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Avatar: The Last Energybender

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June 20, 2011

A knock at the door roused her from sleep. With a yawn, the middle-aged woman pulled on her expensive silk robe and moved to the living room. Another knock rasped at the door as her hand wrapped around the door handle. When the door slid open the woman was standing face to face with a broad framed body, dressed in a yellow combat robe, black robe and yellow facemask. The woman noticed that while the robe was brand new, not a stain on it, the facemask was much older, a few tears along its edge betraying it's extensive use.

The woman smiled as she reached up and placed her hand on the man's covered cheek. "Choy, you know better than to wear that thing in front of me." She cooed, gently sliding the facemask down so his hung around his neck. A small smile crept onto Choy's face as he embraced the woman in a hug.

"It's good to see you again Mother." He whispered into her ear. Choy's Mother cupped his face in her hands and kissed his brow before hugging him once more. When they broke apart Choy followed his mother to the den kitchen where she prepared some tea for them. As they drank their tea, Choy informed his mother that he had just finished his training at Wen Liu's and was ready to join the army.

"So what brings you here?" his mother asked, sipping her tea, "Shouldn't you be sleeping in some barracks or something?"

"I'm going to be deployed soon Mother. We were given time to visit our families and say good bye."

"Where are you being deployed?" The mother inquired, curious to know where her son would be risking his life.

Choy put the teacup to his lips and sipped the warm sweat drink before answering. "Nuzhen." His mother shrugged at him telling him she didn't know where that was. "It's a city in the Earth Kingdom. They're going to have my whole platoon guarding some construction outside the city. Apparently they're building some kinda wall to make the city a proverbial fortress."

"Well those lucky people got the best soldier in the Fire Nation on their side now." His mother said lifting her cup in a toast. Choy smiled as he clinked his cup against hers and drank the rest of his tea.

"Actually there was another I stopped by." Choy stated placing his cup on the table. "I want to pay my respects to Him."

"Of course sweetie." Choy's mother said, the faintest hint of tears gathering in her eyes.

Choy knelt before a small shrine and lit an incense candle. The scented smoke wisped into the air slowly as Choy bowed his head. The shrine was simple, a portrait of a young man with shaggy hair and twin swords on his back, and a small bowl for burning incense.

"Hello Father, it's been a long time hasn't it? Finished my training with Master Wen Liu, he's just as your journal described. A real hard ass, but undeniably the most honorable man I'll know." Choy paused as he considered what to say next. "I guess I'll be following in your footsteps, meaningless grunt work until I can prove myself. But just cause it's meaningless doesn't mean I'll be slacking off. I'll do my best to honor your memory father." Choy glanced behind him to make sure his mother wasn't behind him.

"To be honest I'm worried about this assignment." He confided, "In truth I know how important this assignment really is. This wall they're building is supposed to be impenetrable, that means the Air/Water armies are gonna want to ensure it isn't built. I'm afraid I might run into Ryu. He was my friend at the academy from the Water Tribe, we swore that when we met in battle we would have an honorable battle. Saying it is one thing, but I'm afraid that once we meet in the field, all bets are off. For the first time in my life I don't know what to do." A long silence followed and Choy scoffed at himself. For a minute he honestly believed that his father would give him some fatherly wisdom despite being almost fifteen years dead.

"Are you finished?" his mother called entering the room, holding a silk bag in her arms.

"Yeah, I've said what I needed to." Choy answered, turning to his mother. He noticed the bag held by his mother. "What's that?"

Choy's mother set the bag down and removed two katanas, Choy's eyes widened as he recognized his father's swords. "Your father would've wanted you to have these. He always told me how when you were old enough he was going to give them to you. Always said it would be his way of keeping you safe when he wasn't around."

Choy smiled as he took the twin blades and strapped them both to his back. His mother clasped her hands over her mouth, choking out a small cry.

"You look just like your father." She cried, pulling him in for another hug.

"Good bye Mother." Choy whispered before he broke away and left the house. As he walked down the street to his barracks, Choy looked to the heavens. "Thank you, Father."

Author's Note

A little late but why not. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this Father's Day special and I hope you had a happy Father's day.

P.S. Sorry for the short length.

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