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Chapter Fourteen:

World War

Deadly Water

The World War of 300 AG was a nasty war indeed. Benders from all over the world came to Republic City to unleash their wrath on Zolt and his followers. First, the waterbenders attacked at Yue Bay.

The waterbenders didn't come to Republic City on speedboats. That would be too noticeable. They came in submarines. They weren't detected until they were above the surface of the water. The soldiers were caught off guard and had no fireballs ready to launch. The waterbenders took the advantage they had and started making waves as big as a two story house. Wave after wave, more and more soldiers got swept out to sea.

Finally, the soldiers got the boulders into the catapults. They ignited the boulders and got ready to watch, but they did it too slowly because another wave hit the docks and put out the fire. The general ordered the soldiers to get new boulders and put them on the catapults. The soldiers did as the general had requested, they ignited the boulders, but once again, the waterbenders put it out.

The general ordered the soldiers to retreat, but before anyone could get away, the waterbenders created a wave that seemed to be fifty feet tall. The wave slammed into the docks at lightning speed. No soldiers on that dock survived. The wave knocked down two towers and flooded about three dozen houses.

The benders had won this battle.

Violent Earth

Airbending gates

The location of the Earthbenders vs. Zolt's Soldiers battle.

The earthbenders and Zolt's soldiers faced off at Air Temple Island. They battled at the training grounds. One of Zolt's soldiers started the battle by shooting a stream of fire at the big, muscular bender. The bender stomped the ground creating a wall of earth that blocked the fire. One of the other earthbenders stomped the ground causing a big rock to come out of the ground. He kicked it causing it to fly towards the man that attacked the muscular earthbender. He got hit in his right temple. He was knocked out instantly.

There were two soldiers left now. One of Zolt's soldiers foolishly went over to the fallen soldier to see if he was okay. The muscular earthbender took his opportunity and stomped the ground causing a pillar of earth to shoot up from beneath the soldier causing him to shoot up about fifteen feet into the air. He slammed into the ground. He was knocked out instantly as well. Only one soldier remained.

The soldier said, "Now, guys, let's not do anythi--"

The muscular earthbender interrupted the soldier by running up to him as fast as he could and punched him in his face causing the soldier to fly towards the air temple. The soldier hit the temple with such force that the wall of the temple broke causing the soldier to fly through it.

The benders had won this battle.

Destructive Fire

The firebenders were positive they were going to end the war. The day before, a firebender named Kuzon ordered all citizens of Republic City to evacuate so the death toll would be low. Or at least, that's what he said. His plan was to get as many firebenders as possible and set fire to everything in Republic City.

Fire blast

The firebenders came in airships They were noticeable, but they were heavily armored. At 6:54 p.m. the commander ordered the Fire Nation soldiers to start firebending. The soldiers tried the best they could to burn anything that wasn't on fire. This included buildings, cars, tanks, boats, and pretty much anything that wasn't a human.

About a minute after the Fire Nation soldiers started their attack, Zolt's soldiers started fighting back. They shot tiny pebbles at great speeds towards the airships hoping to puncture them, but they failed. More building got burned to the ground and unless Zolt's soldiers could get up there, their efforts were useless. One of the soldiers suggested that they used a tank, but they were all on fire. There was nothing they could do.

Half of the city was on fire within three minutes. It didn't take much longer for the firebenders to finish off the rest of the city. The firebenders had won. There was no airbenders vs. Zolt's soldiers battle because most of the airbenders in existence hadn't earned their arrows yet so the older airbenders decided it would be better if they didn't fight.

Unstoppable Matter

Apparently, Zolt had been watching the whole war from the comfort of his own home.

Zolt stepped out of his mansion and said, "Alright, I've had enough."

He lifted his hands. When he did, everything in Republic City stopped. Nobody moved, said anything, or did anything. Everyone was frozen. Zolt lifted off the ground and hovered for a few seconds then started flying towards the city.

Zolt pulled a megaphone out of his jacket and said, "People in Republic City, I have grown tired of this war, so I am terminating it right now. I hope you all have enjoyed your lives because as of now, they're gone. Even those who have served me in this war."

Zolt put the megaphone back into his jacket, then put his hands to his sides. He started moving his arms up and down quickly. People seemed to disappear by the dozens every time his arms moved up. More and more people started disappearing. Eventually, everyone was gone.

Zolt let out a maniacal laugh and said, "Mortals. So easy to get rid of."

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