domain. With the supplies given to them by Earth King Wu, they built a great nation together. On the eve of the construction of the protective wall, and Wei Fung and Terra's coronation, Wei Fung had a vision given to him by Raava.

He envisioned his new country to be attacked, according to Raava's voice.

"Your Kingdom shall be attacked two-fold. First, those who fought the former enemies of the world will turn against you, second, those who bend metal will seek to conquer you. Your allies will aid you, and your son will protect the people of The Lightning Domain when you have expired. I give you this wisdom, Wei Fung: Never relinquish hope, for as night shall overtake the day, the moon shall take the place of the sun and be your light and guide through the darkness until the good returns and triumphs over evil."

He awoke sweating and gasping for air. "Honey, what's wrong?" Terra said with alarm in her voice.

"No. Just a vision from Raava. She told me we would be attacked by those who bend metal... Of course! We will be attacked by the Metal Clan, or Kuvira. Regardless, we cannot build our walls out of stone or metal," Wei Fung said as he calmed down.

"What then?!" Terra pleaded, terror returning to her voice.

"Platinum," Wei Fung said gravely.

On the day of the coronation, Raava herself attended the event, and placed an ornate silver crown with three white jewels on Wei Fung's head, and did the same unto Terra. The couple stood hand in hand, inciting the cheer and applause of people that left their homes in the other five nations to begin anew as lightningbenders. After the coronation, thick platinum walls were built around the circumference of the Lightning Domain, and both Earth Kingdom and Lightning Domain soldiers lined the walls. Before long, a wire was sent from a Freedom Fighter Compound in the United Republic, declaring war on the Lightning Domain.

In gratitude to Ravaa, and to house those who desired to devote their lives to learning and teaching Lightningbending, Wei Fung ordered the construction of a large temple to be constructed. Days later, a man named Pong of Mokapu Villiage requested an audience with Lightning Prince Wei Fung. The audience was granted him, and he explained his relation to Aunt Wu, his grandmother and the old fortune teller from his villiage. He eplainedd to Wei Fung the status of a great storm coming for a period of three days: The Great Thunderstorm. "For you see, The Great Thunderstorm will come in two months, and the next will come in the fall of next year." Pong explained. "Sadly, you will only live to experience the great power the storm will grant the lightningbenders." And on that note, Pong bowed out and returned to his home in the Earth Kingdom. Or as some call it now, the Earth Empire.

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