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The Path to Shi, Part 1: The Snowstorm
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Chapter 4: Trouble in the Spirit World (Part 2: The Destruction of a World)

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The Path to Shi (Part 2: The Man)

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Chapter Five:

The Path to Shi

Part 1: The Snowstorm

Jimu's vision came back. Only he was back in the truck. Jimu had noticed it was snowing unusually hard. There was piles of snow on the ground.

Jimu: H-H-H-How long was I out? Kuruk? Hello? W-W-W-Where are you?

Jimu was so cold he could barely speak. All of a sudden, the truck started up. It started moving. Jimu figured that Kuruk had gotten back into the truck while he was having his vision. Jimu shut the doors and sat there until the truck stopped.

???: We're here!

"That's not Kuruk's voice." Jimu thought

???: Slowly...slowly...slowly...NOW!

All of a sudden, the back doors flew open. It was the three men Jimu forgot to kill before he had his vision

Man 1: He's awake!

Man 2: You idiot! This is all your fault! I told you yelling "Now" would wake him up!

Man 1: Shut up! You're the one who was too much of a softie to deliver the final blow!

Man 2: Well your stupid friend is the one who cost us five minutes by popping 2 of the tires!

Man 3: Hey, that was an accident!

Jimu: Uh...Gentlemen.

Man 1: The boss is going to kill us and it's all your fault!

Man 2: Hey, don't be tellin' the boss anything's my fault.


Man 3: Come on, guys. What's the worst thing the boss could do to us?

Jimu: *sight*

Jimu attempted to create a stream of fire, but nothing happened.

"Must be the cold temperature." Jimu thought. He tried to waterbend. Nothing.

"Well...maybe it's because all of the water around here is frozen???" Jimu thought. "No, that's stupid. Frozen water is still water"

As the men continued to bicker, Jimu managed to climb out of the truck and slowly, ever so slowly, sneak past the men.

"Those men are such children." thought Jimu. "Now, how do I get back to Republic City?"

Jimu could see a road beneath the snow and ice.

"That must be the way back"

Jimu started to follow it. Jimu thought it would lead him back to Republic City. He thought wrong.

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