Aang in Escape from the Spirit World
Chapter 4: Trouble in the Spirit World

(Part 2: The Destruction of a World)

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Avatar: The Lives After Korra





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Chapter Four:

Trouble in the Spirit World

Part 2: The Destruction of a World

Jimu then woke up. He ran his hands across his face to see if Koh had stolen his face in his physical form as well. Luckily, he did not. The doors opened

Kuruk: Get out here!

Guardian Kuruk saw tears in Jimu's eyes.

Kuruk: What's wrong?

Jimu: I...I went into the Spirit World

Kuruk: You did?

Jimu: Yes, and it's in danger.

Kuruk: In danger? How?

Jimu: I don't know. Avatar Korra's spirit disappeared before she could tell me.

With a worried look on his face, Kuruk responded:

"Really? This doesn't sound good. What else happened?"

Jimu: I saw Koh. And he...he...

Kuruk: He what? What did he do?

Jimu: He stole my face!

Kuruk: This is bad. This is really, really bad. We need you to go into the Avatar State immediately! I'll be right back.

Jimu waited anxiously for about five minutes. Suddenly, he saw some people running towards him in the background. It looked like there were five of them. They kept getting closer, and closer, and closer. Then suddenly, one of them created a stream of fire that almost hit Jimu. Jimu used earthbending on one of them and froze another in a big block of ice. The three men left kept bombarding Jimu with fireballs. Jimu blocked most of them and threw them back at the men. One fireball hit Jimu's face. Then one hit his torso, then his legs, then arms, then one hit his heart.

Jimu's eyes started glowing. He was now in the Avatar State. Jimu didn't see the men anymore. He saw all of the past Avatars lined up starting with Avatar Yangchen. Jimu thought to himself:

"Yangchen? Where's Korra, Aang, Kyoshi, and Avatar Kuruk?"

Yangchen opened her mouth to speak but disappeared before she could say anything. The Avatar before her did the same. Then the next, then the next, then the next. Suddenly, Avatars were disappearing by the dozens. Jimu realized:

"Oh my gosh. The Spirit World is being destroyed before my very eyes"

All the spirits of all the Avatars disappeared. All except one. It was the first Avatar ever. He said:

"Too late."

He then disappeared. Jimu's vision suddenly turned black. The Spirit World had been destroyed.

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