Triple Threat Triad
The Path to Shi, Part 2: The Man
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Avatar: The Lives After Korra

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Chapter Six:

The Path to Shi

Part 2: The Man

Avatar Aang Street

Jimu kept following the tire tracks back to Republic City. It had seemed like he had been following the tracks forever. Jimu was exhausted and cold. It seemed more cold in Republic City than at the location where Jimu was attacked. He had looked around to see where he was and found out he was on Avatar Aang Street which was ironically the most dangerous street in town.

"Good thing it's so cold out." Jimu thought, "If it were warmer, this street would probably be flooded with gangsters"

Jimu really started to feel cold now. His toes grew numb, his fingers were turning blue.

"I really need to get inside if I'm going to survive."

Jimu noticed the restaurant down the street that had closed a week ago.

"Nobody's gonna be in there. If I'm lucky, the power won't have been shut off yet."

Jimu noticed nobody on the street had their lights on.

"Great. A power outage. Well, at least I'll have protection from this ice cold weather."

Jimu walked inside.

Inside the Restaurant

"HELLO!?" Jimu yelled. "HELLO!?" he asked again.

Jimu realized that no one was there. It was cold inside the restaurant but any thing was better than the below zero temperatures outside. Jimu searched for a wireless radio to see if there were any weather reports. He searched for ten minutes before finding a dusty one in the back room.

"Please work, please work, please work." said Jimu.

Jimu suddenly heard a voice.

"Yes. It works!"

Jimu suddenly realized that there's no way any radio stations would be on with the power outage. Jimu slowly, ever so slowly turned around. There was a man about seven feet tall standing a foot away from him. He had a knife in his hand. The man spoke with a very deep voice,

"Who are you? How did you get in here? Are you a Quadruple Threat Triad spy?"

"What? No, I just needed some shelter from the cold." said Jimu.

"Hmmm, what did you see?" said the man.

Jimu answered nervously, "W-w-what?"

"You were in the back room. What did you see back there" said the man in a stern voice.

"N-n-nothing, sir. Just some people sleeping on the job." said Jimu. Then he thought, "Wait, sleeping on the job? Nobody has worked here in days"

Jimu came to the startling realization that those people weren't sleeping. He had wandered into the Killer Kangaroo headquarters. The Killer Kangaroos have a reputation of getting away with more murders than any other gang in the world.

"You saw them?" said the man, "Come with me, please."

"NO!" Jimu then attempted to firebend the man, but failed. "Oh, yeah. I can't bend."

The man let out a deep, menacing laugh.

"Pathetic. You have to be the most pathetic Avatar that ever lived if you can't bend yet."

"No, I can! I just..."

"Whatever. Come with me or pay the ultimate price."

Jimu sighed and followed the man.

The Path to Shi

"Alright, now stay calm." said the man.

In a flash, the man tied up Jimu. Trying to process what just happened, Jimu said,

"Wait, what's going on?"

"I'm taking you to Shi. He has a HUGE bounty on you and I'm going to be the one to collect it."

"You'll never get away with this!"

"And who's gonna stop me? You? Without your bending, you are NOTHING!"

Jimu realized that what the man said was true...mostly.

"No, no, it can't end like this." said Jimu.

His only hope was to go into the Avatar State and escape. But with the Spirit World destroyed, he couldn't even bend. Jimu figured the right thing to do was to accept his fate. The man dragged him outside and put him in a wheelbarrow and started rolling it down the icy sidewalk. Very quickly, Jimu started feeling the effects of hypothermia.

"C-c-c-c-could I b-b-borrow your coat for a few m-m-m-minutes please?" asked Jimu.

"No!" said the man, "Whoever turns in the Avatar dead gets a 500 Yuan bonus."

Jimu sighed and asked:

"How far away is it?"

"It's about 200 feet straight down this path."

Jimu noticed that the tire tracks left by the truck he was put in was still visible. As they approached Shi's, Jimu noticed the tire tracks didn't look so straight anymore. As they got further down the path, it looked like the truck had made several 360 degree turns.

"What happened while I was in the Spirit World?" thought Jimu.

They soon got to Shi's estate. Jimu was about to meet Shi face to face without his bending.

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