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ARG Presents, the title being loosely based on Hitchcock Presents, is an anthology collection of one-shot stories in the Avatarverse written by AvatarRokusGhost. The nature and the genre will vary between each individual story, though humor and comedy are common themes between most/all of them. As of November 2013, every installment is primarily connected to Avatar: The Last Airbender, though that's not to say that there won't be stories based on The Legend of Korra in the future. Some of the stories include blatantly out-of-universe characters as part of the plot, but some take place in the Energyverse, like The Legend of Ong and it's sequel. Because the author doesn't "ship" a lot like other Avatar fans do, this collection of one-shots, unlike many others, is not based around a certain ship. However, that's not to say that shipping as a topic won't come up from time to time.

Current short stories

Title Original air date
"The Consultant" February 22, 2011
The Consultant is a one-shot fanon by AvatarRokusGhost. It's a short story that takes place about midway through the Book Two episode The Chase. Word count: 4,701.
"The Legend of Ong" (Energyverse) October 13, 2011
The Legend of Ong is a one-shot by AvatarRokusGhost that takes place twenty years after the war in the Southern Water Tribe with Aang, Katara and their three children. Word count: 1,382.
"Life as I Know It" December 25, 2011
I had my fortune told with Pakku on Ember Island because I realized I was a bender. Word count: 817.

This short story was written for TAD's Fanon Writing Challenge.

"The Legend of Ong 2" (Energyverse) May 10, 2012
The Legend of Ong 2 is a one-shot by AvatarRokusGhost that takes place twenty-one years after the war in Ba Sing Se with Aang and his three children. Word count: 1,317
"Live Another Day" (Energyverse) October 10, 2012
Live Another Day is a one-shot by AvatarRokusGhost written for Minnichi's Epic Art for Epic Battles contest. Word count: 1,427.
"The Brothers of Jang Hui" July 27, 2013
An ironic piece submitted for Ty's one-shot competition during the Summer of 2013, set in the village of The Painted Lady. It came in third place and won the award for "Using a Deranged Narrator." Word count: 982.
"The Legend of Morra" (Energyverse) January 4, 2015
In The Legend of Morra, an adolescent Tenzin and his friends discover the sequel series to The Legend of Ong and the Crystalbenders for themselves, and experience some of its drama first-hand. Word count: 5,463.
"Playing with Fire" (Energyverse) September 24, 2015
Playing with Fire is a short work centered around the heroine of the fanon series Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes. Word count: 500.
"The Consultant 2" October 22, 2016
The Consultant 2 is a one-shot fanon by AvatarRokusGhost. It is the sequel to his prior one-shot The Consultant. Word count: 12,329.
"Toughest of Lessons" (Spiritverse) September 30, 2017
Toughest of Lessons is a story of Avatar Yoriko learning a hard life lesson as she attempts to master waterbending at the North Pole. Word count: 1,763.


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Future projects

  • Koh the Face Stealer story
  • Something in the Northern Water Tribe
  • Something in the early days of Republic City

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