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The Final Showdown
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Chapter Seven:

The Final Showdown


The doors to Shi's estate opened.

"Hey, Shi," the man said, "I've got the Avatar. Where's my 1,000 yuans?"

It was dark in the estate. It was very, very quiet.

"Uh...Shi?" said the man.

Shi appeared out of the darkness.

"Very good. Thank you, stranger. Here's the 1,000 yuans as promised. Oh, but before I give this to you..."

In a flash, Shi covered the man in a thick layer of water and froze it. The man could not move.

"Before I give this to you, you need to do one more tiny, little thing...I need you to die."

Still frozen in the ice, the man had a confused look on his face. Whispering to the man, Shi said:

"If you die, this will enrage our young Avatar causing him to go into the Avatar State. At that point, I will murder him, therefore causing the Avatar cycle to stop. Then nothing will stand in my way."

Jimu said, " that the volume you always use to whisper? Because I just heard all of that and--"

"SILENCE!" said Shi

Shi looked over at Jimu and started bloodbending him. Jimu struggled trying to break free of Shi's hold on him but to no avail. He passed out. Shi then started melting the ice. After a few seconds, it was completely melted."

The man said, "'re a monster."

"Thank you," said Shi.

Shi then started to bloodbend the man. The man walked over to the wheelbarrow Jimu was in and started pushing him towards a big door with a "Do not enter" sign on it. The man was forced to open the door. Inside were machines and jail cells. Inside the cells were people that looked sad and depressed.

Shi said, "Well, gentlemen, did you have a good life? I hope so, because it's about to end.

The Fatal Mistake

"Okay, stranger, why don't we go over to this machine over here," said Shi.

They started walking over to a machine about twenty feet tall and ten feet wide. Inside the machine was a massive fire which could be seen through the glass window on the side of the machine. There was a conveyor belt above the machine that was dropping metal into the machine.

"Wh-what does THAT do?" said the man.

"That is a machine that melts metal and turns it into torture devices. It also takes out all traces of earth so it can't be metalbended. You see that conveyor belt up, there? That's where you're going."

Shi then threw him up to the edge of the conveyor belt with his bloodbending.

"NO!" said Jimu "You can't do this! Y-you won't do this!"

"And who's going to stop me? You? Ha ha ha. You don't even know what kind of powers I possess. I have powers that a mortal would never be able to have!"

"Wait...what?" said Jimu "What do you mean by that? You're obviously a--"

Jimu then realized that Shi wasn't a human. He's a spirit from the Spirit World that must have possessed a human.

"I'm a what, Avatar? A spirit? Well, you're right. My name isn't really Shi. It's Po. I am one of the oldest spirits that ever existed. In the dozen eons I've spent in the Spirit World, I noticed something, things are more interesting when you add war to it. I mean peace and harmony 24/7? That's just plain boring. And what's so special about maintaining peace anyways? It's not like it's all that hard. I mean, in the 146 years Avatar Korra was alive, about 100 of those were peaceful times. No, what's a real challenge is maintaining chaos and trampling anything that stands in your way. ANYTHING. And right now, you are the only thing that stands in my way, Avatar Jimu. Or should I say, the worst excuse for an Avatar."

With tears in his eyes, Jimu gathered all the power he had in his body. He focused all the energy to his heart. Within seconds, Jimu felt power coursing through his veins. Using all the energy in his body, Jimu clenched his fists, and opened his eyes, revealing he had gone into the Avatar State.

Shi smiled and screamed, "BRING IT, WIMP!"

Jimu threw a gigantic fireball at Shi who made it disappear without even moving his body.

Jimu then tried to freeze Shi where he stood, but failed.

"What's the matter, Avatar? Your precious little Avatar State not working the way you hoped? Ha ha ha ha ha! You are a joke to me!"

The man said, "Avatar! Help! I'm about to fall into the machine!"

Jimu glanced over at the man. Seeing a perfect opportunity, Shi ran up to Jimu and struck Jimu with lightning right in his heart. Jimu exited the Avatar State and fell to the floor. The man on the conveyor belt was only 5 seconds away from death.

"Yes," Shi said, "Yes, the world is mine now."

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