A Battle
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A Battle

(The Fire Nation Capitol)

It was sun rise in the Fire Nation the whole group was up anyways. None of them could sleep the anticipation was too great. Zuko was pacing in garden when Aang walked in. The Avatar had spoken first " Zuko you aren't really going to kill your sister are you?"

Zuko looked at his old friend it was hard to believe that the man standing before him with broad shoulders and a short prominent beard was still the goofy kid that he hunted down so many years ago. Zuko's answer was quick and poisonous "If I don't kill her Mai will. She may be sad now but I assure you she won't even give Azula enough time gloat if she sees Lu Ten hurt."

"I don't think she will kill Azula they are old friends. Are they not?" Aang said always the optimist.

"That friendship was lost long ago. And I am sure that if I were to even try anything like what my father did to me." Zuko had touched his scar "She wouldn't even hesitate to kill me either."

Aang began to feel sorry for Azula she deserved as much of a chance as Zuko did when he was bad.

"It is going to start soon," Toph said as she ran in.

"How do you know that?" Aang and Zuko said.

"Easy the ground is trembling," Toph said.

Aang had a question but he never got the answer to it. He was interrupted by an explosion. Quickly Aang, Zuko, and Toph knew what to do.

They ran, they ran as fast as they could to where Sokka and Kaida were waiting. They all shared a nod and they were off to where the explosion came from The center of the Royal Plaza.

When they got there they saw her. Azula never looked more dangerous her poster was in a word perfect. It inflicted the same feeling of fear that it always had. Her grace was still the same as well. Her voice though her voice was the only thing that was so different from her youth it was more intimidating than ever. The sickest part of Azula was the words she spoke "Zuzu you really should get my nephew a better teacher. He has much potential. But then again he is no master yet." Lu Ten was thrown to the side of Azula by some thugs. The 10-year-old boy was covered in burns and cuts, blood was seeping out of one cut over his right eye. Azula said something while looking at a nail to make it seem like she didn't enjoy the agony it would inflict on her brother. "He almost didn't cut it in our little playful match."

(A Swamp)

Two eyes were starring at Kenichi. He did not scream for he knew it was useless the monster those eyes belonged to had tried to kill him many time before but it always failed to do so. The monster continued what it

always had done circle him until in one quick movement. He felt the warm sensation of death there it was a

sword stuck deep in the abdominal area. Kenichi closed his eyes.

He opened them again he was back in the swamp he fell asleep in. He got up and was about to leave when he saw a girl something was odd; she wore the colors of the Fire Nation along with the bracelets on her biceps and an odd choke necklace. Her eyes were also the same scarlet yellow of the Fire Nation but there was something off about her eyes there was a hint of red.


But as he was leaving he couldn't help feeling that he would see her again."

Kenichi said, "Are you going to stand there looking at me. Or are you going to say something."...No response came from her.

Kenichi got up walked towards her and as he put a hand on her the women suddenly became a wooden branch that had fallen in the swamp. Kenichi decided that this was a good sign to leave the swamp. But as he was leaving he couldn't help feeling that he would see her again."

(The Fire Nation Royal Plaza )

"I must admit brother you have become good. Then again your son was more of a challenge than you are. He must take from his mother's side of the family," Azula said with a smirk. Zuko feel for the trap how couldn't he everything else seemed to go according to her plan. First he feels for her trap by trying to fight head on. Thank the spirits Toph grabbed Lu Ten to return him to his mother. Then a barrage of water, earth, and fire benders attacked Aang. Sokka was too busy directing the Fire Nation Army to do anything. The only one who could help was Kaida. She stopped him from fighting a losing battle by taking over. And she was doing very well holding off Azula.

Zuko had never seen such graceful moves Kaida had sent several fire kicks and a Fire blast from a punch unfortunately Azula was just as agile. And countered with several fire kicks of her own. Kaida dodged as well. She must have thought this up but Kaida leaped straight into one of Azula's fire kicks. Her clothes were on fire when she emerged but it didn't even matter she grabbed Azula by the foot and sweeped the other out from under her. Azula let herself drop as she quickly got back up and was on the defensive.

Azula's flank was open so Zuko took advantage and decided to use some of his own fire kicks.

