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Back to the Spirit World

The Awakening

Unbeknownst to the citizens in the cemetery, Jimu was still alive, but barely. At 3:50 A.M., Jimu awoken. His chest hurt more than a thousand knives stabbing him in the chest.

"Oh...what?...Where am I?

Jimu tried to sit up but hit his head on the top of the coffin.

"OW! Hey!"

Jimu looked around and could see nothing. He used his hands to feel around.

"Am I in a wood box? HELLO!?...HEY! SOMEBODY! HELP!"

He put his hands on the top of the coffin and could sense at least 6 feet of dirt right above him.

"What the...this doesn't make any sense."

Jimu never learned to bend through objects so he couldn't do anything about the dirt. Jimu figured he might as well meditate until he dies.

He entered the Spirit World.

What Happened to the Spirit World

"Jimu" said Roku.

"Huh? Roku?" said Jimu.

"Yes. Welcome back to the Spirit World."

"Wait, the Spirit World still exists?"

"Well, yes, but it's severely damaged. The only realm that still exists is Koh's Realm. We don't know why Koh's Realm still exists, but we have an idea. You see, shortly after Avatar Korra died, many mysterious things started happening. Spirits of animals started disappearing. We thought nothing of it and assumed they had just wandered off and would return soon. They didn't. Once Shi invaded Republic City, spirits of Avatars started disappearing. It started with Avatar Kyoshi, then Yangchen, then Paku. He was the first Avatar. When you showed up was when only me, Korra, and Koh were left. When your face was stolen by Koh, that's when things started to get ugly. Right after Koh threw you into the pond, I disappeared. The next thing I knew, I was in a black void. I couldn't talk, walk, see, or do anything for that matter. When you awoke a few moments ago, the Spirit World came back to life somehow. I believe Koh knows something we don't. I need you to go back into that tree and see what he knows."

"Okay, Roku. But, how do I have my face back?" said Jimu

"I negotiated with Koh. I no longer have my first pet, Jojo." said Roku.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Roku. Really, I am."

"It's okay, Jimu. She wasn't only my pet, she was yours too."


"Yes, Jojo was a spirit. A very good one. But she's Koh's pet now. Now get going. You only have thirty minutes of air before you suffocate."

Jimu made his way towards the tree

Koh's Plan


Jimu climbed up the tree, went into the cave that led him to Koh the last time he was into the Spirit World, and said:

"Koh! I need to talk to you!...Koh!?...Helloooo..."

"Greetings, Avatar." said Koh, "What do you want? Let me guess, you want your pet back."

"No, well yes, but I want you to tell me what you know about what's going on with the Spirit World. Do you have anything to do with it?"

"Oh, you've caught me, you master detective. Yes, I do have something to do with it. A lot, actually...okay, I take full responsibility. I have been snatching up all of the spirits and consuming them. I don't know how some spirits survived even after I took care of them, but it doesn't matter because I'm going to destroy the Spirit World and everything in it except me of course."

"Oh," said Jimu, "...well, bye!"

"Hold on, you think I'd just tell you my plan and let you escape?" said Koh.


Koh attacked Jimu's spirit and destroyed it. The whole Spirit World went black, then back to normal. Koh let out a maniacal laugh.

Avatar Jimu was dead both physically and spiritually. Nobody ever knew he was buried alive.

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