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A Bloody Beginning
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'A Bloody Beginning' is the first chapter of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Chapter 1 - A Bloody Beginning

Malefic was sat on his throne resting his head on his hand; he was tired of Luccaino's constant objections to their plan. In his eyes it was simple, attack and kill, however Luccaino was continuing to object claiming every possible problem could happen.

Josik was listening patiently as Luccaino continued to talk; Malefic on the other hand had enough. He smashed his fist on the side of his throne and stood. He spoke in a dark but confident voice.

"Leave it Luccaino, the Order doesn't need your constant paranoia!" he declared.

"And the Order also doesn't need your constant recklessness," replied Luccaino.

"The Fire Nation would be ours before they knew what hit them! But no we have to be cautious and careful," said Malefic sarcastically.

"Be quiet Malefic, you are too inexperienced!" said Luccaino.

"You be quiet Luccaino, your constant bitching is getting irritating," replied Malefic.

"Enough!" shouted Josik.

Josik was the leader of the Three Emperors, he was the one who kept Luccaino alive and Malefic on a leash. He knew that if either got out of control the results could be disastrous for not only their enemies but the Order itself.

"Malefic, we shall proceed with your plan," said Josik. "But you will only have 20 troops at the most."

"Yes, Josik," replied Malefic.

Luccaino shot Malefic a disapproving look, Luccaino believed that Malefic was simply Josik's lackey who didn't deserve the title of Emperor. He sneered as he sat down onto his throne while Malefic walked out of the room, he couldn't do anything about Malefic's intentions...yet.

Fire Nation Capital, Palace Throne Room, Two Days Later...

Zuko was sat on his throne; the stress of being Fire Lord had clearly taken its toll. Even with Iroh's advice it was still a heavy burden, Aang had decided to stay in the Southern Water Tribe until it got back on its feet leaving Zuko alone in the Fire Nation with only Mai and Iroh for company. Zuko was bored; politics wasn't the most exciting of jobs and was a massive change from Zuko's more 'frontline' work.

As Zuko sat alone in the throne room a single guard entered, he bowed before Zuko and began to speak.

"My Lord, It seems we have a massive problem."

"What is it?" asked Zuko.

"I fear it may disrupt the peace," said the guard.

"Spit it out" asked Zuko in a more concerned voice.

"I think it might-" began the guard before he was interrupted.

"Tell! Me!" demanded Zuko.

"A certain individual is causing a lot of problems for us," said the guard.

"Who is this individual?" asked Zuko.

"You!" declared the guard as he produced a knife. "Mugen niyotte okonawa reru," he said as he threw it at Zuko.

As the knife flew through the air towards Zuko the Fire Lord narrowed his vision. He stretched out his hand and began to turn, he could feel the cold metal touch his fingertips and he finished to turning. He shot his arm forward and coming as fast at light itself out his hand was the sai.

It struck the guard in his upper chest, a direct blow to his heart. He collapsed instantly as Zuko admired his skill, Zuko casually walked towards the dead man and retrieved the weapon. His face turned to disappointment as the blade was Fire Nation standard and it yielded no clues to the man's motive. Zuko began to step out of the room but as he did so he heard a loud explosion from outside.

Fire Nation Capital, Palace Courtyard, 5 Minutes Later...

The courtyard was ablaze as the two armies clashed, Malefic walked calmly through the middle of the battle as he quickly killed anyone who tried to harm him. The Order's soldiers were much more powerful than their Fire Nation counterparts who simply fell at their feet. Malefic had lost 2 men getting to the Palace but had killed hundreds in retaliation.

Zuko hurried towards the courtyard, he tossed his Fire Lord robe to the side revealing his black battle armour with the trademark gold-trim. He removed his swords from his back as he kicked open the main door, his first sight was of Malefic brutally killing one his guards. Zuko's face turned to anger as he shot a white-hot jet of flame at Malefic who simply deflected it with ease.

"I'd expect more from a Fire Lord," said Malefic cockily.

"And I'm supposed to be intimidated by your white pajamas?" replied Zuko.

"Oh so the Dragon has a bit of fire in his words?" Malefic said laughing.

"Humph," said Zuko. "Are we just going to argue or fight?"

"I don't know," said Malefic.

He then paused to catch a dagger between his fingers much to Zuko's shock. Malefic then looked at the dagger and sent it back to its source.

"Poor effort.," he said.

"Decent reflexes, fairly organized army" began Mai. "You're no amateur."

"I'll take that as a complement," said Malefic.

"So who do you work for?" asked Zuko. "Ozai's remnants? Azula's followers? Or maybe the Pirate Captain?" said Zuko pointing at Malefic's eyepiece.

"Ha-ha, this single artefact has more power than your entire army" declared Malefic.

'Malefic he isn't that intimidating?'

"What it makes the wearer have no depth perception?" mocked Zuko.

"Very well Fire Lord, I'll show you..." Malefic said as he cracked an evil smile. Malefic's eyepiece began to glow green as the sky began to thunder overhead as a symbol shone through the clouds, the winds picked up and were so powerful bodies and weapons began to flow in the breeze. Malefic drew his sword and pointed it towards the sky; its crystal core began to shine as well as the outline of the blade. Malefic laughed a symbol appeared on the forehead on himself and his soldiers. Their eyes began glow like shined rubies, as well as their armour.


'A seal appears in the sky'

Mai took her place next to Zuko as Malefic's soldiers slowly began to advance, what was left them of the palace guard clambered to their feet and stood half-ready for battle. Zuko smiled as well as Mai, they finally had a real challenge, a real enemy... but they had idea what was to come...


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