"So the Zuzu has decided to play, this may actually be challenging now," Azula gloated.

"Oh are you getting board with me?" Kaida said. "Then maybe I should be getting serious also."

"You're obviously bluffing," Azula said with hint of doubt.

"Is this bluffing?" Kaida said starting the motions of a technique Azula needed no introduction to. After she was finished with the circling motions Kaida unleashed the raw destructive power that is lightning.

Azula barely dodged and with Zuko and Kaida fighting her Azula was running out of time she thought to herself "Where is the big confrontation? The blind one should have gotten nephew dearest to that traitor Mai by now."

(Fire Nation Royal Palace)

Mai was pacing in her room with Katara in a seat placed next to the one Mai usually had sat in. Katara tried to comfort her with encouraging words. "Don't worry they're going to be fine. When the battle is over you'll see."

Mai appreciated the gesture Katara made but it didn't ease her burden. Then she asked something she was meaning to ask Katara "Where is Noma right now?"

Katara thought about this and said something Mai never thought a mother could say "I don't know."

"YOU DON'T KNOW?!?!?" Mai said in horror.

Katara said, "To be honest Noma is a free spirit like his father. So he asked if he could go on his own adventure. At first I was against it. Then I was reminded by the oh so great balancer that I went on an adventure at a younger age than even he was."

Mai was about to give her own opinion when suddenly Toph burst in with what Mai was dreading most in her arms. Mai quickly got up and grabbed her son from Toph. She laid Lu Ten on the bed in the room.

Katara got out her water and quickly got to work. She first focused on the burns there were a lot of them. Then she moved to the cuts around the face and torso covering each area with one hand. Finally she covered the deep gash over the child's eye.

After a few agonizing moments of silence Lu Ten opened his eyes.

Mai instantly smothered him. Lu Ten jumped back at this still a little shaken from whatever Azula did to him. Lu Ten then acted embarrassed "Mom do you have to hug me in front of Aunty Katara and Aunty Toph."

"Aunty Toph ehh?" Katara said as she grinned at Toph.

"What I visit them every once in awhile," Toph said as she punched Katara in the arm.

Mai looked at Lu Ten a bruise still on his left cheek. Mai asked in the most authoritative tone she could muster "Who did this to you honey."

Lu Ten hesitated for a few moments. Then he told his mother what happened "When aunt Azula had me at her summer camp. She had sparring sessions with me. I almost beat her several times but she is a good Fire bender."

Mai and Katara were horrified by this. Lu Ten really did think that he was getting family time with his Aunt.

"Katara I would hate to ask this of you but could you," Mai said, holding back every instinct to kill Azula on will power alone.

"Make sure aunty Azula Is thanked for her care of Lu Ten. It would be my pleasure," Katara said with the same feelings Mai had.

"Oh no you're not, well not without me at least," Toph said. "If Twinkle Toes finds out I let like something like that happen he would kill me."

Katara and Toph left Mai and Lu Ten to go finish the battle.

(The Spirit World)

Avatar Roku took a deep breath. For he was about to talk to the elder Avatar Spirits who's ranks consist of the five first Avatars.

"Enter we know you are out there" boomed an ancient voice man had long forgotten.

Roku jumped at this. He quickly gained his composure and entered the room.

"So why have you come here young Avatar," one of the five shadowed figures said.

Avatar Roku had been nervous these were the most powerful Avatars ever. Roku then spoke "Council of Ancients, we have been encountered an odd writing that I believe dates back to the same time as true origin of the Avatar." He then showed the council the image of the writing.

The wisest of the Avatars, the first one stood up and quickly said in a hoarse voice "Who is the current Avatar?"

Roku surprised at this reaction said, "Avatar Aang."

"Summon him here," the eldest Avatar said.

"I am sorry sir but I believe he is in a battle to keep balance in the Fire Nation," Roku explained to the council.

The first Avatar thought for a moment. Then he responded "Fine he will be summoned here while Avatar Kyoshi takes his place in the battle.

(The Fire Nation Royal Plaza)

As Azula was busy holding off the combined forces of Zuko and Kiada. Aang was still fighting of Fire, Water, and Earth benders. Although they were outmatched they had their numbers. Aang let out a sigh of relief when a tidal wave sent several Fire and Earth benders flying. It took Aang a second to realize "Katara did that!!!!" He turned to see his beautiful wife fighting off several water benders. "Katara what are you doing here?" Aang said afraid for her.

