Aang talks to Roku's spirit
Chapter 3: Trouble in the Spirit World

(Part 1: The Big Tree)

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Avatar: The Lives After Korra





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Chapter Three:

Trouble in the Spirit World

(Part 1: The Big Tree)

Jimu got into the back of an armored truck and sat down. The doors shut behind him. It was pitch black in the dark, cold truck. It gave Jimu the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep. He dozed off and started to dream.

Jimu: WOAH! Where am I?

Jimu found himself in a purple forest. It was very warm in the forest.

Jimu: Purple trees? That's unusual. Seriously, where am I?

???: Hello, young Avatar. I've been expecting you.

Jimu: Huh? Who's there?

The spirit of Korra appeared before his very eyes.

Jimu: Korra? Is that you? What are you doing here? Where IS here, anyways?

Korra: You have entered the Spirit World. This is the forest of purity.

Jimu: I'm in the Spirit World? But how? I didn't even meditate first.

Korra: I have called you here for urgent reasons. You see...the...the purity of...of the...the uh...

Jimu: Uh, Korra? Are you drunk or something?

Korra: Jimu, leave this forest! It's not safe! Do you see that Gigantic brown tree over there?

Jimu: Yes.

Korra: Go to the pond in front of it. Roku is waiting for you. Just make sure you listen to him carefully. Inside is an evil spirit named K.....k.............

Jimu: Who? Who? Who's in the tree?

As Jimu started toward the pond, his arms and legs started shaking. Jimu knew that whatever was happening wasn't good. Jimu got to the pond. He searched for Roku and saw nobody. Then, he looked in the pond. But it wasn't his reflection staring at him. It was Roku.

Jimu: Roku! There you are!

Roku: Hello, Jimu. Listen, the Spirit World needs your help.

Jimu: Why would you need my help? According to guardian Kuruk, I'm just a "hotheaded, irresponsible, rebellious, half-baked Avatar."

Roku: Because you possess something none of us have: a physical body. But we'll get to that later. Right now, I need you to go around this tree and go to the icy region of the Spirit World, there you will find a town. In that town will--

Jimu: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What? I have to go AROUND this massive thing? The thing is like five miles long!

Roku: I know, but you mustn't go through the caves in the tree. I can't specify why right now, but trust me. Just go to the town in the icy region and find Avatar Kuruk. He will guide you from there.

Jimu: Son of a...okay, fine.

Roku: Good luck, my friend. We'll meet again soon.

Jimu made his way towards the big tree.

Jimu: Stupid Roku. I'm the Avatar. Ain't nothing that can stop me.

About fifty feet above the ground was a cave in the tree. If Jimu could climb up the tree and into the cave, he would only have to walk two miles instead of five. Jimu walked deeper into the cave. About a hundred feet in, it was pitch black. Jimu remembered seeing fireflies on the outside of the tree. He could use them to see in the pitch black cave. He started back but had not taken two steps before he ran into something huge. Jimu got knocked to the floor.

Jimu: Ow! What the heck was that?

He assumed he just ran into a wall. He got back up and started walking again. Once again, he ran into something.

Jimu: Hey! What's the big idea?

???: Hello, Avatar

Jimu: Wh-Wh-Who are you?

???: My name is Koh.

Koh's faces

Koh is an evil spirit in the Spirit World that lives in a gigantic tree. He is best known forr stealing the faces of anyone that shows emotion in his presence

Jimu: Koh? Wait, do you live here?

Koh: Yes. I do.

Jimu: W-w-w-well what do you want?

Koh: Hmmm. You sound scared. Do you mind if I carry you to a place where it's lighter?

Jimu: Well, now that you mention it, could you bring me to the other side of this tree? I'm kinda on a top secret mission.

Koh: NO!

Koh grabbed Jimu and ran towards the edge of the cave. As he was doing this, Jimu was kicking, thrashing, and screaming. Finally they got to the edge of the cave. Koh looked Jimu straight in the face and smiled. Jimu had a terrified look on his face.

Jimu: Oh my gosh. You're a monster!

Koh: And your face is mine!

Koh stole Jimu's face and threw him into the pond in front of the tree

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