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The Rebellion
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Chapter Thirteen:

The Rebellion

The Old Man

Mako's death made headlines. It was the only thing anyone was talking about. There were already thousands of people around the globe that wanted to start a rebellion but did nothing about it. But after Mako III's death, one man decided to do something about it. That person was old man Derick. Immediately after he found out about Mako's death, he got all of his friends to gather a total of fifty-two people in the park where old man Derick said this:

"My friends, I have gathered you here today because I want all of you to help me take down that monster called Zolt. We can't just let Mako's death pass as if nothing happened. Mako was a young teen with so much potential to do great things. That is, until Zolt killed him. If we don't stop him, who knows how many more teens, or even children he will murder. So what do you say? Will you help me?"

The crowd was silent.

The man sighed and said, "If we are victorious, I'll give you all fifty Yuans."

"Let's go kill Zolt!" said Bolin III

The crowd screamed "YEAH!" and followed behind him.

Old man Derick shook his head and followed behind them.

The Unstoppable Force

The angry mob made their way to Shi's estate, or as it is now called, Zolt's estate. As they approached the mansion, they could see Zolt looking down at them through the window on the top floor of the mansion. The mob reached the front door.

Bolin III asked, "So how are we going to get in? Do you want me to earthbend the door down, or maybe I could kick the door down, or--"

Derick rang the doorbell.

"Oh, well that's good too," he said.

Zolt opened the door. Before old man Derick could say a word, Zolt said:

"Choose your next words very carefully, old man. Why are you here?"

Derick said nervously, "W-w-w-w-well, w-w-we kinda, sorta, maybe want you to...uh..."

"OUT WITH IT!" Zolt said at the top of his lungs.

Derick sighed. "We want you to stop making people miserable. We are tired of your bogus laws and your--"

Zolt lifted his right hand. Derick couldn't move or talk. He couldn't even breath.

"Okay, I know you're old and everything, but when I said, "Choose your words carefully." I meant it. "I don't care how brittle your old bones are. I'm going to break every one in your body!"

As Zolt raised his hands higher and higher, Derick went higher and higher into the air until he was about fifteen feet high. As Zolt was getting ready to smash Derick into the ground with his matterbending, Bolin III screamed:

"STOP! Put him down. RIGHT...NOW."

Zolt chuckled and said, "And what if I don't? I could kill all of you in ten seconds if I wanted to."

"We could gather thousands and thousands of people around the globe to rise up against you. There are millions of people like us that want your reign of torment to end. Don't think that killing old man Derick is going to intimi--"

Zolt lifted his left hand and made it so Bolin III couldn't move either. Zolt said:

"You guys are the only ones in this world brave enough to come to my house and do this. Without you, nothing will stand in my way. Not that you guys were a threat in the first place. However, I do admire your bravery so I will let you live, but just barely."

Zolt lifted Bolin III to the same height as Derick. Zolt quickly put his hands down causing both of them to slam into the concrete. Blood covered the pavement. Everyone stood there in shock.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Zolt shouted, "All of you! Unless you want to end up like them!"

Everyone ran away screaming with Zolt letting out a maniacal laugh as they did.

The Beginning of a War

After screaming until their lungs hurt, the citizens in the mob decided that instead of panicking, they should think of a plan. They couldn't go back to the park to think of a plan. It had to be somewhere that nobody would hear them. One of the citizens suggested the closed down restaurant on Avatar Aang Street. The group was hesitant to agree because that's the place where Avatar Jimu was captured. They eventually agreed on the restaurant because even though it was risky, it was still the only place where they could talk in private.

After a few minutes of traveling, they arrived at the restaurant. They searched the restaurant top to bottom, left to right and found nobody. The group started talking about what they would do. One person suggested that they should choose a person to sneak into Zolt's mansion and kill him in his sleep. Too risky they said. Another person suggested that they burn down Zolt's estate. They thought it was a good plan, but Zolt could easily escape before he got killed. One person suggested they start an army and get thousands, possibly millions of people to join it and take down Zolt and everyone in his army. It wouldn't be easy, and it was a long shot, but it was the best idea they had. The people in the group gave each other high fives.

Unbeknownst to the group, someone had sneaked into the restaurant and overheard the conversation the group was having. He didn't hear all of it, but he had heard enough. The man rushed over to Zolt's mansion, knocked on the door vigorously until Zolt opened the door. The man told Zolt everything he knew. Afterwards, Zolt said,

"So, It's a war those guys want, eh? Then it's a war they'll get!"

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