"I am keeping a promise," she said in a tone Aang knew too well.

After he heard that he knew there was no talking her out of it. Just as Aang was about to join Zuko and Kaida with his wife and Toph he suddenly felt his spirit leave his body. He then saw the spirit of Avatar Kyoshi hovering over head. "She must know what's going on." Aang floated towards his past life and asked Avatar Kyoshi "What is going on Kyoshi?"

Kyoshi said, "You have been summoned to the council of the Avatar. This is a great honor."

"Why? And how did they summon me?" Aang asked confused "Also don't they know I am in the middle of something right now?"

Kyoshi answered in an annoyed tone "Yes they do that's why they sent me to replace you for the rest of this battle. They summoned you the same way Roku summoned you when you were young. And to be honest Avatar Aang if they had to call you immediately after Roku asked them one question. You are either in a lot of trouble or you are going to be in a lot of trouble. Now I suggest you be getting to them it must be urgent."

"I would but there is one problem," Aang said embarrassed.

"And what is that?" Kyoshi said even more annoyed.

"I don't know where they are or how to get there," Aang said with a blush.

"Oh for the love of spirits." Kyoshi then touched the center of Aang's forehead with her index finger. And Aang was off. The only thing Kyoshi heard was the sound of him screaming. After a while he was too far away to be heard. "Alright then let's do this," Kyoshi said as she felt herself being pulled towards Aang's body.

(Somewhere in the Earth Kingdom)

Kenichi paused as the light of what seemed to be a spirit passed him. He never saw what it looked like it was going a bit fast for normal spirit travel. "Then again the spirits don't even play by their own rules." Kenichi thought. His focus then was regained back on what he was doing. He walked a few more steps then stopped and yelled "You know if you just followed me all the way out here to rob me. You could have just asked for some spare food or money."

A few seconds passed by before a hooded figure jumped out of nowhere and started punching Kenichi in several pressure points.

Kenichi recognized the chi blocking technique and he knew the counter points if this person was any real threat to him. After all the punches were dealt by the robber. The figure stopped in front of him. "You done with the theatrics kid," Kenichi said with a bored look on his face.

"I know you're a bender you can't do anything to stop me now," he said in triumph "So you better give me what I want."

Kenichi looked at the kid he was in his teens. He obviously was in a bad place right now. And he looked like her really needed the money and food more than Kenichi anyways. "Maybe I should give him a bit more than that" Kenichi had thought. So he started laughing.

The kid was confused by this reaction. Then he pulled out his sword. "Didn't you hear me I said give me what I want?"

The man batted away the sword with the tip of his finger. "Well you think you have me all figured out with chi blocking" Kenichi said confidently.

The kid's eyes widened he spoken with a shaken voice "You know you are powerless. So why do you laugh at the man who is about to kill you."

"I laugh because it is funny that you think my skills are limited to my bending." Kenichi quickly grabbed his robbers wrist and twisted it so the sword would fall backwards into Kenichi's other hand. "So now who is the one in charge?"

The boy bowed his head expecting to face certain death. When he opened his eyes he saw not the tip of the blade but the hilt of the blade right in front of him.

"Well are you going to take it or not?" Kenichi said confused.

"But, but I just tried to rob you. If you were an Earth Kingdom Solider I would be hacked to pieces right now," the boy said even more confused.

"But I'm not Earth Kingdom, am I?" Kenichi said. He put the sword in the boys hand and said. "It is nice to meet you Noma."

Noma's eyes widened at this "H-How do you know my name?" he asked.

Kenichi said, "Because I can read minds." A few seconds passed. "I'm kidding it is written on your sword. Read minds I can't believe you feel for that."

Noma's face turned red. "I didn't believe that for a second."

"Oh really then why didn't you speak up then?"

"Because it was so ridiculous that it almost seemed universally rhetorical," Noma said with an even redder face.

"I am starting to regret not killing you," Kenichi said.

"Same goes for me," Noma said embarrassed to be in the same country as this man.

"Hey kid, are you going to keep yapping or are you going to join me," Kenichi said smirking now.

