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Biographical information
  • Phoenix of the South
  • Ash-head
  • Flame-head
  • Golden Flame Suzaku


Physical description






Hair color

Ash-grey (often worn in a ponytail)

Skin color

Dusky-bronze covered a broad-muscled and heavily-scarred body.

Eye color



Like most Firebenders, Suzaku has a very chaotic mentality; calm one minute, then raging the next. He's been described as hot-tempered and quick to anger, yet calm and easy-going in the same breath. He has a code of honour that is bone-deep that he won't break for any reason, even to save his own life.


None (Disowned and disinherited due to accidentally killing his older brother in an Agni Kai).

Usual Attire

After gaining entrance to a secret clan of assassins who killed only the corrupt (namely heads of state and the like) and operated in all of the major lands (Ba Sing Se being the largest by far, and the biggest cash-grab to boot), Suzaku gained a suit of gold and dark grey armor, shrouded by a red leather mantle trimmed in ivory silk. The armor not only enhanced his bending abilities, it also tempered the power utilized by his self-made bending style. Because his armor is made of gold-metal alloy, it is especially difficult for a Metalbending Earthbender to crush or tear it. This does not mean it is impossible, though, as the alloyed metal is a heavily purified form of meteoric iron, thus it can have small imperfections in its make-up, but the opposing bender would have to have incredibly keen senses to find such a weak spot on the first go.


Despite being a remarkably talented Firebender, Suzaku prefers to use his sword over hand-to-hand combat. A tall blade just a scant couple inches shorter than him, it is a nodachi, more commonly called a "horse-cutting sword". In spite of its length and moderate heft, Suzaku is quite able to swing this weapon around for long periods of time with one hand. Oftentimes, Suzaku will cover the length of the blade in his trademark, peculiar golden flames, increasing its damage potential as well as cauterizing any wound it inflicts, though the shock of the attack alone might be enough to kill an opponent. He can also "feed" a portion of his own chi into the weapon by holding it in both hands and swinging to release a powerful, invisible cutting blade to hit a target at a maximum range of thirty feet (this unique technique is known commonly among swordsmen as "sword energy" and can only be used by the most proficient of fighters).

Fighting Style

Being a high-level Firebender, Suzaku is well-versed in a multitude of attacks, both the traditional techniques taught by the Fire Nation, and the complicated and graceful twisting maneuvers of the Dragon Dance style. After gaining a near-innate understanding of what Firebending truly means (Fire of the soul, of the dragons, and the sun, as opposed to anger, rage, desire and ambition), Suzaku was able to create his own offshoot of Firebending, known simply as Explosionbending. This is not the same technique utilized by Combustion Man & P'Li. It allows him to concentrate his chi into various points of his body then blast his opponent backward with concussive force. The downside is that with each successive use, his bones will begin to (very slowly) break, then wear down to the point of uselessness (however, thanks to the ingenuity of his armor's crafter, that damage is greatly lessened, though it is still present). Despite being such a strong Firebender, Suzaku is only able to use lightning either as a single attack or in a moment of desperation, such as when he is fighting for his life. Though he does not need to be stationary to "charge up", he needs a few minutes before the build-up of energy is strong enough to be unleashed.

Theme songs

E Nomine - Schwarze Sonne, Reel Big Fish - Rave-olution, Icon For Hire - Make a Move

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