"Why would I want to follow you?" Noma said still in a rage.

"Well if you don't I guess I'll just have to keep this," Kenichi said with a childish grin as he raised Noma's sword.

Noma looked at the hand that the sword was supposed to be in only to find what he expected, empty. "How, wait, what?" he said in confusion.

"If you want it back you'll have to catch me," Kenichi said already off on a sprint.

"MY SWORD!!!!" Noma yelled as he was off after Kenichi.

(The Spirit World)

Aang took a deep breath. He was angry he was so rudely interrupted in the middle of his own personal business. And on top of that he was slammed into the door that divided him from the council of Ancients. As his hand was about to open the door a voice boomed.

"Are you going to stand there or was your head struck too hard on the door," an old man's voice said.

Aang then knew "This is going to be a long day." Aang then entered the room. He saw Roku standing in one of the corners. He was about to say hi to Roku when he was addressed by the council.

"Avatar Aang. 347,213rd Avatar to exist. And on a side note almost was the last Avatar due to poor circumstances," one of the council said as if he/she was reading a profile of Aang.

"That's enough facts about the young Avatar. We did not call him here for judgement on his performance as the Avatar," the eldest Avatar said.

"Why did you call me here then?" Aang interrupted.

Silence broke out among the room. The Eldest Avatar spoke once again "Avatar Aang, tell me what is the duty of the Avatar?"

"To protect the balance of the world," Aang said puzzled.

"Yes that is correct. But now it is time you learn exactly what the Avatar is protecting the balance from..." the eldest Avatar said.

(The Fire Nation Royal Plaza)

"AANG! AANG!! AANGGGGGGG!!!" Katara called to no avail for Aang wants there anymore the only one in his body was Kyoshi. And she was only focused on one thing.

With a massive gust of wind several solders went flying. Only Azula and a few others were left. Soon it was all over as the tanks for the Blue Fire Army came rolling in. Even with Azula shooting multiple lightning bolts and several jets of fire sent from the tanks. Kyoshi raised both her hands and the ground what was the streets were raised to a pillar shape. Then with a single flying punch to the raised pillar Kyoshi formed a ripple effect on the whole area. Solders and tanks went flying the only opposing force left was Azula.

She laughed "Finally an enemy worth facing." Azula got into her stance for the lightning generation.

And Kyoshi was about to strike as well when. A searing white flame came between Azula and Kyoshi.

A hooded figure appeared in the middle of the flames silent as night itself.

"Who are you? Why have you interrupted my game?" Azula said confused as Kyoshi and the group were.

The figure said nothing still. With speed as fast as lightning itself the figure struck Azula knocking her out. Released an explosive that only dazed the group. And disappeared as quickly as they came. This time though they were carrying the unconscious Azula.

"What was that? Kaida said, "I never seen someone move so quickly. On top of that they knocked out Azula with one punch."

"It seems to be flash powder a very useful technique when you want to get away," Kyoshi said.

"Why are you here Avatar Kyoshi?" Katara asked. "Also where is Aang?"

"Avatar Aang is in an important meeting," Kyoshi said.

"With who?" Zuko asked.

"The greatest Avatar's to exist it seems to be abou..." Kyoshi stopped in the middle of her sentence. Suddenly the body was turned back to Aang.

"AANG YOU'RE BACK!!!" Katara yelled as she hugged the airbender.

"Guys no offense but Azula is getting away," Sokka yelled as he was riding in on a Komodorhino.

"We need to forget Azula right now we have bigger problems," Aang said in a dire tone.

"What could be bigger than Azula?" Sokka asked confused by his friends words.

"Just the end of the world!!!" Aang said.

"AGAIN, It seems every time we ""Save the world"" it always gets in trouble again," Sokka said annoyed.

"I'll explain to you the details on the way," Aang said as he blew his bison whistle.

"I can't join you," Zuko said.

"WHAT, WHY?" Sokka said still in shock that they weren't chasing Azula.

"There is to much to do here. My son is injured we sustained massive casualties. And I need to be here in case something else goes wrong," Zuko said, taking responsibility.

"We need a master firebender. Believe me we do," Aang said in almost a pleading tone.

Zuko looked straight at Kaida.

"And get out of cleanup and paper work I'm in," Kaida said with a grin.

"Then it is settled," Zuko said.

A roar was heard over head and a fluffy cloud cam rushing in.

(Somewhere in the Earth Kingdom)

Kenichi was walking down a road in the Earth Kingdom with his new companion. He had not told Noma his name. And he planned to keep it that why no matter what happened.

"So who are you anyways?" Noma asked slyly.

"I am a man just trying to achieve just dreams," Kenichi countered.

"Where do you come from?" Noma asked trying to get a response.

"I come from many places but my true home has yet to be revealed to me," Kenichi responded.

"Fine don't tell me who you are," Noma said the mystery consuming him.

As they were about to get into another fight Noma and Kenichi noticed something in the sky.

"Smoke?!?!" They said in unison.

They quickly ran to the source. When they got there they found a house on fire in a village. There were people outside one looked like a gang of some sorts. The others looked like a family that had lived in the house. The rest looked like the villagers.

The woman was screaming "NOOO! NOOO!!!!, NOO!!!" the rest of her speech was incomprehensible from the her sobbing.

"That's what you get for not paying for your protection," the leader said. He then grabbed the young boy from the group. "Yes, he will make a fine example." He dragged the boy towards the house. "Let this be reminder to you all. No one forgets to pay me."

"We have to help them," Noma said.

"No you have to save them," Kenichi said.

Just as the boy was be hurtled towards the fire a flash intercepted and caught the boy before he hit the blazing infernos.

"What, How dare you interrupt my demonstration," the man said as he earthbent a rock prepared to attack.

"You benders are all alike. You think that your powers are a spirit given right to do whatever you want. Well I am here to end that motion once and for all," Noma said proudly.

"Those are big words coming from such a little nonbender." The leader snickered.

Noma then stuck. He inflicted several blows blocking the bending of several men. He fought with everything he could. He drew his sword slashing any who dared still enter within range. But most of them still had their bending capabilities. Noma slashed punched and kicked away as much as he could. Unfortunately the earthbenders of the group had sunken him into the earth. Several boulders were placed over his head. Noma closed his eyes expecting the end.

"Noma you want to know what separates you and your goals," Kenichi said.

"What?" Noma said opening his eyes seeing the back of the stranger he meet on the road.

"Noma do you want to know what separates you and your goals from each other?" Kenichi repeated.

"I highly doubt this is the time," Noma said to his friend.

"Oh I disagree this is the perfect time for it. What separates you from your goals is your drive," Kenichi said. He then grabbed Noma's sword.

"Get him," the leader said. The group threw boulders at Kenichi in all different directions.

"When you dodge, your enemy does not touch you," he said as he disappeared.

"Kill the boy!!!" the leader said in distress. More boulders were over Noma's head.

Noma then heard a voice "When you block, the ones you protect don't die." Then the boulders were sliced in half. "AND WHEN YOU STRIKE" Kenichi said as he appeared in front of the leader.

A fear overcame the evil man like nothing ever before.

"YOU KILL." Kenichi then swung once. And it was over.

A head rolled right in front of Noma. Everything blacked out for Noma then.

...Several hours had passed Noma awoke on a bed shouting "FRIEND?"

"He is gone," the woman that was crying from before said. "He left this for you though." She handed him a sword shaped package along with a note.

Noma opened the note first it read.

Dear Noma

I am sorry to say it is time we are to part ways. It has been one of the happiest times of my life being with you. I truly consider you a friend. I am sorry to say that I broke your sword. I have decided to give you my blade instead. I hope she serves you well. (PS here are some some counter points to release chi on the body that may come in handy eventually.)

The rest of the paper was directions on the pressure points on the male and female human body and how to release chi instead of blocking it.

Noma then carefully unwrapped the sword. He held it up to the light. It was of perfect craftsmanship some would say Piandao himself would have been jealous of such a blade. Two things caught Noma's eyes. Inscribed on the blade were two things the first Noma knew he could never forget.

"Only when all men are equal, will balance rule."

And the second was something Noma will never forget as long as he lived either.



  • Aang finally learned what Roku was talking about.
  • Noma learned something that will affect the future.
  • Kenichi's lesson was based on the same one Kisuke Urahara had for Ichigo Kurosak.
  • White fire hooded figure is the author really being that blunt?

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